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  1. Photoguy

    Rotary Barrel Systems: Yay or Nay?

    That’s interesting. I had no idea Mexico had one. I was curious as to any real advantages...I’d like to believe that if there really WAS an advantage of a rotary barrel, EVERYONE would have at least one in their lineups. I heard just the other day when talking with a coworker on this subject that if there is a jam, you need to take it to a gunsmith in order to free up the mechanism. This true, you think?
  2. Been reading up on the G46, and was fascinated by the inclusion of the rotary barrel system. Obviously, by my opening statement, I have never seen one of these in a semi-auto before, and it is said to have possible accuracy and felt-recoil improvements over the standard tilt-barrel design. My question to the forum: Who has owned/shot a semi-auto with a rotary barrel and have you experienced any of the potential improvements I mentioned?
  3. Hmm. Favorite pistol would be a EDIT: three-way tie between my CZ-75B, my PMR-30 and Taurus Judge 6 1/2”. Favorite rifle would be the AK-47 for the punch, but an AR is nice. Favorite shotgun would be my Saiga-12, followed by my M87.
  4. Photoguy

    A new addition to the family

    A shot of my daughter having some fun.
  5. Photoguy

    A new addition to the family

    Okay, so the material in question is just flashing and should not be in any way harmful to the operation of the firearm, according to Kel Tec. However, they did replace the slide and the magazine I had sent in with the PMR. The magazines had been upgraded, but I was unable to get an answer as to why the slide had been replaced. The front sight had been affixed off to the right, but I readjusted that. Other than that, I have had only a couple of issues: one with a misfeed that saw the head of a hollow point catch on the bottom of the feed ramp, and an outright failure to feed from the magazine. I'm unable to say if these came on the old/bad(?) magazine, since my oldest daughter wanted to go shooting with me, so I was distracted by Dad Pride to keep 100% track of things, so I'll have to go again with this in mind. The horror, right? All ammo shot reliably, save for one round that misfired. The Gold Dots seemed to have the most potent discharge, which was odd to me, as I was also firing 50gr. Game Shoks. I was expecting somewhat of a bigger feel from the hunting loads as opposed to the lighter defensive round. Not sure why. But yeah. I'm not sure why they simply didn't tell me about the flashing at the onset, but I guess I made the right call in sending it in as I got some new--and free!--parts.
  6. I was going to say something, but Chile took it away with this. Have a good time of it.
  7. Been here since the 2000's, though I can't remember when, exactly. Had a different account then.
  8. Photoguy

    A new addition to the family

    Indeed it will, as I plan to do that very thing.
  9. Photoguy

    A new addition to the family

    So I did what was suggested and checked out the piece for burrs and flashing. I found the former on the feedramp(pictured), but quickly noticed something off on the front portion of the ramp block. It appears that the polymer around the slide stop spring is damaged(right side of the picture). A dental pick revealed that the material there is pliable. I'm concerned that this piece is compromised, which is a disappointment due to the low number of rounds put through it(Approximately 150 rounds, split between CCI Maxi-Mags and Speer Gold Dots. An email to Kel Tec brought only a confused response to the picture, but they offered to check it out if I sent it in. What do you fellas think?
  10. Photoguy

    A new addition to the family

    Fluff and buff? Can you elaborate for this chucklehead?
  11. I liked Gowdy wiping that smirk of his face during that, though
  12. Photoguy

    Carry Belt

    Well, I decided to try one of 5.11's Operator belts. Feels good; doesn't flex much, if at all. I'll give it a go for a while and see where it takes me.
  13. Photoguy

    Carry Belt

    I did on occasion. I want to be able to when the opportunity arises.
  14. Photoguy

    Carry Belt

    Let's say I did, Jugs. Which would you recommend? I want to be able to carry my Judge comfortably and without any sag or play in the material of the Belt, as a benchmark. Which would you go for?