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  1. I have the safety lever hold open,and button at the trigger guard,any other improvements ever been done?
  2. Or a 70 hour work week ,my bad, spell check sucks decided against the slidefire system thanks
  3. How do the left right drumsticks work? I don't get it
  4. Is the length to the end of the flash hider or the threads
  5. I have the Romanian ak47 ,cant find one for sale, any ideas? thanks.
  6. you just gave me a new project thank you. o nice setup looks like suppers ready.
  7. davem I was thinking 1930s and was wondering if your case [how can I put this without getting into a shitstorm] I Love the case ,do leos do a double take when they see what is inside?I Was thinking of doing something similar.outstanding firearm.
  8. if your into building you own thing, I went with 1022 added an archangel stock ,fluted bull barrel ,and a timney trigger group ,high rise mounts and scope, and utg light,have fun you wont be disappointed.
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