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  1. Are the pins on the Vepr 12 gas block removable with a hammer and punches, or do they need to be pressed out? Which direction do they need to be driven (ejection side -> closed side, or vice versa?) Thanks!
  2. I have the same gun as you (23" square 54r), and I haven't done any formal measurements but I do find it pretty dead on balls accurate as far as I can see (75yds is about my limit, I have shit eyesight) with some surplus stuff.
  3. I did this last month. A little while with a Dremel and I was set. For finished slant back furniture, I'd check gunbroker. I happened to have a spare from another Vepr that I converted to pistol grip. As mentioned above, it was necessary to make the notch for the trigger guard deeper since I pulled it from a 5.45x39 vepr. This is my 23" 54r Vepr with the adapted stock.
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