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  1. I watched a bunch of live streams of the protesters, it seemed to me the conversations between socialists, trump supporters, libertarians, etc were much more civil than I would have imagined.
  2. I haven't seen any real notable misbehavior, I heard a report that the KKK, BLM, and westboro church were throwing piss at each other, and Alex Jones says he was attacked by commies, but otherwise, I haven't heard of many arrests or riots, fires, fights, etc. I'd like to submit that this is directly related to the amount of people, of all different ideologies, walking around with guns. People seem to be fairly civil, the worst I've seen was a little jew kid, around 12 or 13, yelling racist at some Christian guy on a megaphone reciting scripture.
  3. I stopped by the store to grab a couple of beers and saw this behind the counter. Norinco pre ban, I think. I spotted the vented gas tube and pistol grip, and called it. He went and looked and verified. It was funny.
  4. I thought all his bullshit was non binding 'executive actions,' we're gonna enforce existing laws, etc. Not actual executive orders. What's this nonsense? http://abcnews.com.co/obama-signs-executive-order-limiting-us-gun-owners-to-three-guns/ WASHINGTON — In a move that promises to permanently transform the political landscape in the United States, President Obama has signed Executive Order 13752, an order which will radically change the way the United States regulates all weapons. President Obama claims that his authority to draft this order comes from the second amendment: “If you look
  5. Terry, I gotta get out and shoot some pigs with you,the only living thing I've ever shot was urban youth, and as I understand it, game runs different.
  6. Damn dude, that's nice. I've been wanting a good trap shotgun, under $300 is crazy compared to what I've been looking at. al391 is what I really want, but Jesus H, its expensive for something without a detachable mag. If you end up being someone who hates it, let me know.
  7. My RGR stock is definitely up. https://www.google.com/search?q=rgr+stock&oq=rgr+s&aqs=chrome.0.69i39j69i57j0l2.3776j0j4&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 I don't know if this equates to panic buying, its certainly not as high as it has been in the past, but it fell on its face in the last couple of months, so I'm okay with it.
  8. What the fuck is up with this? I mean, its hilarious, don't get me wrong, but why is this? One of the Mexicans I used to work with at the Chinese restaurant had gone back o Mexico for a year or so, he came back and I guess I had put on some weight, he was like 'you gotten fat mayne.' I had been out of town for a while, and I was buying beer at the gas station, and the Indian dude behind the count commented on my weight gain and told me I looked good. Dude I used to know was a burly fucker, not really in shape. He went to school with a bunch of Eastern European chicks, and when we'd hang
  9. My buddy had a century golani, it was awful. Nothing ever worked right on it, despite several trips back to the manufacturer.
  10. Throwing sparks? What the fuck kind of range doesn't let you shoot .380?
  11. I shot a cz75 .40 a couple of years ago, and really liked the pistol, even though I'm not real big on .40 anymore. I'm a .45 man now. But a 9mm would be cool, especially a slim one, but I honestly wouldn't mind one of the cz or eaa 75 clones they're selling these days.
  12. No worries, sometimes I type things and they make sense to me because I know what I'm trying to say.
  13. We were at a street festival, drinking beer and watching some bands play, I didn't have a gun. I was smoking with the guy from the vape store, and I mentioned to him that I didn't come into his store anymore, because of the no guns sticker on the door.
  14. of the vape shop I frequent. I was at a music event downtown called Secret Stages, where they have different bands playing at different bars, and food vendors and all that stuff. Myself and some dudes from the Honda club were down there hanging out, we were, uh, participating in some recreational use, and the dude from the vape store walked by and hung out for a minute. I told him that I really liked his store, but I didn't come in anymore, because they had put a no guns allowed sticker on the door. He was apologetic, but said it was something that was required for his insurance. I told him
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