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  1. I'm gonna have to get one of those stocks from Matt. The gun looks great man.
  2. mine does the same thing, guess i didn't put enough angle on the ports i added. it was a 24" gun i cut to 18" so i added 2 ports, after about 200 rounds i have to use a dowel to ram the puck out.
  3. i bought one of your 24" guns and it had the rail
  4. clean mine after every time out, i get a good bit of plastic in the block...guess i didn't put enough angle on the ports i added
  5. i've got 4 agps with no complaints
  6. did some shooting today...smooth and fast like you said, even put a buffer in and still cycled 100%
  7. figured i'd give a little update to this, took the railed forearm off and swapped back to the stock one and no more cycling problems. guess i need to clearance some more on it, might de-hotdog it as well while i'm messing with it.
  8. how it came packaged i am extremely happy with the outcome and Matt's customer service. big thumbs up for C&S
  9. here's my bolt from c&s how it came packaged
  10. my carrier group turned out awesome i got a hd op rod installed as well as a galil charger, both of which turned out perfect. Matt also media blasted my carrier and the finish was exactly what i was going for. rather than pinning and welding the op rod he used a roll pin, the welding can cause it to lose temper and become weaker. the roll pin method definitely seems superior imo. i can't say enough good things about the way Matt handles business, i recommend C&S to everybody. can't wait to get it back together and do some shooting. i'll have some pictures up tomorrow
  11. i'll post some more pictures in here whenever it gets here. but the picture you sent me looked great.
  12. A single sided drum config like that would be grossly unbalanced I would think. One thing for a rifle mag with much lighter ammo but that many rounds of shotgun on one side would be way out of balance but who knows. probably so, but i just saw it as a way around the magwell...but i don't think there's that much weight difference between 90 rounds of 5.56 and 20 rounds 12 gauge
  13. there was a problem with photobucket earlier everything looks awesome, ready to get it back!!!
  14. could this design be a way around the magwell depth issue? http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=23282/Product/AR_15_M16_90_ROUNDER_reg__MAGAZINE still early in the game but worth looking into
  15. Matt just called me and assured me things were going to be done very soon, excellent customer service. He is also a firefighter and was deployed for the tornado which is why he hasn't been online or in the shop. That combined with the sick raccoon just put him behind, so if anybody was having any concerns that's what has been going on.
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