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  1. Thanks "patriot." I think I might get one of these instead of a Glock 34. It's interesting how both the Allies and the Germans used this pistol during W.W. II. Like the 1911, it is a classic.
  2. Hello: Please pardon my ignorance, but would someone explain to me why everyone seems to be losing their minds over Springfield and CZ (?) making their versions of the Browning Hi-Power pistol? I've heard something about the patent expiring. The excitement is lost on me, but not for any lack of curiosity. What is the importance of the Browning Hi-Power? Or what is the historical significance of this pistol? Why is it so popular? To an uniformed layperson like myself, the Hi-Power just looks like a 1911 chambered for 9mm. I'm sure I'm wrong and that there is more to the story.
  3. HI Everyone: I finally got a custom .308 bolt rifle built. It has a trued/blueprinted Rem 700 action and a Shilen heavy barrel with a 1:12 twist. I figure I better get proper cleaning gear for it before I do sight-in firing. I basically told my gunsmith to give it a "match" chamber since I'll mostly be firing Federal Gold Medal Match 168 gr. ammo in it. I don't know what he did, but my bolt is VERY smooth. Anyway ... I don't want to accidentally mess up anything when I clean my rifle. For example: I'll only use nylon brushes. My question is what is considered a high-qual
  4. Hi Guys: I am overwhelmed by the number and kinds of boots out there. Now I know how a non-gun person feels when they hear a jillion pistol & rifle calibers spoken about in conversation. Here in Texas, we had a harsh (and rare) winter storm hit us earlier this year. I've never seen single digit temperatures my whole life. My New Balance running shoes were not proper foot wear for snow and ice. I nearly slipped on several ice patches, and the snow soaks your shoes if it's deep enough. I want to finally get a pair of quality hiking boots or hunting boots that are at least truly wa
  5. Yeah ... I was thinking it might be a collector's item now ever since the import ban. My thinking (and I hope this is sort of right) was to get rifle with AK reliability & toughness, but with the better accuracy of a .223 or 5.56 cartridge. As far as I know the 7.62x39 round is less accurate. However, I still wouldn't want to get hit by one. Given my Saiga's possible collector's value, I'm glad I've only taken it to the range about three times and never rapid fired it like I'm a Rambo wannabe. I did, however, buy it knowing it'd be a good battle rifle if stuff ever does get rea
  6. Thanks Jerry52. I'm afraid of screwing up something if I go tinkering with it. I'm coming from the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" side of things.
  7. No. I think I'll leave it as it is.
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but what conversion are you referring to? I suppose my answer is "no" since it is stock just like when I bought it. I'm not a gunsmith.
  9. Thanks Jerry52! :-) I'm just relieved knowing I can shoot an "alternative" round in my gun instead of worrying about sticking exclusively with .223 ammo. During this weird ammo famine, it seems like 5.56 is available more than .223. So ... the versatility is nice. I remember this is a reason why I bought my Saiga years ago. I also recall thinking Tula steel-cased ammo wouldn't hurt it. I confess I need to get a sling for my Saiga. Then I'm ready. Maybe a couple more mags too. BTW, I've stuck with plain 55gr. FMJs all this time.
  10. I'd just never heard of a 155 gr. SMK match bullet. Learned something new.
  11. I just noticed the article above titled "RAAC response to shooting 5.56 in your .223 Saiga." I seem to recall seeing 5.56 mentioned in my manual too. It's been a long time.
  12. Hi Everyone: I'm probably really late asking this question, but can a Saiga .223 fire 5.56 ammo if you need to? I could swear I read somewhere a Russian Izhmash rep said it can. I don't know where. I got the impression he said stamping .223 on the barrel was a formality, that they really made it with 5.56 in mind (or something to that effect). I figured I'd check with you guys. I've always bought Federal .223 for my Saiga, but it'd be nice to know if it can fire 5.56 since that seems to be more available. Thanks.
  13. If everyone's cranking out ammo 24/7, then why am I not seeing the kinds of ammo I want? I keep seeing odd stuff on the shelves. What is available is overpriced.
  14. Hi Guys: My local Academy store has fortunately been getting Federal .308 GMM ammo with 168 gr. SMK bullets back in stock. However, I noticed another stack of boxes of Federal .308 GMM ammo loaded with 155 gr. SMK bullets. That seemed odd to me. I'm used to seeing 168 & 175 gr. SMKs being the standard two choices for Federal GMM ammo. Why would Federal offer their GMM .308 ammo with 155 gr. SMKs too? Is there a ballistic reason for this I've never known, or is Federal trying to save materials? Just wondering guys. I've never heard of 155 gr. SMKs nor have I heard of
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