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  1. I'm referring to the factory choke manufactured by Izmash known as the 1/2 choke or mod choke would be the equivilant manufactured by CSS. The gun runs low brass as normal on the #2 setting with the exception of two brands of Federal low brass that will run on the #1 setting without the choke. My concern is the back pressure the choke produces running both high and low brass because the gun runs low brass on the #1 setting with the choke. Is this normal and is it safe to run high brass with the choke? I know, it's confusing and I'm racking my brain as well.
  2. You're probably right IndyArms, I know I'm splitting hairs, but I want to run high brass as well as low brass without beating the gun to death. This gun was in limbo for about three years now and I'm just getting back to finishing it up with a series of function tests to see what it will and will not run. So far it's looking good, but I want to get some feed back from some of the guys on this site who have experience running the Izzi 1/2 choke on both settings with high and low brass. I guess my question is, is it normal for the gun to run low brass on the #1 setting with the choke, and will
  3. I have a question concerning the back pressure produced by the factory Saiga12 1/2 choke. I have an SBS Saiga12 with a 14.5" barrel with four ports at .078 to .079 and it runs both high and low brass without choke on the number 2 setting. My question, is it normal to run low brass with the choke on the number 1 setting? It runs most low brass on the number 2 setting without the choke and it will run at least two brands of Federal on the number 1 setting without the choke. I don't believe the gun is anywhere near getting too much gas, but I like to run high brass as well as low brass and I woul
  4. I'm looking for some info concerning the amount of back pressure produced by the factory 1/2 choke on the Saiga 12. I have an SBS Saiga 12 with a 14.5 barrel with four gas ports at .078 to .079 and I can run low brass on the #1 setting with the choke. is this normal? I can run a number of brands of low brass without the choke on the #2 setting and two brands of low brass Federal without the choke on the #1 setting. Does anyone have any experience with this particular choke on an SBS Saiga12? I like to run high brass as well as low brass. I don't believe I'm anywhere close to getting too much
  5. I have three S-12's that I cut the barrel to 16" and only one of them did not require the gas ports to be modified or enlarged. One of them was a three port gun and after a series of torture tests, I decided to add a fourth port at .073 to match the other three at .073. The second S-12 was a four port gun with all four ports at the factory .063 wich I opened up to .076. And my third S-12 has four factory ports at .063 and it runs everything including low brass on the #1 gas setting. Go figure!
  6. If the barrel was that long, I would think you would have to open up the gas ports now that the barrel is as short as it is. Have you test fired it yet?
  7. Was the barrel originally 16.9"? Also, what were factory size gas ports, and was it a three port or four port?
  8. I wish I could but I don't know how to post pics on this site. I tried a while back with no luck. I'm still in the stoneage with these damned computers and electrical gadgets.
  9. I'm sure that I'm the only one who's ever experienced this problem with a Saiga-12 but here it is. I am getting a round feeding half way into the chamber before the bolt face makes contact with it. It appears as though the round at the top of the mag is feeding itself into the chamber as the bolt is travleing backwards, and the bolt face is catching the very top of the next round in the magazine as it travels forward. I have to say that this is a fu*ked up situation that I've never seen in any single feed mag, but it only happens with my AGP magazines. Give brothers, Give!
  10. Macaholic runs the old towm with the Colt 9mm.
  11. This is the old town stage. Richard runs the UZI. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fETvx7vxBJM Nick runs a Colt 9mm SMG. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0Sh2Cdo118
  12. Britt runs an AR-15 9mm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GRvcXsBYL8
  13. Here are some videos of the Malabar subgun match July 1,2012. Richard runs an UZI SMG. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83MATN0TkE Macaholic runs a Colt 9mm SMG.
  14. Yeah, I like the Factory guns I see on the Izhmash website and try to stick to that same look with my own S-12's. Buy the way Bob, I may want to do the thread and step down on the barrel of this gun. Do you offer this service and if so, how much is it and how long do I have to wait? You can PM me if you like. Thanks.
  15. I run this particular gun and another S-12K in our three-gun and subgun/shotgun matches here in Florida
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