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  1. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Violence is up however immediately across the border though. Seems a new cartel is trying to invade Zeta and Cartel del Golfo territory and that's causing issues. I've been warned by my doctor friends who live in Mexico not to attempt a visit until things settle down. As long as I have reason to go, I won't. I have heard that some nuns down in the McAllen/Mission area are encouraging the illegals to cross through land the church owns right along the border, but BP is on that like flies on crap, so they are not coming in that way. Also, many of the troops assigned have been sent home. Not sure if only for the holidays.
  2. Quick update. Nothing new here. Cold nasty rainy weather has arrived here over the last week or so. The only thing I've noticed is a blackhawk that buzzes over about twice a day. I've continued to hear that the cartels scared the hell out of the caravan and now with this weather it's commiefornia or bust for them. Of course we still have our local dopers pushing their wacky weed across, but that's typical here.
  3. Everything is calm. Like I said, the cartels apparently sent word down to the caravans that they are not welcomed in this area. I have noticed a lot less air patrol. I dont know what to make of that. Perhaps they are flying drones at higher altitudes. They are very hard to make out, but we have seen them in the past. There is also some kind of observation post that's been set up on federal property about 400 yards east of my house, but I've never seen anyone in it. Perhaps at night?
  4. I'm definitely not an expert on the subject, but just from watching them I'm convinced that many on the left suffer from some sort of mental illness. I go back to nature when observing them and I'm convinced that if left alone to fend for themeselves in a wild world pre 1800's situation they would die. They lack zero self dependance. And their ideas and ideals only exist in the insect world. But you cant apply those rules to humans because they don't work.
  5. Well this is pretty dramatic. Seems the caravan really wants to avoid south Texas and North East Mexico because they haved pissed off the cartels. The cartels are mad that due to them, now border enforcement on the areas they control has been stepped up. They are threatening the caravan. Wow...can't make this shit up.
  6. Remember, there is a HUGE difference between the armed forces of the United States and our various law enforcement agencies. Two very different roles.
  7. ETA is hard to tell. It's a 12 hr drive to Mexico City from here. But the group is struggling to find transportation because the MX gov is running major interference. In theory, if they were to allow them vehicle transportation they could be here tomorrow, but not all of them. If they keep walking, my guess is 10 to 20 miles max per day. Maybe first week of December?
  8. The drug runners are an X factor. This is a cartel del golfo and zeta border area. They control who crosses when and where. Those thinking that they can just arrive here and cross over don't realize that they will have to pay for safe crossing. Its an ugly world my friends.
  9. What do we need? Nothing really. But thank you for the offer. I spoke with the chief of police earlier and he seems thrilled that they will be laying down razor wire soon. Also, we feel much better knowing our troops are coming. I think we are gtg.
  10. Three to four waves formed now. But not armed. Still dangerous. They rioted at the Mexican border yesterday when the Mexicans closed the gates. They got violent and started throwing rocks at the federales. They returned the gesture with tear gas. It's strange to see the Mexicans actually doing their job on their southern border. You won't find any footage of that incident in our news though.
  11. Picked up more 223 and 9mm today. Also more water. Whats nuts was hearing my wife say "shouldnt you get more?". She doesnt want to mess around if the shtf.
  12. Thank you all for the support and prayers. Starting to notice a slight uptick of DPS activity. Also been hearing the BP airboats early in the morning with more frequency. I still have a few friends in different agencies who can't share their plans, but apparently a few contingencies are in the works. I just dont buy the whole walking to California story on the part of the organizers when its 1000 miles shorter trip this way. Anyway, been adding ammo to the inventory and topping off the truck every evening. Also been talking to others here with the same frame of mind. Many more people than I previously thought are getting ready.
  13. The wife and I did discuss evac last night, but both concluded that this is our home and property. Its the only thing we got. We have both worked too long and hard for this, and we are not leaving it behind because of fear.
  14. They are idiots. They are well aware of what they are voting for, but the repeated stupid excuse is usually something along the lines of "I don't like the way he looks". They all basically vote by the look of the cover, and not on substance.
  15. No evac plan, but plenty of self defense choices. I've got 4 AR platforms with optics ready to go at all times with 3 mags each. Thanks to the import ban the Saigas and Norincos don't get out much. If I do break out an AK it would probably be my bulgarian, yugos or my C39v2 (don't worry, it's got genuine Polish guts, so its gtg). But yeah, its an invasion force. Even the liberals at work are shitting their pants saying they don't want them here.