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  1. Well all those people who are stealing money from the poor by working for a living have to be punished. And those evil working people should have to provide healthcare for all who those who sneak into the country forgetting their documents. How can the democrats provide for all those who wont work or dont work, if healthcare is affordable to the people who DO work????? sheesh
  2. And all that crime is committed by who? I going out on a limb suspecting that its not young white conservatives doing it
  3. She wanted to assassinate him with a drone strike I suspect he has the goods, but fears the clinton killing machine more than he fears our government
  4. As a youngster I had to improvise, had to compromise . I rebuilt my own starters, generators and alternators with files and drills pretending to do the job of a lathe. But over the years I have acquired about every tool known to man, hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. Now I can make anything that I can imagine... But it all starts with humble beginnings, and a desire to find a way to get the job done.
  5. these people, and I use that term loosely, have her back http://www.truthrevolt.org/commentary/vadum-black-racism-goes-mainstream
  6. Well so much for expecting a civil answer to a civil question. Glad I declined going out there when you invited
  7. shooting the fish is cool and looks like a nice dive
  8. a suppressor drawing with a rifle cartridge exiting the bore no doubt drawn and explained by a true expert
  9. 4 4 rnd tube mags manually indexed I will stick to one 20 rnd mag with NO indexing The FDE does look cool
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