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  1. G O B

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    I have mixed results with BJB's. A couple of builds with mixed parts, and an occasional factory gun run better with them. Other guns do not like them. Just a cheap tuning tool for me.
  2. What an inflated EGO. Call a boy out for a rude post, and he goes full Hillary. Tells us exactly who you are.
  3. I was home with the flu, and watched on TV with the wife.
  4. What an Nothing arrogant ,self absorbed prick. It is obvious you cannot take constructive criticism, and are QUICK to call anyone not flattering your fragile ego derogatorily names.I call you out politely for your RUDENESS. You attack. SO- you are a democrat?
  5. I find "whats it worth" threads to be offensive. Just sounds RUDE. "What is this and where can I find out more" Makes a nice thread. Naked price phishing does NOT. And I am a Grumpy....
  6. Some of us ASSHOLES serve a useful purpose. We shit on 'whats it worth' posts.
  7. Turn out the lights, close the door. MOVE ON nothing left to see here.
  8. No one wants to see 'what is it going for' threads. Look it up on line - what ARE they selling for? We all would like to know, but do your own research!!!
  9. I will say nothing, as there is nothing good to say. He is gone.
  10. Happy Bday to Bvamp. Hope you have a good one. This beer is for you-🍺
  11. G O B

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    Looks like drums will become unwieldy at around 25 rounds, and impractical under about 10 rounds. 10 round double stacks would go well with that drum.
  12. Grumpy Old Bastard here! Still GRUMPY, and still an OLD BASTARD!
  13. G O B

    Arsenal/Saiga smashing rounds in mag

    Most likely it does not like what you are feeding it! S-.410's are PICKY! Couldn't hurt to clean her either.