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  1. Pretty sure we had it in Dec, too.
  2. It is a working tool, shoots smiles !
  3. Try cleaning the chamber. A .45 brass or stainless bore brush fits good. Clean crap out of it. Give it a TINY bit of oil, 0w is good because it wipes nearly dry but whatever you oil your barrel with is fine.
  4. Some dumb labor in the Wu-Flu bioweapons lab sold some bats to the wet market for a few Yen.
  5. Looks like a working tool. Doesn't need to be anything else.
  6. You need an AK-100 series rear trunnion to duplicate the original.
  7. Use anti-seeze on the blind plug threads. You will thank me.
  8. I think it is a good time to clean my Saigas. Staying safe, well stocked. Y'all do the same. "May you live in interesting times". Old Chinese curse
  9. Grind broken pin flat. Use THAT to start the pin (left to right) It is designed like that.
  10. Get a wood stove with a water jacket. Put it in an outbuilding, but a radiator where you want radiant heat,problem solved!
  11. Water clear urethane. The water based kind.
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