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  1. pedal2alloy


    Some people have said he is legit, and some have had problems. Also, stuff from russia can take months to get. So you just have to wait and hope. Also, you will have no recourse if there is a problem. That's why it is always better to pay with a credit card
  2. The effectiveness will depend more on the ammo than the barrel length. So for maneuverability, I would cut it to 18" exactly, measured from the closed bolt face, and try some different ammo for patterning
  3. Short is better for interior work, go ahead and cut it down to exactly 18" You won't need a 4th port, you can enlarge the 3 ports, and it only needs to be a very slight amount
  4. It's not bashing if it's true and high quality work is expensive, so
  5. Or gamble on the election, if a democrat is elected, there will be a buying frenzy
  6. Hello I don't think you will find a replacement barrel. There are almost no replacement parts on the market
  7. The fair starting price is $1,600
  8. The double hook trigger in an S12 in general will need some modification for clearance. If there is additional clearance issues with the right side latch, you will find out when you put it together, and it will just be a matter of making the appropriate cuts to relieve that. If you search around on here, you will find some interesting ways to grind the 2nd hook to act as a trigger overtravel stop, which is pretty cool. Maybe GunFun did a tutorial on it
  9. Pretty darn sweet
  10. You could get a 12ga snap cap. One manufacturer is called A-zoom
  11. This is the right amount of wobble:
  12. You should mention which version of the S12 you have, or post a picture of that The people on here don't like to answer questions that you can solve by searching. They are knowledgeable and nice, but a little cranky The angled grooves on that puck go towards the rear. You can experiment using that vs your stock puck The MD 20 is considered the best drum, but the ProMag 12 round is serviceable Search "top round deformation" for all of the info on that I like the DPH adjustable gas plug Last round bolt hold open is not a feature on these guns except for a few special edition ones. But search "LRBHO" and you will find a lot of info
  13. You could replace the mag release lever easily enough. It would be easier than trying to get warranty service out of them
  14. It looks a little loose, but it might be the mag more than the gun. So I would try it out and it might work fine. Also, get a few more mags (which I'm very sure you will do anyway) and see if they fit better
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