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  1. God is not finished with the left coast. Political disturbances are nothing compared with NATURE'S 'disturbances'. Bad weather, geologic and political uncertainty. Cali has faults a poppin' and Mt. Ranier or one of it's sisters will have their play date! Wouldn't mind visiting, but NOT anywhere I would live.
  2. Time for "a well regulated militia"? when civil authority breaks down......
  3. I FLED from Marylandistan as soon as I could! It was a nice place until NY bought all the State and Local officials. Texas has a great law that Bush the younger passed as Gov, it makes it a crime to use out of State money in State or local elections. It is GOOD to breath FREE air!
  4. Pressure is greatest at the chamber, and decreases as the bullet travels down the barrel increasing the volume that the gas has to expand into. I would be hesitant to turn a barrel down too close to the chamber.
  5. G O B

    vepr12 ammo

    For 100% reliability - Buy a single shot single shot shotgun!
  6. 'Gonna be a LONG HOT summer".
  7. Tools. Depends on who,what,when,where and why. BUT- the S-12 is awesome for almost any situation!
  8. G O B

    Original 1 Gen Saiga 410 recoil spring

    An AK dust cover will work with the ejection port hogged out. I think the little 'wing' is called a shutter, and is only there to keep out nesting birds and low flying submarines!
  9. G O B

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    I have 1st class mags from BOTH vendors. BUT... they are as DIFFERENT as AK/AR. I wish you both well, and keep doing what you do. Does liking both polly and steel make a person bi-magual????
  10. G O B

    Original 1 Gen Saiga 410 recoil spring

    There were at least 3 versions of the S-.410 that I have seen. 2 different early guns without the s-12 style gas plug and one with, and MAYBE a 4th with longer barrel extensions for 2 1/2" shells.
  11. G O B

    AWS Spetz 12

    I have had to use a dental pic on the S-12 threads. The blind plug takes a beating every time you shoot.
  12. Maybe a gas spring? Set it so the bolt carrier contacts just past the point where a new shell can feed, but dampen the carrier before it contacts the trunnion?
  13. G O B

    Slide fire?

    Taking without compensation is THEFT! THEFT is not a legitimate function of Government.
  14. G O B

    Factory Izhmash 15 rd .410 magazine available for trade

    The factory 10's are just too good to trade!
  15. REHAB HARD! Don't hurt it, but the quicker you get it all working the better. I have a lot of old damage to this body, but my Grandfather gave me good advice, "If you sit you die." Enjoy that retirement every day you can! Have a ball and think of all the people who have to go work in the cold. Somewhere today there is a mechanic and helper unloading 20,000# of counterweights by hand. AND IT AIN'T ME !!!!!!!!!