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  1. Simply as follow-up.....by chance does anyonw who used to run this handguard...but doesn't anymore.....does anyone have a spare front mounting block they'd be willing to get rid of? I'd like to experiment with some modification ideas. Let me know if you do.....thanks.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm not being paranoid.....simply asking. Yes, it's applied to a former IZ-240 Saiga (5.45 x 39 ). One small correction.....the Saiga factory plastic fore-end is backed-up (reinforced) under the inside surface "skin", with steel where it contacts the barrel/pins. Put a magnet on the inside/lower portions of the handguard within an inch of the sling stud.... and you will see. Also true....we don't really know the type of plastic each of these handguards (factory and Tapco) are made of. Also likely.....that it would require a hellacious amount of firing to perhaps get this hot enough to matter. All the reason to remove doubt and simply ask people's experiences....if any, on this point...thanks to both of you !! I took a flashlight and looked real close how the front Tapco mounting block actually contacts the barrel. It seems only a small sliver of the block actually contacts the barrel (lots of air space otherwise)..... and it does-so on the thick portion of the barrel, actually the outside surface of the GB. If it makes a difference....I also fabbed a stainless-steel heat shield that forms a "U" shape inside the handguard....should help.
  3. Tried getting some traction on the AKFiles site.....no response so far. Maybe you guys have some experience on this question. In my Saiga-to-AK conversion done some years ago, I opted to use the Tapco Intrafuse front handguard, as it allowed me a 922r compliance part and I didn't want to get involved in AK gas tube and retainer hardware issues for the "true" AK handguard conversion. The unit mounts on its front-end using a Tapco square mounting block....that is grooved on its inside and slips over protruding pins on the barrel. This is the version I'm talking about--> http://www.tapco.com/products/saiga-handguard-black.html My question.....this front-end mounting "block" is made of some kind of plastic. It contacts the barrel which can get very hot in a prolonged and intensive firing session. Can it melt? Have guys here have any personal experience with this happening? Thanks. .
  4. For my flat-bottom trunion Dinzag kit for the 5.45... the screw was sized 8-32. I think the round bottom ( or other 7.62's).... use a 6-32 screw. Check with Brian at Dinzag........
  5. Easy for "others" to say don't follow unconstitutional law..... until the jack-booted SWAT team comes to your door...tough talk. See my post #10 above. There is grass-roots resistance and law-suits in-play already. As to what I'm doing now?....right now nothing...... by using a regular Saiga rear stock. Simply wanted to get more 922r compliant parts embedded into the gun "just-in-case". There is ample evidence to suggest 922r no longer applies....but I'm not taking any further chances.
  6. Well...two things.... 1.) I paid $350 for the rifle....I'm not about to pay $316 ( incl shipping) for wood. 2.) It's not made for the centerfire guns...but I have an inquiry out as to what Ironwood can do for me..if anything. At that point I'll make the stock myself from another brand rear stock.
  7. Understood. It still asks the question: Is the market for a wooden sporter Saiga stock so small as to not provide it? Ironwood seems to make this for the Shotgun Saiga sporter, I would think an even smaller market---> http://www.ironwooddesigns.com/IWDNEWSaiga_2.html Scroll down about 1/2 way....
  8. With no malice intended, I am surprised many of us don't know what's happened in New York State in the past year. It has made the national press, and has been discussed over-and-over in gun forums like this. It was a law forced into existence Jan 15, 2013, in an illegal overnite, 4 hour session by Governor Cuomo. No public debate allowed either, as would have been done for other pending laws. Illegal. Unconstitutional. Only one "evil" feature allowed. Removable mag. That's it. No "obvious" pistol grip, no thumb-hole grip, no no flash hiders, no muzzle brakes, no collapsible or folding stocks, no 30 round magazines of any kind, either post-ban or pre-ban , no (wait for it !), no 10 round magazines !....ONLY 7 round magazines. WHAT? Yes....no matter that there ARE NO 7 round magazines available ! (This point was later rescinded to allow possession of 10 rd mags, but can't load up more than 7 unless on a range). People already have been arrested here on Felony charges when police found mags loaded up over 7 rounds. The law allows possession of an Assault Rifle, but only if you "register" as being an "Assault Rifle" owner. Won't happen. We all know what comes next if we do. The law allows any of these, before April 2014: 1.) Selling your Assualt weapon to a NYS arms dealer 2.) Selling your Assualt weapon out-of-state 3.) Keeping the weapon, but registering. 4.) Modifying the gun to "Sporter" status, and not having to register. See here when angry Fudds get together at a local "town hall" meeting I attended in February, to get a flavor why so many of us are livid angry---> And here's another showing the county-by-county resistance and lawsuits being brought up within NYS. Saying they will not abide by the law---> So yeah....maybe I'm being a bit gruff about this,( my apologies in advance)... but it also points to the fact that we, as gun owners, generally don't really give a figg what's happening someplace else, until the bad law stares US...DIRECTLY.... in the face. Only when it happens to us. Ask yourself, isn't this true?. Not only as gun owning individuals, but also as to the many gun organizations who DID NOT form a coalition and act TOGETHER on local and national anti-gun laws? Did you see NRA combine efforts with NSSF ( National Shooting Sports Federation), and other gun groups to provide a united front?. No....they were either silent or each gave their own news responses individually, and were eaten alive by the liberal/leftist press. Sorry if I am coming across gruff....but this has my shackles raised, and I can't believe we don't know what's going on in other states. We know about the California "button" law right?...to make removable mags difficult by using a key or tool? Then why not happenings elsewhere? We gotta do better as a group. OK, getting down from my pulpit....yes, the question is are there "Sporter" stocks available. I think not. I think I may just use a Rem 870 buttstock using the front-end of discarded Saiga stock that enters the receiver...somehow joined together. Was hoping for a more commercial solution.
  9. That Dragunov style is not legal in New York...as it is seen as being "thumb-hole" with a distinctive pistol grip. NYS "SAFE" Act...... New Yorkers know the score.
  10. Thanks guys I have the fore-end problem figured out. I saw the Ironwood web site but didn't see anything that directly matched. You have good ideas to see what is close and can be made to fit.
  11. I really don't want to enter into an argument as to whether 922r applies for the case I have...as the weird specifics of my case, may prove to be grey-area as to interpretation. One way to get around "grey" and make it "black or white"....is if another US made piece can be fitted. A buttstock would be one way as a form of insurance against a bad 922r call... and I may prefer to see that for other reasons too...for example a wooden version may result in better weight balance, etc. So... if you don't mind, let's not get into the "why 922r?" question...and keep it to topic. I agree, so far I've seen nothing offered in the marketplace.
  12. Does anyone offer a US-made sporter (Saiga) rear stock? Either wood or plastic would be fine. Alternatively....has anyone used the front mounting "plug" of the Russian Saiga rear stock that is cut-off and reused?...and attached to some kind of "other brand" rear wood stock using this plug....like maybe using a modified Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 piece to get there? Don't ask "why".....it's complicated.... but relates to 922r.
  13. Hello....where on the RWC site is the manual?
  14. I could have predicted that's what the manufacturer would say....to use a larger filet radius. You ask what that means. Think of it this way. You are taking an "L" shaped or "T" shaped piece and you are torqueing it....causing *tremendous* stress on the inside or outside "corner" of the "L" or "T". That's why most home basement windows end-up with wall cracks at the bottom/corner of the window cut-out in the concrete wall. That's why you should drill a hole at the end of a window crack to keep it from growing....that's why airplane windows have gently rounded corners instead of sharp corners of their rectangular windows...and is also the reason boats use portholes ( totally round !), instead of square-corners. Doing a larger radius brings the stresses WAY down. That should have been seen in the development phase of the product.....not having customers become their R&D department. That said, they did you right to try to make right....but it shouldn't go down that way.
  15. Look at my post #7..... easy peesy.......
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