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  1. I know it's been "a while" since I've been here, but life happens. Hope everyone is doing well. I have a rather odd question that so far has eluded answers. Here goes, is the extractor supposed to hold the round in place on your bolt (if not on the rifle) or should the rounds be able to move around a bit and even fall out of say the extractor is towards the ground? I've observed some rather interesting things on some of my American 5.56 AK's and want to hear from you guys.
  2. Hey guys, long time. I've been busy for the last few years doing contract work for a friend who started his own company. Basically, busy as heck. However, I have not lost my love for our beloved Saigas. I noticed that several folks have the Lynx 12's on sale pretty cheap right now and have a question about these. Do you all think one would make a decent platform for an SBS? Also, is anyone here in the states making a Saiga 12K style gas block and system? Basically, I want to try and turn a Lynx into a Saiga 12k clone. Has this been done yet?
  3. I've built 5 AR's using their kits and all turned out reliable and extremely accurate. If you want to build a rifle comparable to a Colt 6920, try the CHF M4 carbine kit. Same forge markings as Colt but for hundreds less. Also features a BCG that has been high pressure and magnetically particle inspected as well as a chrome lined barrel made by FN that has the same tests.
  4. Anyone find anything on what exactly the idiot used? Media keeps saying AK style, but that could mean that he dude used a 10/22 Ruger since they don't know shit about firearms.
  5. She saw the Kel-Tec finally. She gave it a long look and asked "is that new?". I said "nah.....just haven't taken it out in a long time". She believed me. Up next, the WASR! Although I did just get her a 1913 St. Gaudens double Eagle in a diamond bezel for our anniversary. That cost a pretty penny.
  6. Wife will probably divorce me, but I picked up a new in box 2018 WASR-10 and a Kel Tec Sub 2000 multi mag at the pawn shop. She hasn't seen either yet.
  7. Picked up a 9mm PSA AKV a little over a week ago. Still haven't shot it due to extremely hot weather or pouring rain.
  8. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Violence is up however immediately across the border though. Seems a new cartel is trying to invade Zeta and Cartel del Golfo territory and that's causing issues. I've been warned by my doctor friends who live in Mexico not to attempt a visit until things settle down. As long as I have reason to go, I won't. I have heard that some nuns down in the McAllen/Mission area are encouraging the illegals to cross through land the church owns right along the border, but BP is on that like flies on crap, so they are not coming in that way. Also, many of the tr
  9. Quick update. Nothing new here. Cold nasty rainy weather has arrived here over the last week or so. The only thing I've noticed is a blackhawk that buzzes over about twice a day. I've continued to hear that the cartels scared the hell out of the caravan and now with this weather it's commiefornia or bust for them. Of course we still have our local dopers pushing their wacky weed across, but that's typical here.
  10. Everything is calm. Like I said, the cartels apparently sent word down to the caravans that they are not welcomed in this area. I have noticed a lot less air patrol. I dont know what to make of that. Perhaps they are flying drones at higher altitudes. They are very hard to make out, but we have seen them in the past. There is also some kind of observation post that's been set up on federal property about 400 yards east of my house, but I've never seen anyone in it. Perhaps at night?
  11. I'm definitely not an expert on the subject, but just from watching them I'm convinced that many on the left suffer from some sort of mental illness. I go back to nature when observing them and I'm convinced that if left alone to fend for themeselves in a wild world pre 1800's situation they would die. They lack zero self dependance. And their ideas and ideals only exist in the insect world. But you cant apply those rules to humans because they don't work.
  12. Well this is pretty dramatic. Seems the caravan really wants to avoid south Texas and North East Mexico because they haved pissed off the cartels. The cartels are mad that due to them, now border enforcement on the areas they control has been stepped up. They are threatening the caravan. Wow...can't make this shit up.
  13. Remember, there is a HUGE difference between the armed forces of the United States and our various law enforcement agencies. Two very different roles.
  14. ETA is hard to tell. It's a 12 hr drive to Mexico City from here. But the group is struggling to find transportation because the MX gov is running major interference. In theory, if they were to allow them vehicle transportation they could be here tomorrow, but not all of them. If they keep walking, my guess is 10 to 20 miles max per day. Maybe first week of December?
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