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  1. Uuuuummmmm............I think we might have a bit of a problem, (please don't tell anyone I said this) but she doesn't look like a princess anymore
  2. Pure art Jim, very nice Oh yeah...screw the neysayers
  3. That's some scary shit Darth, given that nobody has the balls to charge these pricks with treason its not beyond the realm of possibilities, the constitution applies only to law abiding gubmit officials.
  4. I actually do a pretty good voice-over for chewy, my wife just rolls her eyes and shakes her head She has never seen any of the Starwars movies, she had no idea what that sound was, she still has no reference for it, just thinks I'm a tard I can impersonate Yoda pretty fair. I cracked up a movie theater with it one time. I didn't realize I was going to be that loud.... When things get really frantic at work I'll stand in the middle of the production floor and do the chewy, its always good for laugh when everybody needs one.
  5. I guess some folks memories are the same length as their hotdog.........
  6. I don't think they give 2-shits about history, I truly believe that it is all a larger conspiracy to overthrow our republic and install a communist regime. I truly believe it is just that simple, how they accomplish that is a longer story. The founders of our republic knew it would be nearly impossible for us to hold on to it, well if things keep on the track they are it won't be much longer
  7. Those of us whom have been around for a while are very familiar with the signs, tracks, and smells of trolls, especially of one in particular who comes around and creates multiple accounts, pisses people off, melts down, gets banned.....repeat cycle Aint that right SS?
  8. A glimmer of hope in the midst of pure hopelessness http://news.yahoo.com/portlands-ferguson-protest-boy-hugs-officer-174417767.html
  9. I cut that shit loose from my house about 10 years ago, took the fuken cable and wrapped it around the pole it was attached to, then took all of their gear to the local office and dumped it all on the counter, told them to lick my ass on the way out the door.
  10. All of the above is the reason that "WE" need to stay on their asses, report them every time they do it.
  11. I'm betting it would much cheaper to have someone weld a bead on it..........
  12. CNN Investigates Michael Brown Autopsy Assistant Now, After Months Of Using Him As An Expert http://news.yahoo.com/cnn-investigates-michael-brown-autopsy-assistant-now-months-152339045.html An assistant medical examiner who helped perform a private autopsy on Michael Brown and whose medical credentials were called into question by CNN this week wonders why the network is only now bringing accusations against him to light. “Why are you guys bringing this old stuff up, but yet you guys used me on your program several times?” Shawn Parcells, the Kansas-based assistant examiner, said of C
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