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  1. Spacehog

    trigger group help

    A modified double hook G2 in a Saiga (single hook) receiver can be a terrific trigger on the cheap. The bottom of the second hook is ground to act as a stop to limit the amount of over travel. I believe that Gunfun still has the mock up of the modification in his signature line if you are interested in more info on it. I have double hooks in all my Saigas along with a couple of spares in the parts bin. Be advised though you will still have to remove the hump and material on the side for BHO as Evl already alluded to for the Saiga 12.
  2. Spacehog

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    MM, I do not disagree with you, except that the UTG Pro’s will uninstall and will return to zero. But that is not really the issue here is it? Come on guys (HB included). We all have different experiences and different opinions. Not everybody can afford to spend $250 on a side mount. For that matter not everyone can afford to spend $250 on optics period minus the mount. My experience with the MI rail was that I could not get multiple rings to tighten down. MI customer service blew me off like I was an idiot. I won’t buy their crap anymore, but I know I got the one off, where most get a quality rail. I did not disparage it because I know what I experienced was not the norm. We are all trying to help here. That’s what this forum should be about isn’t it? Point being is that we get pissed and wonder why we are getting our tails kicked by those who want to take our firearms away, yet we fight with, degredate, and run down those we disagree with on this forum, yet they are our brothers and sisters to a common goal and passion. It shouldn’t be this way. Op I am glad you found a solution to your question. I think you will be happy with the RS Mount.
  3. Spacehog

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    I also question MI’s refusal to support the S12 platform when I can take multiple side mounts and interchange them between saiga shotguns and multiple caliber rifles. Maybe they are not too confident in a 12 guage’s recoil with their product or they have someone not experienced with their product on multiple formats/options? With that said, I do take issue with your blanket statement of “UTG Garbage”. The UTG Pro side AK mounts are very solid, even for magnified optics. They return to zero and are a great value for the price point. Perhaps you are basing your opinion on the old first generation mounts? I have two of these new mounts and they are solid. One I have even cut down to do exactly what the OP wants to do with a RDS. To HB’s point, they sit higher than a RS Mount which I also own, but they allow field stripping the rifle with the mount and the optic still attached. It is all about preference. The UTG Pro is a great value. Are there better mounts out there? Yes. The RS Mounts IMHO are the best side mount options for an AK out there. Are they the best out there on a budget? Not necessarily. RDS afford quick target acquisition but are not precision sights, especially on a shotgun where range is cut down considerably. There are many mount options that will be more than adequate, without tearing down other members of a forum that share your love of firearms. Just putting things into perspective for someone who’s opinion I respect and often agree with.
  4. Spacehog

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Below is the Carolina Shooters solution rail that fits into the rear sight dove tail and friction locks with set screws. Not sure Evl if this is the exact rail you have seen bent up or if those were a knock off of this. I have a different set up now, but never had issues with durability or zero when I had a red dot on it. To the OP, if you don’t use something like this, IMHO the RS mounts side mounts are about the lowest profile and adjustable mounts out there:
  5. FN FAL Handguard.What's the tubular handguard under it? The tube is part of the handguard. To OP. Sorry for the Hijack. Nice job on the S12
  6. FN FAL Handguard.
  7. Spacehog

    Sights for rail Saiga 12

    Are you looking for iron sight recommendations, optics, or both? Traditional iron sight setup on the scout rail will be tough on the S12. You will need a rail in back for the rear sight, or need to place the rear sight on the scout rail, and get a front tower set up. If it was me, I'd put a quality red dot on the scout rail and go with it. I have a primary arms red dot on mine and can recommend them.
  8. Spacehog

    saiga 20 mags from russia

    Centerfire just got a batch of S20 factory fives in, in case someone is looking.
  9. Good read from Mossberg on the subject: https://www.mossberg.com/defining-a-shotgun/
  10. The 590 shockwave is not defined as a shotgun by the BATFE. It has never had a buttstock attached. That is how they get away with a barrel length under 18". As long as the OAL is greater than 26" it is legal to the letter of the law. It still does not nor ever has had a buttstock attatched and is over 31" long. Until the BATFE issues an opinion on the matter specific to the Shockwave, it meets all of the definitions by my understanding of the NFA as the factory 590 shockwave does. I can assure you I would never knowingly violate the NFA and have NFA items with the proper paperwork. I can also assure you that I will not be writing the BATFE for their opinion like people did ad-nauseam with "shouldering a pistol brace" thus giving them an opportunity through opinion to rewrite the NFA. If others have a different opinion, I would like to hear. As I said, I certainly would not knowingly break the law.
  11. Indeed Patriot. Before, 3 dram 1200 FPS was all I really wanted to shoot out of it. Fine for snakes, but now 00 buck is no problem. Much better ergonomically. Basically multi purposed for home (barn) defense as well
  12. Bought a Mossberg 590 Shockwave as a snake gun for the tractor. As cool as these little firearms are, with 5 in the tube and one in the chamber the shockwave grip is just not practical shooting "one handed" unless you have Popeye forearms. If there was ever a firearm that was tailor made for a brace (or SBS), this is it. Modified it quite a bit to my liking. Mesa Tactical high tube adaptor and shell carrier is nice. The rest came out of the parts bin. Although the firearm has grown from 26.5" to 31" OAL, the balance with the brace makes one handed shooting much easier. May add an adjustable brace in the future, but for now I am happy. Still have a little color matching to do on the brace. Before: After:
  13. Love a good build, but a quick question for you...How invested are you .308? If you are going to drop the kind of coin you are talking about, and starting from scratch components, I would strongly consider 6.5 Creedmore. Better ballistics, widening market, and probably more valuable down the road if you ever wanted or needed to sell the rifle. I have not made the jump since I have a lot of .308 stuff and have stocked up on the caliber. If you want to stay in .308, there is a lot of stuff off the shelf that will get you sub MOA or close right out of the box for a lot less. I like Savage over Remington, but that is my preference. I have a Savage 10 FCP-SR in .308 that will print 1/2" groups with hand loads straight from the factory. I don't want to mess with it, but if I was going to, it would go into an XLR Industries Evolution Chassis.
  14. 1st firearm in a while...New snake gun and scabbard for the tractor, Mossberg 590 Shockwave, and a few "upgrades" coming. Spotted too many Water moccasins on the property last weekend. Unfortunately, the poisonous ones have to go.
  15. I am at a point where I really do not care what political statement "X" Big Retailer wants to make. If Dick's is going through the effort of this, it is only because their sales suck, and they need the publicity. I won't bitch, make a scene, or anything else to fight their stupidity. I will simply not spend a dollar there ever. Evidently many others feel the same way and aren't spending money there either. Keep it up and they will fold. ETA...Latest firearm purchase today was made at their competitor, Academy Sports and Outdoors.