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  1. Just built up a 10.5' pistol, and 16" M4 with PSA uppers and Anderson lowers. The upper on the M4 is slightly out of spec as to rear takedown pin hole. (fits real tight) The 10.5 fits all the Andersons nicely. Both uppers were factory proofed. (could tell by the brass pressed into the bolt faces from the 70Kpsi proof round) Comparing any of the 16" or less barrels to a full 20" A1 or A2 is noticeable in the sound signature. The difference was like comparing the blast of a M4 to a .22LR. I think some of it might be the difference between compensated and non-compensated flash hid
  2. Well, I knew that the bulk packs were all over the place, but never encountered any this bad. Whatever loading they were at still cycled the smoothed out S12 action for the most part. (25% failures) My guess is they were below 2 1/4 dram. Won't buy it again!
  3. Spent an afternoon busting caps with the 12's. Everything ran great until I got to the batch of old Winchester bulk pack. The Federal bulk (3 dram) landed in a pile at 2:00 about 5-6' out. The Federal pink pussycats (2 3/4 dram) about 5'. The Winchester fell at my feet, stovepiped, or got mashed in the action! All three have been stored in cans since 2013.
  4. That looks like a UTG AK scope mount. It slides onto the rail on the side of the weapon, and then the lever on the bottom locks it in place. I have the same mount for my Saiga 12.
  5. Well, here they be! Have two more lowers ready to finish populating as well.
  6. Been too busy looking for parts to finish the M4, and with last minute yardwork.
  7. Just put together the first of my Anderson lowers. Found a gun shop that still had built uppers, and picked up a 10.5" and 16" M4 PSA upper. All my lowers are "other" registered. Built the pistol first, and used an ATI pistol buffer kit, and a S&W lower parts kit. Found the ATI kit doesn't fit my Magpul wrench, so I used my Polychoke spanner to tighten. It's kind of a fun novelty, but I don't see it as very useful. But at least it's functional for now. Have to shop tomorrow for a carbine buffer and stock to finish the other one. Also need to look for slings and sights. Did cle
  8. Most of the problems are normally friction related, and most have enough gas, unless the holes were blocked by alignment issues. Out of 5 guns, I've only had one that functioned perfect down to 2 3/4 dram loads from the factory. The rest needed slight fitment and polishing to get down that low with any reliability. Expect 3 dram bulk loads to be the normal bottom end.
  9. Welcome to the Forum Marc! One thing I haven't seen said is, if you're presumed innocent until proven guilty, then the press needs to shut it's dammed mouth until the trial is over! This pre-trial publicity can totally destroy an innocent person. The press should not be allowed to defame anyone before or during a trial. They should only be able to report on things once the trial is over.
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