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  1. Hello: I want to ask if anyone knows where I can get a type of axe that's called a "broad axe" or "broadaxe" for a decent price. I'm used to axe prices I see at hardware stores. For some reason, a broad axe is not a type of axe you typically find at a hardware store anymore. Broad axe prices I've seen on-line are around $200 -$300. I'm having serious sticker shock!
  2. I've pillared and bedded too. Should be a very accurate rifle.
  3. Hi Everyone: I got a Badger .25" thick recoil lug for a custom rifle. I know it's supposed to help with accuracy, but I forgot how. Can someone please remind me? Thank you.
  4. Hi Guys: I was wondering if anyone knows where to get the periscope German troops use on the MG-3 machine gun. I think it's made by Zeiss, but I can't find it on sites like optics planet. I don't own an MG-3 (though that'd be cool). I just like that periscope. Thanks!
  5. Green Mountain apparently uses 1:14 for .22 Magnum. They use 1:16 for .22 LR like everyone else. I want to make a heavy barreled .22 Magnum using a Boyds thumbhole varmint gunstock and my Savage 93FV's bolt action. I just think it'd look cool and probably will shoot very well too. I suppose I'd use a 24" long barrel just for the fun of it. It'd be my M-40's little brother. 😉
  6. In case anyone wonders, it occurred to me to see if Green Mountain makes .22 Magnum barrels. They do.
  7. Hi Guys: I am wondering what the proper twist rate is for a .22 WMR barrel. I've always assumed it'd be 1:16 like .22 LR usually is, but it occurred to me it might be different since .22 Mag bullets are faster. I'm thinking about a custom .22 WMR project and might need to specify a barrel twist rate if I get a custom heavy target barrel made. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone: Years ago I visited an elderly family friend who was not a shooter or gun collector. This was before I knew guns as well as I do now too. He had worked in some exotic locations during his life like Saudi Arabia. I think he once worked in Germany too because of an antique gun he showed me. He was glad I knew some German and wanted me to translate something on it. It said "Schmidt und Sohne" - Schmidt and Sons. Am I correct thinking he had something valuable? At the time, I had enough sense to tell him to let someone at a place like Christies appraise it for him if only f
  9. No insult taken. For some dumb reason I'm always calling a sling a "strap." Can't believe I've had my Saiga 223 all this time without a sling. At least I have magazines and ammo for it.
  10. Hi guys: I went to check my Saiga .223 the other day and realized I'd never bought a strap for it. Duh! My question is who makes a proper strap for this rifle? I suppose any AK strap will do, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks!
  11. Hey Guys: One of my Dad's Marine Corps buddies submitted this to me. He's wondering what the value might be. I was wondering if you could help take a guess. He didn't have a picture. Sorry. WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 LEVER ACTION RIFLE, .30 U.S. (30-40 Krag) caliber, 20" round barrel, blued finish, straight grip walnut stock and Schnabel forend with ebony inlay, internal box magazine, open sights, crescent metal butt plate, brown leather sling, copy of factory letter showing dates, serial 22884, shipped 10/17/1899.
  12. Hey Guys: Canik's pistols look pretty good. I'm intrigued by the METE SFX model. It looks like you can get a pistol with a barrel about as long as a Glock34's with 18-20 rounds, but it costs several hundred dollars less. Do any of you own, or have you shot, Canik pistols? I'd like to know what you think of them before getting one. My situation is I have a Glock 43, but I'd like a big brother for it and use the 43 as a back-up gun. I've been thinking about the Glock 34, but the Canik METE SFX looks like a budget friendly alternative. I think Glock is too proud of their pistols. Thus,
  13. Thanks "patriot." I think I might get one of these instead of a Glock 34. It's interesting how both the Allies and the Germans used this pistol during W.W. II. Like the 1911, it is a classic.
  14. Hello: Please pardon my ignorance, but would someone explain to me why everyone seems to be losing their minds over Springfield and CZ (?) making their versions of the Browning Hi-Power pistol? I've heard something about the patent expiring. The excitement is lost on me, but not for any lack of curiosity. What is the importance of the Browning Hi-Power? Or what is the historical significance of this pistol? Why is it so popular? To an uniformed layperson like myself, the Hi-Power just looks like a 1911 chambered for 9mm. I'm sure I'm wrong and that there is more to the story.
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