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  1. Not to hijack the rail thread, but the finish is duracoat. I got a lot of different colors. SO I used Flat Dark Earth as a base. Then I cured it in the heat oven. Then with a sponge I did a layer of olive drab, some sort of brown, ACU Gray and a mix of ACU gray and Olive. You got to do all of this at the same time so that the paint does not dry. Once you do all the colors you can take a clean sponge and blend in (blur up) the outlines a little. I oven cured it afterwards again. Since I hardened this finish with heat it should last for years to come. As far as rail goes.. Man it was a bitch t
  2. Your welcome Your welcome, hey your photos didn't come through. Nice upgrade!
  3. Slimlined the rail a little. Now All I got to do is mill down the bottom rail smooth. And she will be all set for a field. Thanks Chaos.
  4. I need to raise some money quick so I am offering these rifles for sale: Romanian PSL 7.62x54r Custom Ironwood Designs walnut furniture Shortened barrel (18") with removable muzzle brake (suppressor look a like) Please note this is not a suppressor, but rather a solid aluminum muzzle brake that looks like one. Comes with 5 10rd magazines, a magazine pouch and a sling. Asking $825 (firm) The scope is not included. I can include the scope in the package for an additional $175 (POSP 8x42 D PRO Rifle Scope w/ Independent Focus and US Mil-Dot Rangefinder, SVD Version) (Scope comes with all
  5. So where is mikeD? When are we going to see these? Im ready to order half a dozen of them.
  6. He got banned from that website. It doesn't really help me but at least he can't screw someone else over there. I'm planning on rebuilding the whole thing. CNC Warrior is out of the fixed Yugo receivers right now, so I am waiting for them to get those in stock before I start. I already got the new bolt, just need the new receiver.
  7. Put some different furniture on it. Which one do you like better? By the way, I got more things to do to this rifle but I am waiting for the parts to show up, before I duracoat it.
  8. went out after work and shot 1x45rd mag and 3x30 rd mags. I was not really aiming in one spot but rather trying to hit a target at 100yds. Here is my target: NO KEYHOLES and I tried 3 types of ammo, Surplus, Silver bear and wolf HP.
  9. Ordered online, and had is shipped to a local dealer
  10. Its a polish Tantal! I was always skeptical about these based on the online reviews.. However, after jumping the fence and ordering one, I have to say, it is a sweet rifle.... Plus it cost me as much as a stock Saiga 5.45 I have not shot it yet, but I have huge plans for it. I do not want to disclose any details yet. However stay tuned. By the way, this rifle is considered a PISTOL in Michigan so I can use it for my CCW
  11. Cameron, sweet rail! Are those sides removable? If so way to go! By the way I second what Vermontmadman said, how about an extended upper that you can pin though the rear sight block. (Remove the rear sight and use the hole to pin a rail) That will add a secondary securement point and give a sweet extended rail over an AK. All you need is about 3"-4" past the RSB
  12. Well, according to that BATFE comment one could easily add a Foregrip to that side rail on the receiver and make it unsporting...
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