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  1. Some people catch drums out of the water and eat them.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was wanting to mount some type of optic.
  3. I do have a 12 rd stick and 5 rd factory mag that came with it. I just bought the gun not long ago for what I thought was a decent price. Just getting into the fun of the Saiga 12. Don’t see to many people on here talking much. Seems like a lot of the post are old. I think I will get one more drum while I can get the MDArms model.
  4. I only have one MDArms 20rd and Promag 12 rd. I was wondering if I should snatch up one more MDArms drum While I can still get it or is Promag ok since they will be around longer.
  5. For my Saiga 12 I just bought. It’s been converted with everything. It has a UTG Pro MTU 002 rail system, but missing the top short and long rails and screws. I figure the past owner wanted to use the iron sites. He did not know where they are. Anyone know if I can purchase these anywhere?
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