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  1. Here we are back at the fucktard bumpstocks. Its the same old shill game of "divide and conquer " Some idiots dont realize you dont tear down one institution protecting our rights to prop up your pet group. I use the term idiots because the master who invented useful idiots coined the phrase. ALL of them together are more effective!!! bitching about any one of them just hurts us all !! TEN years I only read this forum before ever joining or posting. Every day the same old few remind me why BH
  2. So hack....you hate the "serve and protect group" as well? BH
  3. Well...I will stick with the NRA, just upped to a life member.... Show me any of the other orgs that have things like camp perry or NRA whittington center. or sponsor all the shooting venues NRA does. Or who has had a presence in Washington for as long. PS FUCK BUMPSTOCKS If you want a machine gun....go fucking buy one...oh dont live in a state that allows them....Too fucking bad. Cant afford one ...too fucking bad BH with attitude toward whiners
  4. People who bash the NRA are generally ignorant of all the programs, training and mechanisms they employ to foster shooting sports and defend our rights. I dont see where they have ever "sold us out" BH
  5. The NRA IS the most effective institution we have protecting our rights!! BH
  6. Im sick of all those weasel fuck little beta males bitching like they have a period. Wish someone would just slap them. BH
  7. I spent a little time with the man on several occasions. He was an outstanding individual !!! If you did not serve, dont bitch about something you dont understand. BH
  8. There are a bunch of pics out there of eaten people.....I would hesitate to post them The salmon is a good stand in BH
  9. People who make poor firearms choices in Alaska. Can easily become bear poop. BH https://i2.wp.com/wildernessarena.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/image525.png inadequacy armed hiker BH
  10. My post was not meant to be crabby or nasty, but i can see how it could be seen as such, sorry I am a very stoic just the facts guy. And I shoot LOTS just for the fun of it, and I loan a lot of equipment out for others to have fun with. So I dont see guns just for "serious purposes " BH
  11. I dont possess any firearms or accessories in order to make anyone's eyes go big. I also dont post pictures of firearms in an attempt to impress people. Firearms are not some sort of status symbol or a measure of machismo. simple tools for a variety of applications. BH
  12. The little hoggtard is now bitching about voter ID and how it disenfranchises people of color. Tow the radical liberal line.....its totally orchestrated AstroTurf from the left. I AM SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!! BH
  13. Idiots and students have long been used to overthrow governments in the past. The lefts new constituency of tide pod eaters beg to give away the constitution. Disgusting little punks with no clue they are being used to destroy our nation. BH
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