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  1. Yeah ... I was thinking it might be a collector's item now ever since the import ban. My thinking (and I hope this is sort of right) was to get rifle with AK reliability & toughness, but with the better accuracy of a .223 or 5.56 cartridge. As far as I know the 7.62x39 round is less accurate. However, I still wouldn't want to get hit by one. Given my Saiga's possible collector's value, I'm glad I've only taken it to the range about three times and never rapid fired it like I'm a Rambo wannabe. I did, however, buy it knowing it'd be a good battle rifle if stuff ever does get rea
  2. Thanks Jerry52. I'm afraid of screwing up something if I go tinkering with it. I'm coming from the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" side of things.
  3. No. I think I'll leave it as it is.
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but what conversion are you referring to? I suppose my answer is "no" since it is stock just like when I bought it. I'm not a gunsmith.
  5. Thanks Jerry52! :-) I'm just relieved knowing I can shoot an "alternative" round in my gun instead of worrying about sticking exclusively with .223 ammo. During this weird ammo famine, it seems like 5.56 is available more than .223. So ... the versatility is nice. I remember this is a reason why I bought my Saiga years ago. I also recall thinking Tula steel-cased ammo wouldn't hurt it. I confess I need to get a sling for my Saiga. Then I'm ready. Maybe a couple more mags too. BTW, I've stuck with plain 55gr. FMJs all this time.
  6. I'd just never heard of a 155 gr. SMK match bullet. Learned something new.
  7. I just noticed the article above titled "RAAC response to shooting 5.56 in your .223 Saiga." I seem to recall seeing 5.56 mentioned in my manual too. It's been a long time.
  8. Hi Everyone: I'm probably really late asking this question, but can a Saiga .223 fire 5.56 ammo if you need to? I could swear I read somewhere a Russian Izhmash rep said it can. I don't know where. I got the impression he said stamping .223 on the barrel was a formality, that they really made it with 5.56 in mind (or something to that effect). I figured I'd check with you guys. I've always bought Federal .223 for my Saiga, but it'd be nice to know if it can fire 5.56 since that seems to be more available. Thanks.
  9. If everyone's cranking out ammo 24/7, then why am I not seeing the kinds of ammo I want? I keep seeing odd stuff on the shelves. What is available is overpriced.
  10. Hi Guys: My local Academy store has fortunately been getting Federal .308 GMM ammo with 168 gr. SMK bullets back in stock. However, I noticed another stack of boxes of Federal .308 GMM ammo loaded with 155 gr. SMK bullets. That seemed odd to me. I'm used to seeing 168 & 175 gr. SMKs being the standard two choices for Federal GMM ammo. Why would Federal offer their GMM .308 ammo with 155 gr. SMKs too? Is there a ballistic reason for this I've never known, or is Federal trying to save materials? Just wondering guys. I've never heard of 155 gr. SMKs nor have I heard of
  11. Hi Guys: It's been a long time since I've posted here with my 10/22 project rifle pics. In the meantime, it seems like our country has lost its mind. I can't help thinking the dems are trying to steal this election as if their lives depend upon it. Perhaps they do if the Durham report indicts a lot of folks. I hope it does. I can't help thinking a lot of violence & partisanship would dissipate if Obama went to prison ... or had an "accident" of some sort. He set a terrible precedent. I don't doubt he's orchestrating a lot of what's happening due to his antagonistic/rebellious/se
  12. Don't know what happened to the pictures. Sorry.
  13. Hi Folks: Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my completed .22LR project rifle. Yes! I actually got a rifle built. It's motivation for my .308 project. Components are: 1) Boyd's 10/22 "Tacticool" stock 2) Green Mountain .920" diameter, 20" long heavy barrel 3) Tactical Innovations (?) ... not Tactical Solutions ... semi-auto "Elite 22" 10/22 receiver with integral scope rail 4) someone's tactical bolt handle (forgot who) 5) Caldwell 6" - 9" bipod 6) Forgive me for even mentioning it here on this fine forum .... a BSA 4-14x mil-mil scope. Hey ..
  14. They have their "A2" style 5.56 AR-15 with a 20" barrel back in stock (at least for now). It'd be cool to have one. But at ~ $700 ... and I already have a Saiga .223 and lots of Federal .223 ammo ....... should probably stock-up more on food & ammo .... hmmmm. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-20-classic-a2-rifle.html
  15. I've heard of this brand, but I'm not an AR expert. I'm wondering if anyone can vouch for their AR-15s and AR-10s. Thanks.
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