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  1. I have not posted in awhile either. Hi y'all. I would keep the 20 inch, cut the barrel down to 18.5" and thread for an appropriate flash hider.
  2. Basement wood stoves and breathing concerns generally do not mi?. Even with dedicated remote outside air intakes and a very air tight certified box some particulate matter will get outside the stove and foul up the entire houses air. I don't like basement propane heaters either. Just me. Boom! Either endure a cool/cold basement or consider an electric heating system? Can you consider a recirculating heating system drawing in hot air from above the cellar?
  3. That is so cool. How did she do it? Lots of us are aspiring authors in our feeble mind's eyes but we never for many reasons get down to it. CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Short answer may be one creates a situation or environment then one exploits and controls what you have created. I have been to Chicago only once in my long life and I did not like it then. Only thing was my age was about 6 at the time. Just passing through. Super Connie.
  5. I am sad to say I sold "Betty Bucker" our, (my) 9.22r legal Saiga 12. Had over $1500 bucks in it plus the fun of converting. Lots of mags and drums. New Eoteck. (sp) Sold her for $1000 bucks and was happy to get that. I would take what I could get. Just me. Respectfully. Edited by HB
  6. Respectfully ... I have a small dog in this. During high dangerous SW OR USA wildfire season we have evac boogie bags packed and setting by the front door inside the big closet. Ready to go. So are we. Sometimes we are only given minutes to get out. It has happened to us. Fortunately the wind changed direction. History shows that those who got out lived. Those who decided to stay sometimes did not. My European family before and during WW2. It is hard to evac. Very hard. Just how real and dangerous is your threat? Slow? Fast? Armed. Non armed? A hard fast evac is very
  7. Do you have a evac plan? The sum of all fears? I would. Respectfully.
  8. Good idea. Same thing I do with my Atlantic Firearms Trench 12 "firearm". Only I load 8 shells into the Csspecs 10 rd steel box mag with a aluminum snap cap on top. Safety is off. I only have to quickly rack the shotgun. Ir would be a hoot to get some brass 3 inch empty cases and have fun working up a max load number 4 or number 1 buckshot load. Reduced velocity. More pellets. The barrel is 12 inches long. Should spread very fast.
  9. I was just one hour post op from major lower back surgery just transfered from recovery to my private room 3 miles from a B52 capable regional airport with a long thick runway when a nurse or somebody was crying and screaming in the hallway. Medford Oregon. Providence Hospital. Third floor. North side. Big window. My RN who was super good and very cute asked her what was wrong and the person in the hall screamed that "They just NUKED the Pentagon!!" . Lots of running in the hallways. Loud scared voices. I was very stoned via a Morphine pump. Ah shit! Talk about being in e
  10. Got a Trench 12 "firearm" from Atlantic Firearms. Then bought four, (4) 10 rd steel box mags from Csspecs sight unseen. All four fit perfectly. Tight. No wobble. No fitting necessary. Function perfectly. I am jazzed. Now learning how to load a full 10 rounds on a closed bolt. Fun. Thank you Csspecs. :)
  11. Sometimes an old man just carries a nice well used USMC K-Bar utility knife. Left hand shief. (sp) Oregon knife carrying laws are very tricky. Sometimes speelll chzk ist ein hoot. :)
  12. I have Fifteen, (15) Ruger BX-25 mags and all fifteen, (15) run 100% from start to finish. For the usual summer dinky various garden monsters I prefer to use the German GSG 110 round rotary drum. One hundred percent function with Aquila SSS 60 grain solid lead sub sonic rounds slightly hollow pointed with the usual hollowing pointing tool. Shoot 50 rds then rewind up the spring. Shoot 50. Check you chamber to see if you have any extractor chamber peening. My short barrel folding stock suppressed Ruger 10-22 does not like to be dry fired. Green Mountain Bentz 8" HB SS 1x9 twist threa
  13. I think this time it would be a fun somewhat easy very non expensive project. Perhaps something to get the grand kids interested in. But they all went home. Too much wild fire smoke here. A 15 round double stack on a Saiga would be cool. On my Trench 12 firearm better. Have held both shotgun and magazine and discussed with our gun shop owner. Mossberg mag. Saiga lower. Many differences but that is not to be said it could not be done. Consider it something to save mankind from the Zombies and you are bound to succeed. Yep ... like already said, what would be easier and better?
  14. Don't go too small. Have you considered an older used but good baby farm tractor? Perhaps with just some towed gang pulled reel mowers? Lots of times in farm country the older smaller equipment becomes available cheap. Why take all day when it can be mowed in just one hour?
  15. It appears the California State Supreme Court has thrown out the petition. So much for due process.
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