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  1. Yeah, I part of the mag release will be behind the sight lever lock, but it is the thin part so it should work
  2. If your are saying that the mag inserts all the way and seats properly, you can stop. But more likely that you will have to continue hogging out until you match the interior boundaries of the magwell
  3. You do have to hog it out to the full interior boundaries of the magwell. It is scary, but people have done it and it works If you look around on here, there are examples of people who have done it
  4. You have to start with the retainers that you can buy for AK handguards and then severely modify them with dremmeling and cutting, fabricate mounting clips or tabs etc, then do TIG welding, detail grinding and finishing. If you look around on here, you find examples of guns that people have done. You could also contact a guy named Dinzag, he has manufactured some of the parts. At one time, he had a bolt-on kit. It's actually not hard, it is just a lot of detail work, like building a model airplane or something
  5. Thanks bro. So TIG welding is strong enough in this application?
  6. Somebody with this type of barrel hood, can you please measure this dimension?
  7. I don't think the magwell will interfere with a folding stock. The SGM magwell will work better with some mags over others, you would have to search on here for what others have tried that worked. Most mags can be modified to work in the magwell. Also, the magwell mags like the VEPR12 will work, although anything you do will require some fitting
  8. There is a gas puck in there, it is like an intermediate gas piston to cycle the bolt. A regular AK doesn't have that. So it could be that had been stuck before with dried grease and you just loosened it up. Why not just take off the gas plug and pull out the puck and see if that was it.
  9. You will first grind off the rivets holding your old trunnion in, and if the new underfolder trunnion is designed to fit that gun, they should have holes lined up with your receiver holes. If they don't, you would drill new holes in your trunnion to line up with your receiver holes. Don't drill new holes in your receiver
  10. These guns should always be restored to their original AK design. The "sporter" importation configuration is goofy and an embarrassment, and nobody wants that. It's also easy to do and parts are available, so there is nothing to stop you
  11. The shroud is cosmetic, so maybe just forget it? Put a brake or flash hider on instead
  12. It is amazing that those parts hold up but the geometry of that is different and the forces have more dampening. With the magazine, the geometry of it relative to the recoil and the shockwave having no dampening, it puts the material is at a big disadvantage
  13. Not 12 gauge. Also, that mag broke after that video
  14. I'm really sure it will break on the first try. That is, a full magazine (heavy) and the recoil shock will tear the top off. Too high of leverage forces
  15. I would terminate the idea with extreme prejudice. That magazine won't last 10 seconds
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