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  1. I like this guy. http://www.allenbwest.com/allen/president-obama-before-you-make-your-gun-announcement-today-you-better-read-this
  2. I'd like to thank all of those for having fixed our misconceptions of mental illness -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaE47dP3g04 Be happy and love the left!
  3. Have to go to the SE side often for work. The 5906 is usually with me. Fuck Chicago. However, this looks like a fun tool. https://www.tigerlady.com/ We'll keep the PC name for the anti-violent "folks" but, this thing could make a scar no prison tattoo could cover.
  4. From the conversions I've done it's just the stop.
  5. Single shot 12 gauge my grand uncle left to me when I was 5. He loved going to the Dakotas every year for birds with it. My dad said it was stolen but I think he hocked it for cash.
  6. The Cure is Killing an Arab. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpdB0FKsQzc&feature=player_detailpage I feel warm and fuzzy hearing this.
  7. Happy birfday Rasta! Next year this time we should be in Bataan. I'll buy you a beer or five if I can sneak away from the family.
  8. My father-in-law was there in Bataan as a boy. He saw the whole thing from the surrender to the staging of the march. I think the surrender was negotiated at his school. He doesn't like talking much about the Japanese occupation; sometimes he opens up about what it was like and what he saw.
  9. Just taking orders from the piece of shit governor that has his nose up Obama's well used ass.
  10. Neither keeps perfect time. However, it is best to wear a watch that does not require a battery.
  11. I thought up a few clever answers - one of which involved cunnilingus with a "menstruating" muslim whore with muscular aches and fever in an Ebola quarantine zone claiming perfect health. However, I must concede that the only thing I do trust about her is the fact that she is absolutely honest in her ability to never be honest with anything other than her need for power and money. I just wish we could send her to visit that damned muslim whore in quarantine.
  12. That is bas ass! I need to start playing with mine again. Unfortunately, I have more ideas than cash right now. Kids are expensive. Let us know how she shoots. Bet you can't wait to try her out.
  13. Thanks! This will be my go to response from now on. Honesty is, after all, the best policy.
  14. Very true. Household bleach, salt substitute and vaseline could be defined as the precursors to a bomb. 1/4" galvanized pipe as the materials used to fabricate an improvised firearm. The list goes on and on.
  15. We're friends with the kids' Dr. I talked to her once about the questions she was asking and she said she found them too intrusive but, was required to ask. Yes. the answers do go into a database, should one inquire. She also was diligent enough to introduce me to the best child psychologist in our area, who is cash only, to avoid any potential issues with the peeping toms if we needed to do so. So, should you trust your doctor? No, not unless you know him/her on a personal level -- and perhaps, shoot with him/her from time to time. I enjoy shooting with doctors; they have guns I woul
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