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  1. Capt Nemo

    K-USA non nfa s-12!!

    Isn't the vertical fore grip a no-no? The angled on a pistol I know is legal.
  2. I think the chu wood of the Type 56 is the best looking furniture!
  3. Capt Nemo

    Slide fire?

    Saw one with a bent up piece of coat hanger. If you didn't know the shape needed, you wouldn't know it would function as an auto sear.
  4. Try loading a mag and marking the top of each shell. Then fire, and recover. When you know the angle of the deformation from top, then you know where to start looking. My first S12 had a narrow trunnion on the extractor side and would deform the lip pretty bad on ejection (shear it off almost).
  5. I got them at $49....cheap enough for me.
  6. I picked up 4, and will be picking up the other 4 they had. Slapped a S&W parts kit on one already. With potential AWB's coming out of congress, better to stock now before a rush.
  7. Well, he does want to run multiple calibers, and possible rifle length, so he'll be learning. Plus I picked up a bunch of Anderson lowers to beat any bans. I'll let him build one or two of them up. He read the military M16A1 maintenance manual last night while looking over my Colt SP1 and M4. With potential weapons bans in the house and senate, it's probably wise to get any newbies into full weapons right away. Spent another $130 on 10 PMAG's for him.
  8. Just made my nephew a new gun owner! I wanted to build up an AR with him, but he would rather have a rifle first, and then learn about it. So I went half on it as his Christmas/birthday present. He went with a Bushmaster for $534 with red dot included. I let him do the paperwork.
  9. Capt Nemo

    This is scary!!!

    I did see something about a recall on these, so this may have been one of the bad ones.
  10. Taurus PT 24/7 pistol firing when shaken and when on safe!
  11. Anyone hear any good or bad about them? They're running $50 a pop at FF.
  12. Capt Nemo

    Slide fire?

    And the thing is....How many cops KNOW what to look for? Scrape insignia off and they probably won't know.
  13. Capt Nemo

    Slide fire?

    It wouldn't be that hard to do a "drop in" FA trigger pack either.
  14. Capt Nemo

    Slide fire?

    I've used a rubber hair band to bump fire. So they're illegal too! That's going to piss off a lot of women!