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  1. I don't think he would have minded, is the basic point. He seemed to be fine with some pretty cheezy quality add ons on his rifles. If you compare Zenitco, to magpul, I think you were closer to original concept anyway.
  2. gunfun

    80% lower?

    Well, the thing is, that these are AK or RPK based respectively. There aren't lowers as such. There are receiver flats. However, in the case of the saiga and probably the vepr, the front trunion is marked as the receiver, so it isn't a new flat you need, so much as a virgin front trunion.
  3. Do I need to post that picture of the late Mickey K beaming proudly while holding an AK 12 variant covered in CAA stuff? It's american combloc snobs who hold those views, not Russians, and not the Izmash people. They changed and accessorized all the time and still do. Seriously, AK purists are worse than weebs, in some ways.
  4. Ditto. I think one of the real perks of a mag fed gun is that you can choose whatever shell you want based on what's in it or what it does, rather than how short it is.
  5. I think so. Also, I think that is kind of the point of a weak patent. Make it confusing to scare off work arounds. Mike- if I was reading it right the patent claim was that two pieces meant less tooling to make more mags for more type of guns. If the complicated molds worked for a universal part, then all you would need to do is mold new feed towers. Whether that is actually cheaper, or just in theory could be is not necessary for the patent to be valid or not. Thanks for explaining the elongated receiver bit. That particular patent was a jumble. I also think it is susceptible to challenge based on the fact that all of the solutions claimed really are obvious. Is the reason that your mossberg mag only fits 2 3/4" shells the limitation of receiver length?
  6. gunfun

    Any knife makers here?

    Make something cool.
  7. gunfun

    Any knife makers here?

    I make knives, but it has been while. Good luck with whatever your project is. Those would do for pistol grip scales too.
  8. Who wants a gun that only works reliably when your technique is perfect? These are gas operated for a reason. You need them most when the human is least likely to be working properly.
  9. gunfun

    Slide fire?

    That's part of what I was referencing above. But you could do a lightening link, or a DIAS out of wire, sheet metal, or if you want to put a little effort in, a pin, and a small block of metal. You could do it all in under an hour with nothing more than a drill and a file.
  10. I think the other reason Molot might have quit development is that all the competition guns migrated to having a higher point on the pig nose so that the stock's dummy buffer tube was in line with the gas tube rather than the barrel, to reduce muzzle flip. The original design I referenced had the buffer tube in line with the hole under the rear trunion's tang, so as to make use of the empty space to connect with the carrier. I would guess that they determined having the stock up high was a bigger gain to control than smoothing out a little recoil with their target loads. If you wanted both, you could have the recoil tube wherever it has to be, and build a big stock that has a large pad at the back, good cheek placement, and has the buffer at some random place inside it. That means it wouldn't be modular to whatever AR stock, but it would give you the ability to optimise a lot of recoil management and have a very smooth shotgun.
  11. that would be ideal state, but you need a spring to return it to starting point, and hold it there until the carrier meets it. So what you want is the softest spring which does that and allows the buffer to stall before it bottoms out. That's the best possible compromise. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options around for AR springs.
  12. Re: newton's cradle. question. Since you are making it the idea is that it is spring backed and takes energy from the carrier before it hits the trunion, and allows that do dissipate down the buffer tube, while being decelerated by the spring. An ideal state would be that it takes just enough energy, that the carrier stalls as it contacts the trunion, and the buffer weight stalls just before it would bottom out in the buffer tube. Erring on the side of reliability, would be just the lightest of a bump of the carrier into the trunion. A negative consequence that would probably need tuning would be the return bump as the buffer comes forward. If you could cushion that with a spring, that would probably be better than a hard clunk. I think it is not possible to get it to put energy back into the carrier. That's going to be on the way home while the buffer is still coming back. Perhaps a poppet of rubber on the back end of the buffer tube could smooth out that cycle. basically a check valve. Buffer pushes air out the back with no resistance, but on the forward stroke, the buffer fights a partial suction against the check, so it comes home softly and doesn't add another bump to the cycle. I follow your progress with interest.
  13. As far as concentricity, I know how I would test: 1 verify that the particular bullet is stable in your gun by shooting cardboard at various ranges. It shows keyholes better than paper. So does particle board. 2) Mount the suppressor, and remove the bcg. you should be able to visually look down the bore. If you can see any crescent portions of the suppressor in the bore, then you don't wanna risk it. Easier to do with a light and with the gun clamped down solid.
  14. The gun would be fine, but they are kinda borderline over gassed anyway. If you are really concerned about it, perhaps this would be the very best solution: https://www.knsprecisioninc.com/product/ak-adjustable-gas-piston/ Apologies if one of the site vendors offers this part. I know on the other site, there was some discussion of some variants of the '54 R verson coming with an adj plug in the gas block that you could change by removing the gas tube and rotating. It might be possible to make a retrofit for your existing parts, but my memory is a little rusty, given that I don't own one myself.