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  1. Honestly most 55 grain soft points are going to be pretty good. Some of the 77 OTM stuff has good performance in 556. If the same bullets are available in similar velocities in 5.45x39 they would do well. 556 is an effective caliber, and 545 is more or less the same thing. Most of the 62 grain ish stuff are not great performers. I know I would be comfortable loading a hornady 55 grain soft point in 545, and expecting adequate performance.
  2. I interrupted some novice shooters that had a squib. IIRC the ammo was new production tula, but it's been a few years. Circa 2014. I keep a 1/4" brass rod in my trunk, for that sort of thing, so I had them back in action. None of them had heard about squibs at all, and IIRC, they had chambered another round before they responded to me yelling at them. Fortunately they listened, and were okay. Again, if I recall correctly, they had another one in that same session and caught it themselves. So for sure 1 squib, probably two if my rusty memory is right. I've seen squibs in nearly every
  3. That is a valid correction. I think it's good that you aren't in contract with black aces. They have done enough scammy stuff, you would get burned somehow by association. With all of the adkal clones out there, what stops you from jumping on that market? Are the selling points too low?
  4. Yep. Still a sketchy company. BTW, stop thinking about brass height. It's misleading. Look at the muzzle energy of the shells. That's what you actually want to know. Mass x velocity.
  5. PM me an offer. You will pay shipping whatever that costs, if I sell.
  6. gunfun

    No Eject

    I would bet that you are just being gentle on your gun. Yank that handle back smartly. If you open it up, there is a little fin that serves as the ejector. The bolt face has to travel past that to kick the shell out.
  7. What state are you in? If in central WA, I would help you do it. I'm not a licensed smith, but we could get it done. Otherwise, Anthony Hitch or Mike Rogers come to mind for people I would trust to do it properly, and Tromix.
  8. I wrote a guide on it on this forum, and also have it posted on the vepr forum. Image links should be good in both places. Google the forum name, "trigger job and gunfun" and the thread should come up. It will be a few years old, so you might use advanced search to force older posts.
  9. Al from NOE will do stuff like that too.
  10. You don't need lee's you need these:https://thereloadersnetwork.com/product/svarog-shotgun-italian-slug-mold-with-optional-base-pin/ which give you full bore, plus a reasonably priced Breneke style tail wad. https://thereloadersnetwork.com/product/svarog-shotgun-slug-wads/ It's what we home brewers have wanted all along.
  11. To continue, some mount to the nut with small screws. Others basically screw onto threads on the outside of the barrel nut, then use a small set screw to keep their orientation.
  12. In general, they mount to proprietary barrel nuts that come with them. There are a few standardized patterns of barrel nut mounting system, and wrenches that fit them. So for example, many of the free float forends out there use the YHM style. There are exceptions that mount to the upper receiver, which come with a special upper, or are even integral with the upper. IMO get M loc not keymod. Watch a video of installing a forend, and it will make sense. Also, the quality to price ratio has gone super super low. That means that you could get a $60 UTG pro forend that is IMO a lot
  13. You should not take away that 922r does not apply to you. It does. The statutory language is based on assembly, and the definitions for that statute consider inserting a magazine assembly. The fact that you are not the importer, or original manufacturer, or gun store doesn't get you off the hook. The law is stupid, but that is what the law is. (I am a lawyer, and I did the actual work to parse out the statutory application. I've also read court rulings which would bear on the matter. This is one of those few places where dropping credentials is legitimate.) p.s. CSSPecs makes excellent ma
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