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  1. Most of the problems are normally friction related, and most have enough gas, unless the holes were blocked by alignment issues. Out of 5 guns, I've only had one that functioned perfect down to 2 3/4 dram loads from the factory. The rest needed slight fitment and polishing to get down that low with any reliability. Expect 3 dram bulk loads to be the normal bottom end.
  2. Welcome to the Forum Marc! One thing I haven't seen said is, if you're presumed innocent until proven guilty, then the press needs to shut it's dammed mouth until the trial is over! This pre-trial publicity can totally destroy an innocent person. The press should not be allowed to defame anyone before or during a trial. They should only be able to report on things once the trial is over.
  3. Was just at Costco yesterday, and they have trillions of hotdogs, but not much in meat otherwise. I may run back and pick up more brats for the freezer. In WI, you got to have beer, brats, and cheese curds! But otherwise, I'm just stocking up to go about 2 months before restocking again, since I have to do the shopping, as I have the only mask. Been spending most of my time rebuilding mom's garden after a few years of neglect due to her knees and cataracts. I'm rebuilding to all raised beds. Got half the garden rebuilt so far, and will be starting the rest next week. Wanted to go to Alaska prospecting this summer, but so much for that! I ain't spending 9-12 hours in a plane to get up there. Can't drive it due to the fucked up gun laws in Canuckistan.
  4. In aviation, we do have prop wash! Otherwise known as carbon removing compound (I forget the number). It's like purple Windex, and we use it for cleaning the tail rotor blades. A good one was sending someone out for a PRC E7. Or a rear-axial crossthreader.
  5. The federal insolvency is buying up debt to the tune of 4 trillion more in another QE. It's time to let those bankers sink with their ships! Yeah, by us, they're all out walking the dog, biking, jogging without a care in the world. I'm in the side yard rebuilding the garden, and burning the debris. Mom didn't get to vote today, as they never sent us the absentee ballot! Lots of people didn't get their ballots in the state. I smell a rat!
  6. Bet the bolt was ahead of the carrier and not cammed into it.
  7. Still able to get filters for my mask around here. I'm running a P100 rated for acid vapor. Entertainment business is tits-up. Snagged the last 3 boxes of auto match, and the buckshot and AR/AK are gone. Glad I put up 4500 in 5.56 strippers when I did. AK's and S-12's are on hot standby. Repacked the freezer while everyone was fighting over toilet paper and bottled water. Won't be too bad if this goes six months, but will need resupply if it goes longer. Don't want to hit the bunker if I can help it. Most of the stocks are holding pretty good as they're in foods and paper, so we have money. Mom is so glad I'm at home with her right now! She'd be real scared if she was alone.
  8. Aw crap! If I was closer, he'd get a couple of tubs of pouched food. Helped a friend out after his fire with two weeks of food while he stayed at a local motel. Insurance only gave them one free meal a day. The freeze dried food made cooking simple for them.
  9. I wrote my US Representative last night about the possibility of a No Confidence vote against Pelosi's rule. I asked him to share it with all the other Republican reps, and if in agreement, to try to get a dem to make the motion, and then join with that dem in support. This could get some know nothing like AOC into the speakership and end any chance of winning anything in 2020. This could be fun to watch! However, it might not be wise to interrupt an enemy in the midst of making a mistake.
  10. Watching the video, I noticed that the muzzle likes to climb. My Saiga doesn't climb that bad, and the weapon returns to target when the bolt comes to battery. That and reloads would take forever compared to a box mag. Also don't like the 2 position gas system. You always start shooting in the wrong position! My only likes are the chokes plus threaded muzzle, and it's Israeli made.
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