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  1. pedal2alloy

    Saiga 12 police, size and material gas puck ?

    Also, there are several other after-market pucks available, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Does your shotgun have the adjustable gas plug in front or the fixed gas block with the integral front sight?
  2. pedal2alloy

    Lynx 12 Mods Saiga 12 true clone

    Cool. Who would have thought that the Chinese would produce a knockoff that is better than the original
  3. pedal2alloy

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    It's like the meeting of Smith and Wesson
  4. pedal2alloy

    Genesis Arms Gen 12

  5. pedal2alloy

    My old S12 got some upgrades

    Super cool. I'm happy to see that you got rid of the side scope plate, those are lame
  6. pedal2alloy

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    Doh, that's right. So halfway down is enough for the trigger to clear, or do you have to relieve some material to ensure no interference?
  7. pedal2alloy

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    That's cool, it wasn't obvious because it looks like it is just partially down. Is there enough engagement surface without it all the way down? ("mostly safe" as opposed to "safe")
  8. pedal2alloy

    Price Check?

    I'm guessing around $2,000
  9. pedal2alloy

    Price Check?

    It was OWS, and I checked again and it was the sporterized for around $700. Then they had some original AK configuration for around $1,200. It was a few months ago and they all sold out. I don't know what the quantities were
  10. pedal2alloy

    Price Check?

    One of the bigger companies had some advertised for around $650. If you can get one in good condition for under 500 I think it is a good deal
  11. Hey Veprz don't worry, we got the sarcasm right away
  12. pedal2alloy

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    I would go ahead and get the mount you want and see how it fits. I don't doubt that people have had to do some shimming or other modification to make everything line up, because the AK family of firearms doesn't have a high level of standardization. But see if you get lucky or can mod the mount before you have to resort to drilling out the rivets on your gun
  13. pedal2alloy

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    HB was thinking that the Tromix guns had them removed with the holes welded in, most of them probably did. Yours still has the side rail which is rare, I'm assuming for a Tromix gun. With that, you would be all set with any version of a side rail mount This is better tho, for a red dot
  14. pedal2alloy

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Post a picture of where the rear sight usually is, and I'll tell you how to mount a section of picatinny rail on there
  15. pedal2alloy

    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    Here is the Russian one with a scope on it Cool !!