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  1. Hey Guys: I like ESEE knives, but they sure are expensive. Specifically, I like the ESEE 5 because of its thick blade. Also, it's sort of neat its handle has a bow drill hole. However, ESEE knives are $100+. Wow. One can find knives with equally thick carbon steel blades for less. Just wondering if their blades are (for whatever reason) higher quality or are you paying for the name. Thanks.
  2. Hello All: I simply want to exercise some gratitude & humility in this message by thanking all of you for your advice and answers to my questions about rifles and shooting. I'm not a gunsmith, nor am I retired military or a former operator. I'm a civilian who is thankful for this website because many of you know a lot more than I do and are OK with sharing your knowledge. I don't doubt some of my questions might have fallen into the "everybody knows that" category, but you answer anyway. I've been around guns recreationally my whole life, but have developed an appetite for the technical aspects of things only in my adult years. For what it's worth, I did attempt O.C.S. "cold turkey" once, but got injured. So I can say I'm not a draft dodger. I continue to admire those who serve or have served. Riflery offers me a connection to something martial in nature, and has engendered a respect for snipers and all who know how to do long range shooting. It's a fascinating science. So .... thank you everybody. It's a privilege to be a member of this community. Now a request for Mr. Chile Rilleno: PLEASE BUILD A RESTAURANT! Your food looks great!!! (Ok ... gotta go watch the Sniper competition show on the History channel now)
  3. Hey Guys: This is related to my prior post titled "Good rifle build?" A barrel manufacturer I'm interested in offers barrels in Chrome-Moly or Stainless Steel. The S.S. barrels are offered in match grade quality. Benchrest shooters often get stainless steel barrels from this company. The tolerance difference between the two grades/types of barrels sounds like splitting hairs to me. However, my concern is wear & tear. So ... with regards to barrel wear, which lasts longer? Chrome-Moly or Stainless Steel? Frankly, I don't shoot often. So the lower price of a Chrome-Moly barrel appeals to me. However, I do want a barrel that'll last. This will be for .30 caliber bullets and 1:10 twist. Probable muzzle velocities ranging from 2,600 - 2,700 f.p.s. for .308 Win. and .30-06 rifles. BTW, I'm referring to Shilen barrels. I simply understand their website better than the sites of some other barrel makers. I'm interested in their #7 heavy varmint and #8 heavy bull barrels. Thanks guys.
  4. Also .... will someone please clone Rosamund Pike!
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a knife like Christian Bale had in the movie "Hostiles?" That was an impressive knife. I liked it. I want one. Thanks.
  6. Netpackrat expresses my sentiments better. I understand the cost/economic arguments some posters have submitted, but my idea is meant to be a fun educational exercise. Also, they seem to assume such a gun already exists on the market. As far as I know, no mainstream manufacturer makes bull barreled .30 caliber rifles (why not?). What they call a "heavy barrel" is not nearly as thick as what I've seen on custom rifles at the gun range. A Varmint barrel is thicker than a "heavy barrel" on many factory stock rifles. I dream about building a rifle from scratch, but I figure it's smarter to begin with aftermarket components and put them together. I wouldn't do it all at once due to the total cost. One part at a time. I mention using the services of a gunsmith simply because I do not have the skills or tools of a gunsmith to do things like change a barrel, replace a trigger, or glass bed a gunstock, blueprint an action, etc. I just know about them and their importance. I simply have an extra Rem 700 long action I want to do something with in order to learn more about this fascinating craft, and get rid of the skinny barrel (a sporter barrel?) my rifle currently has. I might do the same for a .308 rifle build one day. All in all ... I'm intrigued by how one can build a bolt rifle from components. If only Howa offered barreled actions with bull barrels. If only MacMillan gunstocks weren't so expensive. If only the stork would leave a NightForce scope at my door. :-) I think I need to attend that gunsmithing school I've heard about in Colorado. I had an idea for a .50 caliber bolt rifle when I was in middle school. Well ... some guy in Tennessee named Barrett beat me to it. Darn. I have a 20 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotgun my grandfather made himself - including a walnut stock he carved. I wish I knew how to do that. Unfortunately, they don't teach "Gunsmithing 101" in college. It seems silly to have gotten an engineering degree, but not know the first thing about building a rifle - let alone a match grade barrel. Like Clint Eastwood said in one of his movies: "A man has to know his limits." I have a fun idea. I'll defer to others' expertise to help make it become a reality.
  7. A couple more comments: 1) I keep thinking how a Mr. Baker of Diligence, Inc. (an intelligence firm) was on Greg Gutfeld's show. He said if a civil war really were to break-out the left "would get its ass kicked." 2) I also keep thinking how all the "Chris Matthews" of the world need to be held accountable for giving Obama a pass, not vetting him, and getting him elected. Thus, setting the stage for this mess.
  8. Geez ... how did such an arrogant S.O.B. get where he is? Obama set a terrible precedent. It's going to take years to recover from folks like him and Strzok. If ever. I just don't understand, and am frustrated by, the fact not one democrat/lefty has gone to jail. Not one. Their current blatant disregard for civility, ethics, the law, their hypocrisy, and their condescending arrogance (as epitomized by Strzok) really makes me worry about the course of our country. Heck ... I'm still scratching my head about the I.R.S. and Benghazi. It's almost as if the left views Trump as a brief interruption in their plans. The "Obamanation" of our country will continue once Trump is out of office. Obama brought Chicago-style politics to a national level and I fear there will continue to be really bad consequences. I just hope Trump has (or will get) Obama's, Clinton's, and Soros's numbers somehow.
  9. In response to Jerry 52, I'm sure such changes will, by their very nature, produce a more accurate rifle than a stock 700 ADL. Better stock, heavier barrel to minimize (or eliminate) barrel whip, and Timney triggers are great. My Rem 700 ADL is the first rifle I ever bought and I didn't know much about guns & scopes then. I just knew Remington was a good brand, the .30-06 is a classic cartridge, and it can be hand-loaded for just about anything using up to at least 220 gr. bullets. Without knowing any better, I got that thin barrel really hot a few times simply due to being excited and having fun target shooting at the range. It might be prematurely worn-out. I'm simply under the general impression that the .30-06 cartridge is not as accurate as the .308 or 6.5 Creedmore for competition. Seems like every competitor I've seen shoots either .308 or 6mm PPC (?). I figure it's good to have .30-06 as a "back-up" for my .308 rifle. I simply have a Remington 700 long-action I want to do something with. The rifle is currently chambered for .30-06 and I figured I'd stick with that - especially since I've hand-loaded a lot of .30-06 rounds using primers and shells I also got from my uncle. If this project gun shoots groups as small as a dime at 100 yards - fine. I just don't assume to be a good enough shooter to run with the benchrest guys who get groups like .180" or .190" at 200 yards.
  10. Geez .. just now noticed I misspelled "Good" in my title. Embarrassing.
  11. Hello: I wanted to pass an idea for a rifle project by you guys to see if it sounds ok or not. I have a Remington 700 ADL in .30-06 with a black nylon stock. I don't need it anymore ever since I inherited a beautiful Weatherby Mk.V Deluxe from an uncle in .30-06 too with a nice Burris scope. So ... I have an extra 700 long action. Hmmm ... I was thinking it'd be fun to take my Remington apart by a gunsmith for a project. I'd take the thin factory barrel off (that gets hot) and put a Shilen heavy varmint or bull barrel onto the action. I'm referring to their #7 or #8 contours. Replace the trigger with a Timney trigger. Of course, I'd also get a better scope, base, and rings. At the least, something like an SWFA SS scope. Since it's an ADL, I'm fine with the factory bottom metal (correct term?). However, if there's a way to convert to a box magazine, I'm open to any suggestions as to how to do that. I'm not a Brownell's expert. Anyway ... I'd put it all into an Boyd's Pro Varmint or Thumbhole stock and get it bedded. I don't think any pillaring would be needed. I think either one can accept a bull barrel with some widening of the stock's channel. I'm not trying to make a competition rifle since it's a .30-06 - not a .308 or 6.5 Creedmore. I assume a bedding job and new trigger would be all I need to worry about. Not sure what kind of crown to get though. Perhaps an 11-degree crown is the simplest. I'll be going ahead and having a complete chambered barrel made. I just wanted to check with you guys and see if I'm on the right track for making a souped-up .30-06 bolt rifle for the fun of it. Maybe I'll blueprint the action too just for the heck of it. Thanks.
  12. I just hope Trump gets a replacement that is conservative and abides by the Constitution. I heard Sotomayor's dissent recently and it was emotionally based and biased - not legally logical.
  13. Hi Guys: Just wondering what does it mean to blueprint an action? What's it for?
  14. Hey Guys: I'm still trying to get educated and gather all the details for a build I have in mind using a Boyd's Pro Varmint gunstock per earlier posts. First, I admit I'm choosing a Boyds stock simply because of price. I really like the McMillan A-4. However, the Boyds Pro Varmint stock looks like the McMillan A-5 and costs much less. I also already have a Pro Varmint stock for a heavy barrel 10/22 project so it'd be fun to have matching rifles. I think a Shilen #8 bull barrel is what I'll get. Anyway ... I want to use a Rem 700 short action receiver for a .308 rifle. Boyds offers many inletting options. My question is should I get a stock inletted for a 700 BDL if I want to use a 10-round detachable magazine? It's my understanding the 700 ADL holds rounds only inside stock (like four or five). I've gotten the impression BDLs can be modified to use detachable magazines. If so, how? Which parts might I need to order? Aftermarket bottom metals? If I'm thinking right, who makes detachable magazines for Rem 700 BDLs? I've just gotta have that tactical look. I am not taking a barrel & receiver from a factory rifle and dropping it into a Boyds stock. I'll be using the stock to accept a Rem 700 short action receive and a bull barrel. I know I'll need to get a recoil lug since a custom barrel won't come with one. It'll just be chambered and threaded for .308 Win. I hope I'm asking the right questions. This will be my first build, but I'm not a gunsmith. Thank you.
  15. Hey Netpackrat: I'll be getting a Remington 700 short action receiver for .308 Winchester. Buds has the plain black ones for a good price with their "Pro-X" trigger. Might get a Timney trigger. I know everyone is going nuts about 6.5 Creedmore, but .308 is a proven round and is more readily available in my area. Federal Matchking 168gr. ammo will be used. Per my previous post, I can't decide between a Boyds Pro Varmint stock (because it looks tactical like a MacMillan A-5), or a Boyds Varmint Thumbhole stock - might be a bit more accurate and can accept a bull barrel according to their product descriptions. Boyd's gunstocks are laminated wood stocks. I already have for a .22LR bull barrel project. It's a neat stock. The Pro Varmint stock might need some work to get a bull barrel to fit. I'm thinking about getting a Shilen #7 heavy varmint or #8 bull barrel contour with a recessed crown. I can't get a straight answer from Boyds about barrel fit issues. Despite the lamination, I assume any wood stock will, at the least, need a bedding job. Might as well pillar the action too. Anyway ... I just like heavy barrels. I think they look cool. However, I do understand how they dampen barrel harmonics (or have none at all) and absorb heat better too. I'd like a 26" barrel if possible to get just a bit more velocity. I saw 6mm benchrest competition rifles last weekend. They all had heavy barrels. It was neat to see them and the groups they got were amazing. Literally .180" - .190" at 200 yds. I'll be happy to be sub-MOA.