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  1. Ive been away for a bit and I come back and see these are available for purchase. I really want a few so leavd some feedback friends so I can order a few lol thax
  2. Looking for 2 variations of the type 63 star magazine .I have the rarest one with the cutouts I need the regular one and the all stamp one I will pay accordingly or have other rare mags I cld possibly trade if interested thax for looking
  3. Must be nice our Walmarts around here dont carry any bulk ammo
  4. No they wont work in my experience I guess anything may work if you mess with them but I would just sell them if you got them cheap bc they go for a pretty penny. Then you can just buy a bunch of the correct ones
  5. Cool thax for the info everyone who knows what the laws will be and how they are interpreted I figured id just get it done so there was no question about it at all.
  6. Our new laws go in effect and no one really knows the rules on building a parts kit from a flat. So I wanted to get it bent at least but who the hell knows what the bs laws will mean
  7. I will drive few hours which means you also can live in pa , va, wv, just let me know if anyone is in my vicinity that could help with tooling on my ak flats before oct 1. I will bring beer or whatever pm me thax Darin
  8. Anyone located relatively close to Hagerstown md that could help me with tooling my ak flats before oct 1. I will bring beer or whatever helps pm me thax Darin
  9. Its all a myth the only thing that wears out a spring in a mag and a drum is loading and unloading them
  10. Go check it out if you can for some other markings like anything in front of the serial num on the front trunnion and any importer markings in front of magwell or on the side of the receiver and get back to us
  11. I mean its probably a good deal but theres alot of Chinese aks so a little more info would help determine a better overall value
  12. I have few of them aks so I know where it is at, you can just c the outline of it. It is where the sn is on the front trunnion
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