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  1. I just don't think it is ever going to happen....oh it could, but probably ONLY at the end of a barrel.....they are that corrupt and self serving.
  2. This: I don't know how "we the People" make it happen, but I feel we NEED to get bill rammed through Congress to enact Term Limits. I figure the Republicans want the old Democrats out, and the Democrats want the old Republicans out, so there aught to be a way to get a bill on the ballot without any blockage from the people WE elected to do what WE need them to do... It would take one heckuva grass-roots effort to make it happen, though. Term limits by themselves, will not solve everything. But it is a damn good place to start and it certainly will rock the boat of the career politic
  3. Well, I have to admit, that gave chub! Even with the poor acting! Semper Fi!
  4. Jerry52, what I am observing everyday that is happening to our country really causes my blood pressure to rise, and my hope to fade. I cannot retire yet, but I do look forward to the day I can, so I can spend more time with my girls, to teach them all I know before I am pushing daisies. My girls are 8 and 12, I started real late. As long as I have time to teach them, I don't care. My 12 year old is at that stage that she is asking really tough, thought provoking questions. There is so much to discuss right now, it is mind blowing.... I do hope, as you said, that, 'All this unrest wil
  5. Patriot, you are correct. We NEVER HOARD and damn if it almost didn't bone us this time. I have 8 and 12 year old girls (recent bdays for both) and as I said, luckily we had enough of what we needed. But fuck hoarders and I hope they choke on the shit. But that's just me.... Tried to post a pic, but could not. Don't get it. ???
  6. Well done. I had a blast converting my Saiga, really do miss shooting it. Oldest daughter is about ready to do so.
  7. As I said, we could have come out of this much wiser and less dependent on China, but after seeing this atrocity, I doubt it. Truly perverse and disgusting how THEY spend our money. I did not fact check this, but none of it surprises me. American population: 330,483,530 Stimulus bill: $2,000,000,000,000 Dividing the cost by every person in America is $6,051.74. The government could have given every person over $6,000, but instead will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income. Because of bailouts. Wanna know where the missing 96% of your tax dollars went?
  8. I don't know what to say. Really. All these people hoarding should have their asses kicked. Literally. This shit is just unreal. Yes, China should be held accountable for this shit. Just as with the other shit sandwich viruses that came from them. But they will not. China's grasp is far too powerful. Now, as for the US, we CAN come away from this with our economic heads out of our asses IF we learn to start cutting reliance on them. We shall see. But I believe to many Politicians as well as Business's have deep pockets with them. AND I hope the media gets it in their ass for all of t
  9. Yeah, read that as well. Don't know if it is good or not, but two less POS's walking this earth...so that deserves cu-do's.....
  10. Fine looking hand cannon!
  11. Damn good looking rifle! Well done.
  12. After 'The Force Awakens' (which I almost walked out of but decided against it since I had already paid for it) I quit. If I want to watch Sesame Street, then I will do so at home for free.
  13. Utter bullshit. But no surprise coming from Pelosi land. Yet Antifa is not.....
  14. Most of my guns are a 'gun snobs' nightmare, but I love my gray turds... Pistol: I really like my BersaThunder Pro Ultra Compact 45ACP and my Tanfoglio (yes, it is butt crack ugly) .40. Rifle: Converted Saiga 7.62 and PTR 91 carbine. Shotgun: Rem 870 Sorry, had to pick two of each for pistol and rifle.
  15. I have had three of them with no issues. Price was right.
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