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  1. Hi Guys: It's been a long time since I've posted here with my 10/22 project rifle pics. In the meantime, it seems like our country has lost its mind. I can't help thinking the dems are trying to steal this election as if their lives depend upon it. Perhaps they do if the Durham report indicts a lot of folks. I hope it does. I can't help thinking a lot of violence & partisanship would dissipate if Obama went to prison ... or had an "accident" of some sort. He set a terrible precedent. I don't doubt he's orchestrating a lot of what's happening due to his antagonistic/rebellious/se
  2. Don't know what happened to the pictures. Sorry.
  3. Hi Folks: Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my completed .22LR project rifle. Yes! I actually got a rifle built. It's motivation for my .308 project. Components are: 1) Boyd's 10/22 "Tacticool" stock 2) Green Mountain .920" diameter, 20" long heavy barrel 3) Tactical Innovations (?) ... not Tactical Solutions ... semi-auto "Elite 22" 10/22 receiver with integral scope rail 4) someone's tactical bolt handle (forgot who) 5) Caldwell 6" - 9" bipod 6) Forgive me for even mentioning it here on this fine forum .... a BSA 4-14x mil-mil scope. Hey ..
  4. They have their "A2" style 5.56 AR-15 with a 20" barrel back in stock (at least for now). It'd be cool to have one. But at ~ $700 ... and I already have a Saiga .223 and lots of Federal .223 ammo ....... should probably stock-up more on food & ammo .... hmmmm. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-20-classic-a2-rifle.html
  5. I've heard of this brand, but I'm not an AR expert. I'm wondering if anyone can vouch for their AR-15s and AR-10s. Thanks.
  6. China must pay. I don't know how, but they must pay for this.
  7. Hi Everyone: It has occurred to me to submit the following in this forum. I hope it is not too personal. However, I get the impression many of you are veterans and, obviously, gun aficionados too. Something about the Covid-19 pandemic and all its domestic and geopolitical effects have made me very pensive about things lately including the following below. First, some basic background. I am proudly the son and grandson of military pilots. My Dad was a Marine pilot and my Grandfather was U.S.A.A.F. He was awarded the Silver Star for something. I don't know what, but it was in the
  8. I hope nations gather to make China pay for their recklessness, and make them "lose face" somehow. I also hope this hasn't been some sort of trial balloon, and the Chicoms will release something worse after having seen how well corona affected the world. If so, I bet their thinking is "what's a few thousand lives when we have at least a billion people?" I hope this wasn't an attempt at some sort of biological version of Pearl Harbor.
  9. I like the looks of this rifle and want a heavy barreled .22 WMR to go with my heavy barreled 10/22. I know CZ is a good brand, but I've heard nothing about the new 457 rifles. Just wondering.
  10. If you look-up that soy boy director J.J. Abrams and feminist "the force is female" producer Kathleen Kennedy ... one look at them and you'll think "well ... that figures." I think whoever chose them should be hung.
  11. I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I'm glad I only spent money on a matinee showing of it. It was a dumb film - possibly the dumbest Star Wars movie ever. I don't know what the deal is, but my overall observation is Hollywood/Disney has managed to emasculate Star Wars. I'm tired of culturally iconic stuff being hijacked by modern "girl power" p.c. crap. From a psychological point of view, even some of the scenes were symbolically anti-male in nature like with huge, long ventral cannons under Star Destroyers being attacked. It's ridiculous. I don't know ... maybe sometimes a cannon
  12. Happened to notice the other day that a box of Hornady .30 caliber 168 gr. AMAX bullets says on its label a 1:12 twist rate is suggested.
  13. Thank you again Mr. Patriot! Per the middle article from Lilja barrels, I'll stick with a 26" long barrel with a heavy varmint contour and a 1:12 twist for Sierra 168 gr. SMK bullets. I think Shilen's #7 Heavy Varmint will work with an almost 1" thick muzzle diameter (.940"). I'm going for a very good target shooting rifle which I assume will be better than a typical factory rifle. I've seen video of a Savage 10 FCP-K in .308 hitting steel at 700 yards with a 24" barrel. So ... I assume a 26" barrel will impart 1,000 yard capability should I ever have the chance to try my luck at tha
  14. Hi guys: I was wondering how barrel length is determined for a .308 rifle. I've seen several lengths. The usual seems to be 24". However, I've seen a few Savage rifles with barrels as long as 28" and 30" like their F/TR rifle. I've seen a custom rifle with only a 20" long heavy bull barrel (it's muzzle diameter was a thick 1"). I think the Marines used a 25" long barrel for their M-40s. Just wondering. I ran into an acquaintance with lots of rifle building experience who inquired about my rifle project just to see how things are coming along. I had casually mentioned I was thin
  15. With my modest means, I'm considering a fixed 16x or 20x SWFA MRAD scope with TPS rings and base. Good enough. I don't like messing with magnification settings. SWFA's are pretty easy to learn how to use. I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle. The gentleman who let me fire his GA precision M-40A3 clone had a 16x scope (or it was set to 16x) and it really helped with getting a tight group. However, I took a long time to get my natural point of aim set first before firing. I honestly was pleasantly surprised to get a clover-leafed group because I am not a competition shooter.
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