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  1. Fine Swine is actually facing a credible primary challenge this year because she isn't far enough to the left for her base. Oh please oh please Di-Fi don't include AW ban in the bill. Don't include total disarming all of America. That won't poison the well. I say encourage Di-Fi to work with Toomy and Manchin and reach for the stars. wright up a bill that completely eliminates the second A. Go on and poison that well bitch, then pump that shit right into the swamp and let them all choke on it.
  2. It looks great! I'd be scared to set it down in the woods to take a piss and not be able to find it again.
  3. I used to think bumpsiocks and drumsticks were interchangeable. As it turns out, you have to be very familiar with the anatomy of a chicken to know if it's a left or right drumstick.
  4. Different pain that pain med surprisingly don't work for. That's usually when you realize just how religious you are. Please, God... Look at the non-Viagra wood I'm (usually?) sporting after a good constipated poop passes through though. Dude you are so wrong on so many levels! Is there anything that doesn't give you a boner?
  5. Fulfilled my duty this morning. In and out in under an hour this time.
  6. Either way it's heartwarming to see these animals eat their own.
  7. <<<< Good question. Hate to answer a question with a question but here ya go. How many are there?
  8. Rock River Arms. Springfield Armory Inc. Very disappointing to see this from any gun industry related company, much more so from an American icon like Springfield.
  9. We've Been sending dollars to my in laws there for years. It doesn't really do any good now, there's just nothing to buy no matter what the currency. Brother in law made it out with his little boy last week, his wife 28 years old died a few months ago because she couldn't get basic medical treatment. Would have been a day surgery here, there it was a fatal condition. Wife's mother and two sisters with kids still stuck smack in the middle of that shit. Now the Fat little dick-tater wannabe is offering 1.5 million free AKs for his loyalists. That should end well. What a fuckin
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