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  1. Hell with it! Have fun! Oblome & Joe cardboard cut-outs surrounded by secret service cutouts on motorized tracks. Three seconds to nail them both without hitting the secret service agents. That's a three gun match waiting to happen!
  2. Another aspect is taking God out of the loop. Take God out of the world and the world goes to hell.
  3. Laid my flag to rest today...ATTENTION!...PRESENT ARMS!...watch it burn with a tear in my eye...and once ash...ORDER ARMS! My next door neighbor (ret mil) saw me saluting and came over and also went to attention and saluted when he saw what was burning. It's not just a flag, it's everyone that has died to defend it. Haven't had to do that since Boy Scouts. Time to get a new one!
  4. Guess it's time for SF to have a terrorist attack on city hall! They just asked for it!
  5. Capt Nemo


    It's been a problem lately.
  6. My family has been blessed to have never received one from WW I through GW I. Although the Japs tried to make it happen. Thank you all for your sacrifice!
  7. If it's current production, it's 7.62 x 51 NATO. The belt looks like it is M13 link.
  8. Too hard to swage. You'd have to use electroforming.
  9. Capt Nemo

    What to Get Next?

    Colt holds the $$$. For the lowers I bought, I'm looking to do them up as rifles, probably A1-3 mashups. Might do 2 as M203's.
  10. Just another place where there needs to be a wall and/or a bomb dropped!
  11. Don't have a link, just the email.
  12. Their mag ban got ruled unconstitutional friday! They can have 30 rounders again! Just got an email saying CSS is shipping to CA again! Buy them while you can!
  13. For duck and goose, I ran with the old Federal 2 3/4" magnum steel loads in #2 for ducks, and BB for geese. (round is no longer made) Ran a Ithaca Model 51 Featherlight with full choked 26" barrel. Had quite a number of doubles (2 birds, 1 shot) with that gun. 100 bucks for a duck stamp? And then they wonder why poaching's a problem!
  14. Took him out to shoot it yesterday....He loves it! Our accuracy sucked, as we were shooting toward a setting sun, and it was quite hard to see the bullseye, but hits showed up really well. He likes my SP1 even more! I've created a monster! He likes the old school look over the new M4's, and also the sound. I was even amazed at the difference in blast and signature between the barrel lengths. The 20" barrel makes a lot larger and lower frequency blast than the 16". Tommy the Commie (military E type target) didn't survive very long after we got sighted in, and started mag dumping on him. And today, he got to learn how to clean it and function check it. Lost one of my aluminum mags during the shoot. Jams up every other round. It's an old Cooper Industries. The Magpul's ran without a hitch.