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  1. Still above dirt. Still misspulling words
  2. sparky63


    Or a 70 hour work week ,my bad, spell check sucks decided against the slidefire system thanks
  3. How do the left right drumsticks work? I don't get it
  4. Thanks fellas, no vid ,in good with that
  5. Is the length to the end of the flash hider or the threads
  6. back to the drawing board,stand by
  7. I have the Romanian ak47 ,cant find one for sale, any ideas? thanks.
  8. you just gave me a new project thank you. o nice setup looks like suppers ready.
  9. davem I was thinking 1930s and was wondering if your case [how can I put this without getting into a shitstorm] I Love the case ,do leos do a double take when they see what is inside?I Was thinking of doing something similar.outstanding firearm.
  10. if your into building you own thing, I went with 1022 added an archangel stock ,fluted bull barrel ,and a timney trigger group ,high rise mounts and scope, and utg light,have fun you wont be disappointed.
  11. installed ,wish I could post pics,super easy to install,seems it is still too short for comfortable aiming but dump fireing is more accurate,worth the money.