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  1. It appears the California State Supreme Court has thrown out the petition. So much for due process.
  2. Put on a threaded 18 inch bull barrel twisted for heavy bullets. Run a very nice can. Put a nicer thermal scope on it. Do not forget the BAR box mag option. Make a super pig shooter. Just me. www.eliteiron.com All Oregon State Laws, US Code Laws, NFA Laws and BATFE rules, regulations and whims apply. Can site will not link. Dunno why.
  3. HB of CJ

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Good to hear no shimming. Bad to hear the optic died. What to hear about your shoulder? Ouch!
  4. A dog and pony show designed to take attention and effort away from the important stuff. Classic Commie tactic. Hopefully it will fail.
  5. What if it passes? Then what? Courts or Congress?
  6. Maybe Kennedy told the hold bitty if I go, you go too. One can hope.
  7. This has the potential to be huge. If President Trump can actually nominate and get into the Supreme Court a very conservative pro gun Justice that will defend all our Constitutional rights we might, just might, start to turn around the Nation. Today the Court released lots of good rulings. In Oregon a very very nasty initiative petition was thrown out by a very liberal State Court. Vague and misleading language in the title wording. So far today, 27 June, 2018 has been a very good day.
  8. I wonder where that sky shot round ended up! You got good color and value there!
  9. HB of CJ

    Carry Belt

    Suspenders. Many types and brands now available including some that are nearly invisible.
  10. When it was $free$ I used to watch it. A few good shows and films. Then they cut out all the good stuff. You had to pay. Now apparently they have cut out everything good even though it is no longer free.
  11. HB of CJ

    Carry Belt

    More because I forgot. Getting Old here! Be sure to get new gun pants that are several inches larger in the waist. We choose 501 pants because they can be shrunk down to suit by washing in warm water, then warm spun dried. In my case about 6 inches larger then slowly shrunk to that perfect size. I am dieting. Loosing my waist size. Just washing in hot water and hot drying fixes the Levies. Double stack 45 and 4 reload mags. ZOMBIES!
  12. HB of CJ

    Carry Belt

    Make up your own? Try the Grange Co op. If you have one handy. They sell unfinished leather strapping for horse tack. Various thickness and widths. Buy the basic leather making tool kit and make your own. They also sell various buckles. Many western buckles. An automotive gasket making kit may contain most of what you need. We also modified our usual, (not always worn) Levi 501 shrink to fit button fly jeans. Added belt loops. Removed some. Rearranged to fit the holster and mag pouches. It is fun and easy to do. Overall maybe cheaper also. This way you get a perfect heavy duty belt.
  13. HB of CJ

    Mossberg Double Stack Mags DO NOT Fit The Saiga 12 ...

    A nice borrowed or purchased electronical camera now on the fast track. We really need lots of pictures displayed here. Then let you smart guys, (really) think a bit. That is all.
  14. Same answer. Tolerance drift in mass produced parts even today MIGHT be a concern. Thus grabbing perfect parts from the parts bin during the build where everything fits perfectly. May be time consuming and expensive. Also remember the parts themselves might be slightly tight or loose but combined together they are near perfect.
  15. HB of CJ

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Hardly nonsense. He will find out himself if he needs to shim the factory receiver side rail or not. My experience is that he may. I am not alluding to the remove/install zeroing issues with mount. I am referring to the alignment of the side mount rail on the receiver. How close it will be up and down and side to side and if it is not so much out of alignment that he can not just adjust the point of impact within his optic. If he is happy with the adjustment most likely needed within his optic then he is good to go. But if he finds he is using up a great percentage of his optic adjustment range to zero the optic then he has a choice. Live with it or shim the rail. I for one, (just me) but I would not be happy using up some of my optics internal adjustment range. I would shim the mount. But this is just me and not others. Hope this helps. Not so important with slugs? Very important with our Saiga 7.62x51. Leopold 3x9x40 right now. Shoots about 2" exactly high and centered right to left at 100 yards with the Leopold internal adjustment almost exactly centered with just a handful of 1/4 minute of angle clicks at 100 yards. Almost dead centered. Close enough for me. The other older Leopold 1x4x20 scope also lines up almost exactly correct. Shimmed. I have to cook tonight. What shall I fix? 5:30 pm right now PDT. I got to get into the kitchen. Great topic.