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  1. I don't need all the "I'm sorries" or other things, and PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE, Amie is in a MUCH better place. I just want to know how a "MAN of GOD" can turn away people from GOD'S HOUSE my short answer.... because he's NOT!!!
  2. well that sums up the whole debate quite well i think thats why he wants to play it safe it is why i go with the 14 part rule
  3. tromix tends to take orders for sharks anyway... i'd call on it if i were you
  4. nalioth... i think opinions differ at this point.... the shotties are not imported with this stock and if it is not considered "sporting" on a shogun
  5. buttstock negates buttstock.... it is just not importable with thumbhole... so it is "converted" that's how i understand the rule
  6. that is how i have mine set up the piston comes out the gas regulator
  7. the magnum line is the economical one... i'd start there i bought their high end boker cera-titan... not to impressed that magnum kalash auto-opener is my next purchase however the boker kalash is more fore the collector you got to love a cheap knife that comes with the quality of a higher dollar knife
  8. i take into consideration my threaded barrel...thread protector alone is a device(by the book) it seems
  9. if you go backwards thinking... from factory you need to eliminate 4 parts drum eliminates 3 i bought a wraithmaker stainless piston to get rid of the 4th part i have said stock on mine... i like it muzzle attachement needs to be us made the forum store has russian made edit to add: blackbear put it the same as i figure just reduce foreign parts to 10 or less
  10. mine worked great for a long time before it troubled me i realized i don't clean it i have had less touble with it than every new mag iv'e gotten for my mini-14 great product it has given me confidence in buying plastic mags
  11. false cover should include car doors... as we learned from box of truth
  12. i've had a hardon for one of those for over a year now
  13. you could try vulkem... it's a poly-urethane caulk rubbery enough to absorb the vibrations cheap and VERY permanent
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