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  1. sjgusmc21


    Damn good looking rifle! Well done.
  2. After 'The Force Awakens' (which I almost walked out of but decided against it since I had already paid for it) I quit. If I want to watch Sesame Street, then I will do so at home for free.
  3. Utter bullshit. But no surprise coming from Pelosi land. Yet Antifa is not.....
  4. Most of my guns are a 'gun snobs' nightmare, but I love my gray turds... Pistol: I really like my BersaThunder Pro Ultra Compact 45ACP and my Tanfoglio (yes, it is butt crack ugly) .40. Rifle: Converted Saiga 7.62 and PTR 91 carbine. Shotgun: Rem 870 Sorry, had to pick two of each for pistol and rifle.
  5. I have had three of them with no issues. Price was right.
  6. Sounds like things are heating up down there. How are ya'll doing?
  7. sjgusmc21

    Slide fire?

    'Looks like ye olde civil war 2 is gonna kick off faster than i expected.... ' Doubtful...and probably not in our lifetimes...we still have a ways to go before our economy tanks completely and the sheeple wake up.
  8. sjgusmc21

    Slide fire?

    'when they outlaw bumpstocks, only outlaws will have em... ' Exactly.
  9. sjgusmc21

    Slide fire?

    'I bet Governor Murphy's security detail still gets to put 15+ round magazines into their handguns though.' Oh, you know that is true. Everything filthy one of them had security spooks armed to the teeth. Holy shit Gaddis, thought you were gone. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas!
  10. sjgusmc21

    Slide fire?

    Gunfun, you are correct, however I believe that most American's are just to self-absorbed with themselves and social media to give a shit. When they finally wake up, it will be too late. As for myself, I couldn't give a shit about bump stocks. But that's not the point. Never has been.
  11. Merry Christmas to all you fine folk!
  12. Well, the company's name is cool......
  13. Well, that is good news...sort of. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and a easy rest of the week. Take care.
  14. DLT, how ya'll doing down there? Its kind of been somewhat quiet, with all of the election bullshit taking over the waves. I hope all is well, or as well as it can be. I hate the cartels, but maybe it will take them to clean this shit up. Be safe.
  15. HUGE congrats! Wish I wasn't so old, I'd have another. Super happy for all of you!