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  1. Re: Patriot's "Grunge are you kidding?" I should've specified bands like Heart. I think Jimmy Hendrix came from the Seattle area too. Could be wrong.
  2. My conclusion of the region is more psychological or sociological: too much rain, not enough sun, VERY low cloud ceiling most of the year. Yes ... spring and summer can be beautiful up there, but usually the weather is depressing and the suicide rates are higher up there. Having it become completely dark by 4:30PM during the fall/winter months was interesting too. I recall thinking Boeing could increase productivity, morale, workforce retention, and profits if they simply moved to a state with sunnier weather and a better tax environment. They'd have better flying conditions and a happier work force. The weather really does contribute to the culture up there in the rainy northwest. My sister was convinced I had seasonal affective disorder when I was there. One better have an indoor hobby. As an aside, seeing big cedar and fir trees bend almost 45-degrees during a wind storm was scary. But they sure have had some great bands come from up there.
  3. I've heard about Antifa going nuts again in Portland, Oregon. I know a few retired F.B.I. guys up there. They're not to be messed with. Sounds like the mayor sympathizes a lot with the extreme left. Having once lived in the Seattle area, it doesn't surprise me. I remember a T.V. news report about a skater dude kid breaking his leg while goofing around on the water fountains at Key Arena. They're on a timer. Dumb kid lost track of the timing, got thrown up into the air, and broke his leg on the way down. The gist of the report was city council was considering closing the Key Arena fountains because they're a public health hazard. Really?!!! I wonder what happened to that kid. Maybe he's one the Antifa folks now - same mentality.
  4. Yeah ... gotta get what I can afford. I have a Caldwell vise too. Ready to go.
  5. I wrote to SWFA about this too. They responded with a chart that shows 1 mil is 3.6" at 100 yards. Therefore, 1/10 mil is .36" This basically means 3 clicks will move 1". ( 3 x .36" = 1.08")
  6. Hi guys: I have an SWFA fixed 12x scope. It has 1/10 mil adjustments. I'm going to sight-in at 100 yards. My question is how many clicks are there for an inch at 100 yds. with this scope? The target has a 1" square grid pattern. Is the answer simply 10 clicks? If I'm an inch to the left of the bulls eye, do I simply click 10 times to the right? Just making sure. I don't want to waste ammo. Thanks.
  7. P.S.: I got to fire a GA Precision M-40A3 last summer. I clover-leafed for the first time with that rifle. Federal GMM .308 168 gr. rounds were fired and a 16x scope was mounted on it. Great rifle.
  8. Hi Guys: I'm "pulling the trigger" on a project I want to pursue. I want to build an M-40ish clone in .308 Winchester using McMillan's A-4 stock. I'm not aiming for an exact reproduction like G.A. Precision makes, but something more "benchrest" in nature with a bull barrel that has a target crown. I'm going to have to simply buy one component at a time as I can afford them. I will first get a plain Remington 700 SA .308 receiver. It comes with their adjustable X Mark Pro trigger which I assume is Remington's answer to Savage's AccuTrigger. My question is does this trigger really need to be replaced with a Timney trigger? I know folks love Timneys, but not having to get one will save a lot of money. Should I get a stainless steel barrel or a chrome/moly barrel? Seems like everyone like gets an SS barrel. I just want to have components with a matte black finish. Per an earlier post of mine, someone recommended keeping this "BDL" in nature. Will a BDL conversion kit from Brownell's suffice? Also, is there a certain kind of barrel lug you might recommend? I've visited Brownell's and they have a plethora of Rem 700 barrel lugs. I have no idea if one is better than a stock Remington 700 lug. Most sure cost a lot more though. How do you choose? My initial goal is to get the receiver, lug, and barrel first. I'll get the stock later and whatever bottom metal later. I assume McMillan will need to know what kind of components you have in order to properly inlet a stock. Thanks guys.
  9. Yeah ... if it isn't broken, don't fix it.
  10. Sure fires fast. Maybe Brownell's will make a repro!
  11. Well .... I'd at least like to know how to get one of these periscopes. I had no idea the Germans are still using what's essentially an MG-42. I noticed they're even changing barrels the same way. It's a great gun, but I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end of one of these. Does anyone know the caliber? Are they using 7.62 NATO? Something about this gun makes me respect German engineering.
  12. I lived near Seattle for a couple of years. Thought I was in a foreign country sometimes.
  13. Hi guys: I've learned more terminology. Per a previous post, I've been wondering about custom barrels. One specific question I have is what determines the barrel shank's length (chamber end)? I've seen some barrel profiles with it at 3". Others at 5". Does it matter? Thanks!
  14. Hello Everyone: I am aware an aerodynamic principle which used to be applied to jets to help them go supersonic. It was called the area rule and it was applied to the design of many fighters of the 1950s and 1960s. I was wondering if this was ever applied to bullet/artillery shell design or considered for such designs since, obviously, bullets go supersonic too. I suppose it's not practical in the case of bullets. Just wondering. I'm not an aerodynamicist so please pardon me if this sounds like a totally dumb question. I just thought if you were to have slightly wasp-waisted bullets that go supersonic more efficiently, then maybe you'd get more range. I'm not on drugs! Just been on the road too much this weekend.
  15. I keep buying a box of ammo whenever I can.