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  1. G O B

    80% ??

    The front trunnion is the serial numbered part. This negates any value in replacing the sheet metal housing normally called the 'receiver' on AK's.
  2. G O B

    No new posts here why?

    Yeah, the import ban was a turd in the punch bowl.
  3. There is no way to SAFELY de-mill heavily corroded ordinance. The chemical primer and propellant may become very unstable, and if HE or incendiary may be even MORE unstable. An ex girlfriend from high school's father had a nest of Civil War cannon balls on his hearth. She later dated a UDT Sailor who took one look and called the bomb squad - the cannon balls were filled with LIVE black powder. A spark from the fireplace could have blown the entire house up! Leave it to someone who Knows what they are working on, and have training on safely de-milling! I stand by my first comment.
  4. Find someone with a BRAIN, pass it on to them before you hurt someone.
  5. G O B

    980fps 26g Low recoil Low noise

    I would think that a severely shortened gas system, with the ports closer to the chamber would be necessary to lengthen the pulse. A new larger piston maybe?
  6. 'Frisco is BANKRUPT - morally, financially,irreconcilably. As are all the 'liberal bastions'. Change will come soon, but not until AFTER the financial collapse.
  7. G O B

    308 FSB Removal Question

    OUT l >R IN R >L Pretty standard for pins in any application. Start with a SHORT punch, use the long one ONLY AFTER the pin starts to move. If the sight will not move, put the barrel in the freezer overnight, or pack in dry ice, when it is cold, heat the sight and drive it off.
  8. I still stop by - not much happening here....
  9. Over thinking it. Bullets come out of the FRONT! The new free piston works or does not. Try it and see, it is not rocket science!
  10. Is the mag opening bent? Do mags fit at the right height or are shell too low?
  11. Looks like the trunion KB'd. Probably ejection port side split and bolt blew straight back thru because it could.
  12. I believe that the problem is the lack of home training. Most of these 'sjw' types (and almost all the shooters are convinced of their superior social justice superiority) have no home training. Many have been mostly raised by Socialistic Democratic teachers unions. All Public Employee Unions are BY DEFINITION an organization that is there to put the their will above the will of the People. The are net EDUCATED as much as INDOCTRINATED.
  13. God is not finished with the left coast. Political disturbances are nothing compared with NATURE'S 'disturbances'. Bad weather, geologic and political uncertainty. Cali has faults a poppin' and Mt. Ranier or one of it's sisters will have their play date! Wouldn't mind visiting, but NOT anywhere I would live.
  14. Time for "a well regulated militia"? when civil authority breaks down......