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  1. Rifle- Try the Ruger 10/22, mine shoots great suppressed, also have the 10/22 pistol, it works good too
  2. 7.62x54 ammo is in stock at ploygunbags.com 440 rnd tin for $145.00 if anyone's interested

  3. I could have drilled a 7/16" hole, tapped for 1/4 npt, installed grease fitting and 6 shots of IGL2 grease for 50% less than hospital bill, AND left you with 5 cases of beer. That crap ain't no fun, but get moving and soak in warm water to loosen the joints while MOVING said joints, it worked on both my shoulders, doctor freaked out when I had full motion after 1 1/2 week, he said use ice, ice made it hurt worse. Now they want to cut on my back.
  4. Years ago I actually had to call the IRS and tell them my Rotty eat my refund check, I could hear the lady on the other end busting a gut laughing, then she reminded me that when I get the replacement check, "to be sure and deposit it", hell, it only sat on the table for 1 day. Glad to hear you getting your stamp replaced, Hog.
  5. Two of them have been sitting in salt water brine since Monday night, I drain water every morning, re-ice and salt, going to cut them up Saturday, vacuum bag/seal then off to the deep freeze. The wife wants to grind some of it up into sausage, so I got to buy a new 1/4hp meat grinder. Still have to secure the trap and start baiting it again, also saw a 10 point, a six point and 2 nice size does down there when I changed the camera card yesterday. Gut piles are all but gone, thanks to coyotes. Chile is correct, the meat will have the taste of what they have been eating, there's a LOT of acorn
  6. Have to make a few "repairs/modifications" to the trap, them sum bitch pigs went ape shit crazy, bent some stuff and actually moved the whole thing about 2 feet, even with pipe drove into the ground and fastened to it, but where it's at a used to be a pond, so the poles will have to be driven deeper in the ground, they are at about 3-4 feet now, maybe after the mods, Chile will get a pig to grill for us, but you're gonna need a bigger smoker.
  7. Chili, I bet you could work wonders with the hogs we just hauled out of the woods, but I'm going to try first. That brisket and butt look great
  8. Been seeing these on the cameras, but didn't expect them to get in the trap this soon, there was 6 in there to start with, but 2 little ones squeezed thru the fence, anyway, 4 sows ain't too bad. Free meat always taste better.
  9. It's in North Birminham, the old guy had lived there forever, it used to be a mainly white neighborhood, but years ago, they started moving out, some chose to stay, when uh, shall we say, it started going down hill. I sometimes take a "short cut" off I-65, thru there to hit I20/59 to avoid the shit at the junction. Don't go there without protection, and I don't mean condoms, unless you're looking for that stuff. Most of the older black people are really good people, but the young ones are just plain thug shit asswipes. I grew up on the west side of B'ham, place was called Little Italy and you
  10. 22LR, good can, and some of the CCI quite shells. Shoot out of a window that no one can see you from. My little brother worked nights, neighbors dog barked all day, they refused to do anything about, little shit laid a 30 06 out the bedroom window and solved the problem, when our father got there, he was in bed asleep with po po banging on the door, nobody saw anything, only heard a big boom. Ole man knew what happened, but brother never fessed up, even to daddy, and swore to shoot me if I ever told him. Daddy has passed away, so I can tell it now, and YES, he cleaned the gun before going back
  11. But, But, But, if it's on the interweb, it's got to be true. My wife showed me this yesterday, after reading, I thought "ain't no way in hell", then saw the .co after the .com, told her it's shit, she came back 10 minutes later and confirmed that I am smarter, not going to say than her, but I am smarter.
  12. Try Victor Machinery. www.victornet.com you may have to do some searching, if you don't see what you need, email them, they may have it or will make it for you.
  13. Let me check my computer at the shop in the morning, we order a lot of oddball stuff from a place in NY, I'll get address and let you know. Good prices and shipping
  14. Chili, I'm northwest of Birmigham, little hole in the wall called West Jefferson. Working on getting the trap set up. I've had cameras set up for 3 months and have never got a daytime pic, but I did get this one today, he came thru yesterday, along with 3 does.
  15. Hey Elvis, Long time no hear. Will be working on the cage on Sunday. The hogs have changed their feeding times to around midnight or after, just TOO DAMN COLD to sit out there and wait, plus, have to go to the shop and try and make the wife some money during the week. I haven't tried stalking them thru the woods yet, but from all the "experts" around here say, they are walking he river bank. I'm not so sure if you sit back and look at trails going thru the brush. Going to go down in the morning and change out the cards in the cameras and see if anything is stirring around, did get a pic of 4
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