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  1. Best thread in a while. My music taste runs the full gamut. I just appreciate talented musicians despite style. This guy is crazy talented on the mandolin. 2:14 in is pretty good.
  2. Two side of the coin from a talented group of guys. And
  3. .410 stuff hasn’t bothered me yet, but that full powered 454 Casull round is a punisher! I will keep the gloves😂
  4. I had just started to get into 45 colt when the pandemic hit. Bought a Taurus raging judge for steal, and loved it! The hornady 240 grain 454 casull at 1900 ft/sec... not so much (at least not more than 5-6 rounds at a time without a shooting glove.) I will pick up a Henry Silver Big Boy in 45 Colt if they ever get back in stock. I have everything to reload except a powder that is optimized. Unique and Titegroup are currently all I have left in pistol powder.
  5. Yes that qualifies as exciting! Look forward to hearing more about it once completed.
  6. I get the same emails daily that most of you get. In this age of overpriced ammunition and recycled flyers, is there anything that you guys and gals are excited about? Quite admittedly I am currently bored.
  7. Congratulations on retirement Gunny, and thank you for you years of faithful service!
  8. Thanks guys, and it is good to still see you both around. It is still a work in progress, and I do wish I had more space. One of the greatest positives has been moving and organizing a lot of the firearm stuff I have bought and stashed over the years. I actually know what I have now, and I definitely won’t be buying anymore AK-47 magazines ever😂.
  9. And I can’t for the life of me figure out how to flip those pics in this new format. My apologies.
  10. So a dream of mine has always been to have a safe room. Living in the southern portion of tornado alley, many us either have spaces that are reinforced or underground. Moved recently and finlly converted our reinforced tornado shelter into a gun safe room as well. It’s not all that big at 80 sqft, but the only way to get to it is via a secret entrance, and it also doubles as my man cave and reloading room. Still some more work to do.
  11. Thank you! It has been a blast getting this put together. We now live on our 42 acres. This is part of our barn renovation, and I have a rifle range out to 400 yards, and a 14 plate handgun course moving uphill at 10 to 25 yards. Still a lot of work to be done, but I am very thankful to be a steward of this place for the rest of my life🙂
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