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  1. gunfun

    Citadel RS-S1

    It ain't just mossberg. People tend to switch between M500 and R870 based on family tradition, like alegiance to coke/pepsi , ford/chevy, Sportsball team X... Or red vs blue vs green tractors. "I'm used to brand X, and it was good enough for grampa, so I guess there ain't room for improvement..." The crowd ain't buying Saigas by the million, but I do think Rem and Moss just fed them the gateway drug. I also think they opened the door for something a lot better than the S12/V12, etc to be developed. Something built from ground up to be as compact and balanced as possible while reliable, with no features as vestigial leftovers from some carbine rifle or pump shotgun.
  2. I've been involved in youtube for a while, and more importantly, I am very concerned about the power of very few companies to control access to business and ideas. I think googletube which is the second largest search engine, owned by the first is genuinely more powerful than many nations, and pretty much any political party you can name. I also think it is blind to it's hypocrisy and to it's own blind spots. Not that some of their management isn't knowingly exploiting their power... Anyway, if you want to turn of the outrage and get a level headed understanding of some recent trends, I think this video goes a long way towards understanding the situation. If you can spare a few minutes to listen, and keep an eye on his visuals, I think this would make a good discussion. Please watch through it, because a skim of the first couple minutes will not give you the full perspective. Long term, I think the ability to control the discussion and marginalize/hide ideas and companies which are unfavored is probably going to have more impact than any current wins or losses of particular political fights.
  3. Sorta. He settled the case with a binding and public settlement. I think he had to win it if it ever made it to trial. The expectation of DOJ/ BATFE is that no one would be willing to put themselves in legal jeopardy, so that they can always punt on standing if the court or facts aren't stacked in their favor. The big takeaways are 1) the government admits that: a- information is not a good subject to export treaties. b- information as political speech, which this plainly was is at least protected by the 1st amendment, and maybe by the second if it relates to arms. 2) they've been trying to use a backdoor doctrine that we can be bound by treaties that 'slightly' conflict with the constitution or US statutes, if approved by the proper treaty method. Under the reasoning that one part of the constitution authorizes the treaty process, and if that is in conflict with another, then there is room to resolve the discrepancy. ---- This has always been a shaky doctrine, since it doesn't take much sense to realize that you can say that it is unconstitutional to use any government powers to violate the constitution, i.e. congress cannot use constitutional process to pass a bill and have it signed into law to quarter troops in your house. For the same reason, everyone has known that this doctrine was unconstitutional, and has to fall if it ever challenged with anything in obvious conflict of a clear constitutional procedure or right. So they are avoiding letting it get directly in the way. They might sign onto treaties that make trade or importation or export of arms more expensive or difficult, and get away with that, but one that prohibits political speech is too clear of a conflict to survive review in court.
  4. Or perhaps instruct martial arts in Idaho?
  5. It won't pass, but I'm pretty much always in favor of smaller states. Less concentrated power, more meaningful votes. There is a similar movement here in WA, but I don't see anyone I would take seriously supporting it, with a partial pass for Matt Shea, who is on the whole pretty solid.
  6. gunfun

    trigger group help

    3) smooth out the corners on the trapezoidal face of the hammer, and 4) adjust the contact patch of the hammer such that it strikes square to the tail end of the bolt when the firing pin is pushed in. This requires only a very small adjustment of angle. Very little metal needs to go away. I've done all of the above with nothing more than a vice a bastard file and 15- 20 minutes.
  7. I'd suggest asking him yourself, but if I remember the conversation accurately, he said all the internals were original. I don't know about how or whether he complied with 922r. He said he sold the gun.
  8. I figured I would post this here: If you want to see how the new gun performs under stress, here's a first look. Russel Fagan who is a member here (had about the textbook case of all the bad things that can go wrong with a saiga and a smith messing it up by doing all the wrong things-iirc) If I had his experience with saigas, I would probably have as low an opinion of them as he seems to, but I wish I cou Per a few conversations with him, he chose to test out this gun for a change. His last few years were running a Vepr12, which he seemed to like, but he wore out nearly every part of it. I asked him for specifics, and he had carrier peening, loosened rivets, worn hammer, I forget the whole list and may have some of that wrong, but it was pretty much all the critical parts. The springs were showing signs of age the last few match videos he showed with the vepr, which I think would have shown a lot for function. All things considered, the round count he told me for his level of wear sounded very low to me, but I don't want to misquote him. -- I found that info to be very interesting, as not very many people even with high round counts are getting the kind of problems he described. I think he just attracts all the luck. Perhaps he beat an old gypsie woman at a 3 gun match years ago, and she cursed his guns to short lifespans. Anyway onto the 590-m. The big takeaway I got was the bit he says about dropped mags can rim lock, if they are partly used. So he suggests that you unload mags and reload them rather than topping off, just to be on the safe side. It looked like he can power through the rimlock with a brisk pump stroke, but I might be wrong about that. I suppose I should ask him. Anyway- He's a good source for gun info, because his mindset is durable pratical and simple with motions that work in any setting, any position, running or standing.... Not doing some specialty maneuver with a flashy movement and a fragile single application part that works real fast if things go right, or explodes into shards if you do it even slightly wrong. He also is pretty rough on his gear and body. So basically if it works for Russel, it is real world usable, and it is fast enough for competition. Also most of the stuff he does is intuative enough that even if you aren't practicing 300 reps a day, you could still do it without a fumble. IMO that's a lot more realistic for real life. Durable skills> perishable skills.
  9. Last I saw an AA12 for sale, the list price was $13K with a brag that they could get them down to 10k if they got enough orders. So...
  10. I don't think the twists are actually what does the work anyway. It is the fact that the flutes end.
  11. gunfun

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    Pretty much my point, except the member aspect. If they return to being a no compromise organization and have different leadership, I would happily join. At this stage, I think there is about the same odds of returning Harvard to its original role as a seminary cranking out christian pastors as there is of getting the cash grabbers out of NRA leadership and getting it back on mission.
  12. The krebs is a very well made part. The price has come down on it a lot. I would just go with the krebs. -- guy who has made several modified safety levers for S12, and other AK variants.
  13. gunfun

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    Except the way they are structured, their BOD don't have a lot of day to day authority, other than to hire the people who make the actual decisions. As to your question, I believe second amenment foundation and GOA have done at least as much good on a fraction of the budget. 2af gives you the Heller decision... NRA gives you compromises.
  14. gunfun

    saiga12 3gun - trying to lighten the load

    That's the one!
  15. The time I was served bear, I liked it. At the time, my family didn't eat meat, and I was at a birthday party so I thought it was pretty amazing. DDupleks hexolit 32 would be my shotgun round of choice for bear. Or failing that some of the Brenneke or dixie shotgun slugs.