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  1. Think of it as cheap preventative-medicine lawyering, rather than the expensive cleaning up a cancerous mess after it is probably too late kind.
  2. For him to protect his patentability, he would need (not want. Need) a written NDA. Prior disclosure can be an absolute bar to patent. Mike needs a standard NDA form based on the work he does. It's also a good tool to keep excited inventors thinking straight about what to do and not do while fundraising, etc.
  3. I hope this picture doesn't constitute evidence of a breach of your agreement with mossberg, Mike. I'd hate to have you get burned on something like that. If you are worried about recoil, why not tack on a reinforcement plat in the critical areas? Did you have to cut a lot of meat out of the mag itself? Also, why
  4. None taken. I don't like paying gunsmiths either. There's a few things which I would pay them to do for me, most of which involve tools I don't have, or trial and error I can't afford the error on. Some things I could do, but just aren't exciting enough to offset the time and tool expense vs having someone else do it. Skilled work is skilled work, and there are diminishing returns in trying to be master level skilled at everything for yourself.
  5. He's a good guy. Not infallible, but I suppose that goes both ways. What are you saying caused the double feed? If you are saying his explanation is wrong, then it helps if you give your explanation in detail too.
  6. gunfun

    Saiga 12 Bolt Head Damage

    If my phone wasn't out of order, I would take a picture of mine to show what I mean.
  7. gunfun

    Saiga 12 Bolt Head Damage

    This feels like a comedy routine. At least one of us in this thread has a name like Zeppo or Groucho.... I'm sure of it. Turn the straight edge 90* about its axis so that it is edge on to the receiver. The way you are holding it, your hand can flex it, thus negating its purpose. It helps if the light source primarily is from underneath the straight edge so that you only see light where the contact is interrupted. Hold the gun up to the light with a straight edge as described and you will see what I mean. That will inform your picture taking. p.s. Don't get the idea that I am picking on you. You are asking reasonable questions and making honest attempts to provide the information requested. In short, you are trying to help others help you. Good job. That's actually a very rare thing.
  8. I'm okay with that, so long as it is designed to be a simple shotgun with a compact action. i.e. not a long pump action with the usual clockwork pinball machine inside. There is no good reason for why a shotgun should have any more moving parts than a military carbine. Nor should it be more complex.
  9. gunfun

    Saiga 12 Bolt Head Damage

    That's what he was asking for, but it would be even better if the picture showed holding a straight edge against the receiver flat surfaces. The amount of daylight showing through gaps is a lot easier to get a clear read on than a visual estimation of straight. Especially since some cameras have a fisheye effect (& maybe digital correction of same.)
  10. He probably has run them. Kay Miculek used to run an S12 built by Jack Travers before he fell apart.
  11. I don't think I know what "gun webs" means. Can you expound?
  12. That's a nice goal, but it is almost useless if the search engines ignore or hide it.
  13. gunfun

    Tac-47 Auto Plug: Cleaning frequency?

    That seems way excessive. Just spray in any powder solvent as often as you clean the gun and you should be fine.
  14. gunfun

    Tac-47 Auto Plug: Cleaning frequency?

    Dunno, but I am pretty sure the screw is some standard thread pitch. These are all stuff I am sure you could get at any hardware store, but you might end up with a fat allen type set screw in there.
  15. gunfun

    Tac-47 Auto Plug: Cleaning frequency?

    I think somewhere after about the first 1K rounds you may need to dial up the spring pressure a little, but after that it should be good indefinately. That's been my experience. I also put a bit of paint on the adjust screw to verify that it isn't vibrating loose. As for cleaning it- I just spray it off with CLP when I clean the gun & wipe it off. No further disassembly.