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  1. If you can find a school, and use that spare action to build what you want, THAT would be a better use of time and money! And when you get down to it, it will most likely be about the same amount of money - but nothing beats doing it yourself!
  2. How do you keep a security clearance when you are having an affair? This is PROOF of mendacity, and SHOULD result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL and firing ON THE SPOT! For all of us mere mortals, who have had to behave to keep our clearances, and many have lost them for just this reason - can someone explain why the rules only apply to minions , and are completely flaunted by those who deem themselves as our masters (and call themselves 'public SERVANTS?).
  3. I do not see the value for the effort. For less $$$$$$ you could get something in .338 Lapua to start with.
  4. I agree, time for Gaddis to hang some 'art' on the walls!
  5. Now that there are people here, I like the new place - it has a clean look,less cluttered, easier for OLD EYES!
  6. It was brand NEW! It was all shiny and EMPTY! I think I popped it's cherry?
  7. Just now found the Forum back - It is scary to be all alone in this big empty space. HELLO - is anyone here? ----ANYONE?
  8. Passage would give the lunatic left 4 more SENATORS! That would force Texas to split into 5 States, which would give the right 6 more Senators, and the left 2. Thus restoring the balance. The whole damn thing is preposterous, Cal would have to invent some legal mechanism to do this, and that will not be tolerated by the rest of America. Texas on the other hand can split into 5 States any time they wish - that right is incorporated in the enabling agreement that granted Texas Statehood.
  9. I have a '99 Burban - 7.2,eng (454), 480le 4X4. Parts are not bad,considering they are mostly HUGE! It is a typical Chevy, the door handles and window regulators are shit. The drive train is solid . 230,000 miles and still has not had a head pulled. Uses about 1 quart of oil every 3,000 miles. Will hold on to it forever, as they are just too handy NOT to have one. I AM looking for a more practical DD, as the Burban gets 10 MPG. The same mileage empty, full, pulling 9,000# trailer in mountains,or cruising empty. 10 MPG. BUT it hauls 7 people or 10' 4x4s or,a pallet of cement blocks . If you want something cheaper and still as useful then a full sized van is perfect. Just get a 3/4 ton chassis, the 1/2 ton ones are shit for hauling heavy things - including People! I would go for a cheap used van and a couple smaller and less $$$ to operate DD's and a used van for hauling people and stuff-unless you can find a screaming deal on a Burban .
  10. G O B

    sko-12 shorty

    1 thing at a time! Do the brace, check operation - then chop. Too hard to tune when there are too many variables.
  12. G O B

    Mag conversion

    Most likely will need a BG and a new latch.
  13. Partisan politics in NOT entertainment.
  14. Granddaughter is turning 16, and is into archery. I need recommendations for a re-curve bow and practice arrows. She is a tiny little thing not yet 5' but full of LIFE! Living in Baltimore so I cannot get her measured here in TX - so anyone know what I need to know to get her a set up that works for her?