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  1. Steph

    S 12 ready conditions

    Hope this hasn't been covered... I am always debating the balance between having a firearm safe, and a firearm ready. It is particularly difficult with the S 12, as we all know about "top shell deformation" if we leave a magazine locked in under a closed bolt. Even with my bolt relieved so I can load a full mag on a closed bolt, my mags will deform a shell to the point where it will not chamber in under a day, even when I load down 1 shell. I don't believe it is safe to leave a full mag in and the bolt locked back if it is not in my hands, and I have experimented with different trigger locks, but have been unhappy with the results. What I am doing now is loading 9 shells in a 10-round magazine, and the top "shell" is one of those high-quality aluminum 'snap-caps', and the mag loaded on a closed bolt.I feel comfortable leaving the firearm in this condition for instance, in my bedroom at night, or in the gun rack when I am home alone and working around the house and grounds. If I feel I need to transition to condition orange, (zombies, terrorists, aggressive mice) I need only rack the operating handle... TWICE. It appears one can leave the firearm indefinitely in this condition without deforming the second shell. I can also easily make it more secure by removing the mag, or putting a trigger lock on. Obviously, the drawback is that under stress one might not remember to rack the action twice... or not at all. Then one has a failure to fire with the first needed shot. Hmmm... everything in firearms is a compromise. Thoughts? Alternatives? Solutions so we can live in a society where one does not want a shotgun at the ready?
  2. Steph

    S12 dust cover replacement - FYI

    Thanks, since my photography skills are also lacking, it looks rougher in person. I am mainly interested in function. Someone once called my S12 "the most butt-ugly gun (he'd) ever seen" so... It was straightforward and needed minimal skill and effort, but if anyone would like more pictures or pointers, I'd be happy to.
  3. Steph

    S12 dust cover replacement - FYI

    Hey, I tried! I'm better at hack machining than computing! What does "not allowed to use that image extension mean?! I'll try again, since you were nice enough to call my post interesting and lame, but don't get miffed if they are too many gigabytes or something... I'll look better once I smooth the grinding and get some paint on it.
  4. Always tinkering and modding my S12, I wanted an additional receiver dust cover to ruin. I searched the forum and found that OEM covers were priced at about $70 and no one actually had them. There was inconclusive discussion about whether an AK rifle cover would work. Soooo... I purchased an "NC Star" AK cover with a picatinny rail for $18.90 from Optics Planet. (If you aren't familiar with NC Star, they sell "economy" gun parts probably made by grade school kids in Taiwan, and IMHO, quality ranges from trash to 'pretty decent for the money') The cover was not bad, good gauge of metal, and judging by the effort to cut and grind it, fairly hard steel, design and manufacturing seemed solid. Naturally, it would not fit. After all, an AK and an S12 receiver are two different sizes! Duh. I approached the problem as I believe an Izhmash engineer would -- I threw back 2 shots of 'wodka', and grabbed the Dremel and a hammer. (note: if Thomas Edison had a Dremel, we'd be driving our flying cars by now) I am here to report that with not much effort, this cover can be modified (forced?) to fit, and seems to work just fine with a few test shots (shells, not vodka). It ain't pretty. It ain't MOA. But now for $19 I have my HK rear sight, and can use a red dot.
  5. Steph

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Mods Move trigger group forward* Machine rear of receiver* Welded rear receiver plate* Gas block aligned* Enlarged gas ports* *Tromix Barrel cut to 12” Bolt ground and polished Side sight mount removed Rear iron sight dovetail removed Poly-Choke Variable choke HK sights Bolt, carrier, trigger group bearing surfaces polished Parts US Trigger group components CSS gas piston Six position gas regulator Pin retaining plate Stainless guide rod High power recoil springs Fore and aft magazine guides Vertical operating handle Extended ambidextrous magazine release Higher power magazine release spring Krebs extended safety / dust cover Bolt hold open Tritium night sight inserts Folding stock hinge Ace entry stock Custom picatinny rail and handguard Mako foregrip Ergo pistol grip Tac Vector slip on grip sleeve Agrip grip cover Stock mounted magazine pouch w 8-round magazine Spray paint As long as I feed it what it likes, it will never, ever complain.
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  7. Steph

    Safety scratches???

  8. Steph


    So you got a recipie for that half baked manure? Food supplys are starting to get low this time of year O.K.! That's it! If you aren't Going to take me seriously I'm leaving! Really! I mean it! I'll go... then you'll be sorry! Really! I will! I'm going... Now! Hello?
  9. Steph


    I just wished to announce that I am going to be staying... I'll keep posting that fact redundantly just to make sure you are all paying attention to ME for once. But everybody be forewarned: I will only stay if you all post only topics that I want to read, and each post must be ab-so-lute-ly freaking fascinating to me. You all are required to find my half-baked manure interesting too. Failure to comply will result in my repeatedly and loudly announcing my departure. I wish to receive a PM from every member acknowledging that they have read and agreed to this.
  10. Steph

    ready for the gun ban now?

    You'll probably call me naive, but I don't see a big conspiracy of evil Democrats trying to take away my rights so they can enslave me. And I don't see the BATF as some hideous facist organization laying the groundwork for my oppression. Most of these folks are decent people, who just are operating under a significantly different value system than mine. If I see a risk, I take action to protect myself. When they are frightened, they want a powerful government to protect them. They truly believe that passing laws changes the world. This may make them unenlightened, or even misguided, but I believe that for the most part our goals and intentions are similar. I am an adult and I accept the risks that come with free will. But I am a dictator that infringes on my kids' rights all the time, because I feel I know better than them and I must protect them from danger. But most Americans have never faced want or real danger, and are so removed from the realities of life, that they don't see a problem with letting the government be their parent, make the big decisions, and pass laws to 'keep them safe'. The reason the government can get away with this, is the majority don't mind, they don't care, they don't vote; so bureaucracies like the BATF are just promulgating the will of the people. We (people who believe in freedom and self-determination) must accept that we are a minority that is regarded with fear and suspicion. And we should go out of our way to educate and enlighten the sheep to shake them out of the doldrums of their foolish dogmas. It does no good to be antagonistic and threatening; shouting at the wind about the commies and the lefties; you need to recognize their values are different, and start there using logic to show them why we need the constitution. Sadly, one of the prices we pay for freedom is we will occassionally have angry psychopaths abuse that freedom by hurting innocents. I still think that is preferable to living safely in a cage; and further, that giving the most rights to the most citizens eventually result in a society with less abuse of those rights. There will be more gun control legislation now; but don't react with a fatalistic attitude of "here it comes, watcha gonna do..." Or whining. And don't claim you are going to hit the street with your Saiga and fight the power unless you really have the stones to do it. Your time would be better spent writing letters, and talking to your neighbors logically about your opinions. If you believe in democracy, you should use it, and accept things ain't always gonna go your way.
  11. Interesting and ingenious... but that's all. But I think for my use too big, ungainly, bulky, clumsy, heavy, slow to reload. Tactically, I wouldn't want to be burdened with this toy if I was fighting for my life. Oh, and don't equate communism with totalitarianism anymore than capitalism is democracy. I think you're mixing your economic and political systems there.
  12. Tactical tailor has a pouch that fits 3 10-rounders pretty well (a bit loose side to side, but the top flap cinches down so they don't rattle badly, and they are a bit easier to grip and remove).
  13. Steph

    10 Rounds = Too Much?

    How times change... When I started in the cop biz, we carried .357s and 2 speedloaders = 18 rounds. The few cops who carried 3 or 4 speedloaders were considered paranoid. Now I carry a .40 S&W with 18 in it, and 2 - 17 round mags, and a few more in the squad. The fact is, in most gun situations, the mere appearance of a firearm stops the altercation, so you don't need ammo at all! If shots are fired, in the majority of shootouts, most of the rounds will miss; but any round of any type hitting the assailant will stop their attack in most cases. So how many rounds do you need? Enough that you can give away a few as cover fire if need be, engage multiple assailants knowing that under the stress of the attack and the dynamics of combat even a trained combat shooter is going to miss with quite a few rounds; and still have eough to hit each assailant with multiple incapacitating fire so that they immediately are unable to move one finger, 'cause if they can, they can kill you right back. That's a hell of alot of rounds. That's why 10 isn't enough, you need detachable mags with a quick 10 more, and 10 after that; oh, and another 10. (and...) Who's to say that in the next few years we won't have double-digit inflation and unemployment, and roving bands of meth-cranked slime who travel about knocking over houses for the cash, food, gas, sex, and mayhem they can grab? 5 or 6 rounds is folly.
  14. Steph

    Saiga-12 shotgun magwells

    What I want to see is a magwell that is simply a "funnel" to provide a larger target to get the magazine into under stress. This would not require any engineering, and would use existing mags. It would be much simpler to produce and install. I don't mind the rock and lock, as my carbine and my rifle all rock and lock, I don't see it as being particularly problematic.
  15. Steph

    Has anyone ever taken an S12 to the final level?

    ICK! Guns is tools! Don't be putting anything on them that ain't functional!