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  1. pedal2alloy

    Lynx12 Mag wobble

    You could replace the mag release lever easily enough. It would be easier than trying to get warranty service out of them
  2. pedal2alloy

    Lynx12 Mag wobble

    It looks a little loose, but it might be the mag more than the gun. So I would try it out and it might work fine. Also, get a few more mags (which I'm very sure you will do anyway) and see if they fit better
  3. pedal2alloy

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    Seems like you could cut a slot in it with a dremel and use a screwdriver
  4. pedal2alloy

    Saiga Unlimited

    It does seem a little far-fetched, but for the moment let's assume that what you are saying is true. If that is the case, then yes S12 fans would be very interested. The 2 parts that are suspect are the $100 price and the "no modifications necessary"
  5. It looks like a pretty sweet gun
  6. Also, is that 19 round mag made from 2 - 10 round put together?
  7. https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/vrbp100-semi-auto-bullpup-rock-island-armory/
  8. pedal2alloy

    Mag catch retaining pin fell out

    That pin is supposed to be retained simply by having a tight fit. So sometimes there are loose tolerances in the manufacturing and you will have a loose fit. Especially if your gun is a Catamount Fury which it might be? You want to increase the tightness of the fit. If it is a roll pin (looks like a rolled up piece of sheet metal) you can expand that slightly with a center punch on 1 end, (the end that goes in last) Also, pins should be hammered in left-to-right and removed right-to-left. This is assuming that the gun was manufactured with the normal conventions where friction-fit pins have the holes on the right side slightly smaller. (This is assuming a lot considering where these come from) (and you know what happens when you assume - - - you turn into a complete asshole). If the gun was built this way, it is possible that somebody hammered the pin out left to right and enlarged the hole, losing the tight fit. If it is a solid pin, you can peen the inside of the right side hole of the gun with a punch to close it sightly and give it some tightness. You basically want to take the properly sized pin punch, and go thru the left side hole but then have it sit halfway onto the ledge of the right side hole and peen it around to reduce the hole opening a little bit. Like any type of hammering on your gun, you want it solidly on a bench block that gives support exactly where the pin hole is
  9. pedal2alloy

    Seiga 12 major issues

    It probably has some surfaces filed down on one or more parts of the fire control group. Some guys try too hard to modify everything and just muck it up. So it would be cheap and easy to change out those with new parts and then test it for function. But not with live ammo
  10. pedal2alloy


    The problem was that there was no standardization, so nobody wanted to modify their gun with some proprietary thing if it wasn't going to end up being the standard. The official factory one was on the Russian Spetnaz 030 gun, but those parts were not available and still very hard to come by. Also, it's designed to work with the magwell and not everybody wants to convert to the magwell and modify their mags. It also requires a different ejector block or a modification to the existing one So people would do it if it was a "drop-in" modification, but it is a complicated and involved modification
  11. pedal2alloy

    Saiga 12 police, size and material gas puck ?

    Also, there are several other after-market pucks available, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Does your shotgun have the adjustable gas plug in front or the fixed gas block with the integral front sight?
  12. pedal2alloy

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    Cool. Who would have thought that the Chinese would produce a knockoff that is better than the original
  13. pedal2alloy

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    It's like the meeting of Smith and Wesson
  14. pedal2alloy

    Genesis Arms Gen 12

  15. pedal2alloy

    My old S12 got some upgrades

    Super cool. I'm happy to see that you got rid of the side scope plate, those are lame