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  1. if you look at the magazine itself, where the latch of the gun is supposed to engage it.... you take a fine file, and ONE SWIPE AT A TIME take a swipe from the back edge of the built out nub, then one swipe from the underside of the built out nub where the magazine release lever rests. like was said one at a time until it just barely fits and locks in. this is normal. take your time it will lock in nice and tight. edit to add - i threw my factory lynx magazine out. it caused many FTfeed issues due to poor tolerances on the metal feed lips.... i was also the factor
  2. more cheap guns on the front proch with beer
  3. Bvamp


    cheap guns outside
  4. earth day.....you mean more like SMURF day.... what a mess
  5. Bvamp

    magazines ?

    look at you still telling them!!!! way to go csspecs! look me up man, lets go for a round or two at the range!!!
  6. giving a shout out to the original and new members!!! HOWDY!!! stay safe

  7. when you get your gun, with the factory mag, try to physically wrench it in place by hand. some AKM types the rivets and pins that go through the gun are set slightly off, and will make a difficult magazine lockup happen, which will go away over time. dont modify anything until you muscle the mag into place a few times... if it wont muscle in place then do the above suggested maintenance. i had this problem with my last scratch build, and it was similar to a few saiga12 issues i saw over the years, and manhandling the mag into place actually fixed it without modification to the latch tab/mag r
  8. Bvamp


    its not bad, nothing like the beast. the original mags were the hard part. the only parts that arent new or unissued are the grips! nodak65 receiver, new production barrel, everything newly park'd, rare FEG mags UNISSUED (thanks for the heads up Mark). holds a good group at 50yds, not uncomfortable to shoot like the FA 12g was. after oil bath of a week, still has not tried to rust in florida salt and humidity air after 4? months? ish? very tight fit, only wobble is in the gas tube, may source a crush spring to fix that annoyance. other than that , really the only thing missing is its own case.
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    when the heck can i come over
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