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  1. sjgusmc21

    US Palm comng back!

    Glue on floorplates are kinda stupid. Name a SINGLE major gun company that glues their magazines together.. This is why I never purchased them.
  2. I was in the Battalion Armory doing inventory when my Marines busted in and told me, 'MSgt., you're not going to believe this...'
  3. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    ^^^ "Dilly Dilly!"
  4. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    Along with 'The Lion of the Senate' this has gone on too long. Say what you need to, pay your final respects and be done with it. They are trying to make him out as some MacArthur, or some other Super Being, which he was not.
  5. Love the looks of that scope. Can't wait to see the whole package together.
  6. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    Can't argue with this either.
  7. sjgusmc21

    McCain is gone!

    I will agree with this for now. God rest his sole and thank you for your Military service and sacrifice.
  8. sjgusmc21


    OMG those are sexy! Well done Sir!
  9. I have been out of the 'semi-automatic' mag fed shotgun hobby for a while. Holy crap, never new their are so many new choices now. Thanks CSSPECS for opening my eyes. Looked up the Cheetah and Lynx shotguns. Wow. Been busy raising two young daughters...
  10. This is a great forum. It can be brutal, but and the same time, brutally honest, which is what I like. People here speak their minds...no tip-toeing going on here. Ask your questions, answer some questions, and above all, don't get butt-hurt. Bite back and it's all good. Take care and have fun.
  11. Love this forum...don't care how many post or don't post. We need GADDIS to dirty it up a bit....hasn't been around for a while.... As for Facebook...fuck facebook. Don't have an account and never well. Have even been questioned on job interviews why I don't have one.....did I mention 'fuck Facebook'?
  12. Well done sir and VERY HAPPY you are up, about, and feeling good! For you and the Mrs....best wishes and glad to hear it!
  13. In 21 years of service, I've seen many go down the route of adultery and loose their careers over it, rightfully so. Male and female. Same rules should apply for ALL that serve the American People.
  14. 'trollop' Great term. Haven't heard that one for a while. Did you notice how the Demoncrats acted when it was brought up about the fact of his lack of integrity towards his marriage, wife and family concerning his affair with his adulteress? Whoops, sorry, the Political Term not is 'lover'. OMG....that was SHAMEFUL for Mr. Gohmert to question him on it....what a load of shit. So this guy, trusted with some of the most important secrets, investigations, etc, and he is having a affair with this 'trollop' that ALSO IS MARRIED AS WELL. Nope...no dirt nap...not that easy. Club Fed baby.
  15. I agree. What blows me away, is how the left (mostly) think if they say something over, and over, and over, then we the gullible and stupid people will believe it. I have lost track on how many lies I have heard from politicians that just makes me want to go nuclear...because they think if they keep saying it then the people will believe it. Over, and over, and over. Most of us still have brains.....I suggest the others start using theirs as well. I watched part of his 'testimony' and his self-righteousness and arrogant stance just floored me. Also, the freak'n stupid Demoncrat Morons that sided with him....just incredible. We are circling the drain I am afraid....