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  1. There were at least 4 different versions that I have seen and 3 have different gas systems. The first 2 versions have smaller gas pistons,neither interchangeable. The third and forth use the S-12 piston, and the only difference is the longer extension fingers to shoot 2 3/4' shells (only with 2 3/4' mags). The 3rd and forth are most common, so if you have a version with the large piston, the S-12 manual is all you need.
  2. There are THOUSANDS of gun owners for every Federal agent. AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN!
  3. 1. Get a new punch. 2. Cut the old punch down to about 1/8" to1/4" and make shure the end is flat and square. 3, Start the pin moving with the short punch. Use a sharp blow, 4. Finish driving it out with the new punch.
  4. File a LITTLE, TEST. Repeat until it works, but remember-it is a LOT easier to remove metal than it is to REPLACE it!
  5. Depends on a LOT of things. Is it original, does it have plastic or wood stocks, etc. pics or it ain't real.
  6. clean with soap and water. rinse well. when dry wipe with alcohol. Helps if you can rough up the part under the JB for 'tooth'.
  7. Why f**k up a simple and very nice trigger with a POS that is over complicated and does not function nearly as well? Spend the money on AMMO.
  8. Last election the DNC had their entire computer system stolen and taken to Afghanistan.Now America looks like a third world shit hole. Just WHAT do they have on the dems to blackmail them into this.....
  9. ?????????????? Pics or we have no idea WHAT you are talking about.
  10. G O B

    Inserting a Mag

    As long as the shell feeds, NO PROBLEM.
  11. To make paint adhere to metal,use an etching primer. It gets some 'tooth' in the metal to keep it from flaking off.
  12. Search the old threads, This has been well covered "back in the day".
  13. If you are having a 'smith build it, I would recommend bringing the 'smith in from the beginning. Use His expertise of what works, and where to source the components.
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