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  1. Hi Everyone: I am wondering if anyone knows when the CZ 457 Varmint in .22 mag will be available. The .22LR models are in, but I haven't seen any .22 mag rifles yet. It really seems to be an improvement over the 455 model. I like the heavier barrel of the Varmint version. Just wondering.
  2. I hope it's ok to ask, but I was wondering if anyone knows for sure what kind of powder Federal loads into their .308 Gold Medal Match rounds with SMK bullets. I ask only because the Sierra manual says Reloader 15, but I've seen a couple of videos on Youtube where folks insist it's an IMR powder. I'm just wondering because .... like everyone else ... I'm keeping my brass with the intention to reload one of these days. I've been buying Sierra 168 gr. SMK bullets whenever I can, finally got Federal 210M primers too. I just need powder and brass. I'd like to reload with whatever Federal uses. I know everyone's gaga over the 6.5 Creedmore, but .308 is still a proven cartridge. Thanks! :-)
  3. I just think .22 Magnum is a neat round. Just a little more punch than .22 LR, not as bulky as .223 or .30 caliber rounds. Also, .22 WMR costs less than .223 where I live. I admit I'm paranoid about .22 WMR being unavailable after .22 famine during the ... I hate to mention his name ... the Obama years. As for this gun, I have a bull-barreled .22 LR 10/22 project gun using a Tactical Solutions action and a Green Mountain barrel. It'd be fun to have a heavy barreled .22 WMR to go with it. I've heard mostly good things about CZ. I like this rifle and the Savage Mk. II TR in .22LR.
  4. Hey Everyone: I was wondering if anyone has an opinion about the CZ455 in .22 magnum. I like its heavy barrel. I'm ok with it being a bolt gun too instead of semi-auto like a 10/22. Seems CZ has a good reputation, but some commenters on retail sites say this is not an accurate gun. Others like it. The reactions are mixed. It must depend on the shooters' abilities I guess. Just thought I'd ask. Any scope recommendations? Happy new year everyone!
  5. Don't know what else to say. I've never heard of them. It looks like a cool gun, but I haven't had time to research them yet. I simply assume some fellow forum members know gun companies a whole lot more than I do, and might know something about this firearm.
  6. Hello: MidwayUSA has this company's AR style 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun. I've never heard of them. Does anyone know if they make a good gun? Just wondering. I'd like to have a Saiga 12, but this looks more affordable. Thanks. https://www.midwayusa.com/s?targetLocation=%2F_%2FN-0%2B4294918850%3FNp%3D2%26Nr%3DAND%28p_visible%3A1%2Ccustomertypeid%3A1%29%26Nrpp%3D24%26Ns%3Dp_metric_sales_velocity%7C1%26Ntpc%3D1%26Ntpr%3D1
  7. Hey Guys: First ... I hope it's ok to ask these questions. I ask sincerely and out of honest ignorance of laws, law enforcement, and military operations. It seems like the drug cartels have always been a big problem not only with regards to illegal drugs, but they have their hand in the illegal immigration business too. Of course, there are folks like Soros, but that's another issue. Anyway ... from what I've heard and seen in the news, the cartel leaders are very smart in an "evil genius" kind of way. Given our intelligence capabilities, why don't we focus those onto the drug cartels, and authorize our military & law enforcement to go on the offensive and take-out these people? Another nation's sovereignty shouldn't matter. After all, we went and got Bin Laden despite him being in Pakistan. Also, I've heard (and this makes sense) that the traffickers use spotters like forward observers to warn when and where the Border Patrol is coming or moving. Why don't we take them out with airpower or snipers? Why don't we go after these folks like they went after Pablo Escobar? I know that took years, but he was eventually tracked down and shot. I shudder to think ISIS and/or Iranian operators are cooperating with the cartels too. So much of what I've seen on TV seems reactive in nature. I get a bit frustrated every time I see Coast Guard boats & choppers intercepting drug traffickers' speed boats firing warning shots into the water. I'm glad they're doing their job, but a part of me wonders why we don't blow-up the boats before they ever leave port ( if they get identified ) or just go ahead and shoot the boats and sink them? Pardon my ignorance of law enforcement procedures, but as a patriotic civilian I wonder why we don't take the fight to the cartels more. If we want to get the drug lords, why don't we do more Bin Laden style operations? I realize others are waiting to take their place, but maybe more action on our part will make them think twice. I admit I probably grew up reading too many Tom Clancy books, but why can't we just drop smart bombs on the drug lords? Or why don't we have a sub in the Gulf of Mexico (or near the Pacific shore) launch a few Tomahawks? Maybe I'm crazy, but I think a modern version of the Monroe Doctrine deserves to be enforced. Just wondering. My overall question is instead of dealing with the fight against the cartels here in the states, why don't we take the fight to the bad guys? After all, that's part of the rationale for the war on terrorism - fight them over there instead of here. Please understand I am pro-police and pro-military. My heart breaks thinking their hands are tied-up by politics. Please pardon the naïve nature of this posting. Thank you.
  8. Hey Everyone: I just wanted to let anyone interested know MidwayUSA has Federal 210M primers on sale. I impulsively ordered some since they'd been out-of-stock so often. I want to use them for a reloading recipe in the Sierra reloading book for MatchKing bullets. Curiously, they're listed as having a clearance price. I hope that doesn't mean Federal is going to stop making them. If so, some folks say they can't tell a difference between 210M and regular 210 primers. I'm no expert. I just follow the reloading manual. Does anyone know anything about the "clearance" issue?
  9. Glad to know folks like sjgusmc21 are in my area. I was referring to ranges like Dietz's near New Braunfels. Folks are always bringing interesting toys there. Anyway ... this open immigration/open borders/globalism stuff is all part of the left's effort to "Balkanize" our country folks. I don't know why they want to do that, I've never heard a motive, but multiculturalism doesn't work. So remain vigilant guys. This might sound naïve, but I think the only solution is for democrats to start going to jail. Why none of these folks like Billary haven't served time is beyond my comprehension. A lot of our problems exist simply because the lefties never face any consequences for their actions.
  10. I live near San Antonio. I'm sick of the local paper (Express News) discussing "Democrat this" or "Democrat that" all the time, and always sympathetic to the "plight" of illegal immigrants. A lot of folks here literally think Texas should belong to Mexico again. That's no joke. Perhaps that's one reason why Mexico isn't helping. I fear something's going to happen if Democrats/Progressives keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing their "agenda." Having visited gun ranges around here, I take comfort in knowing there are folks like DLT in Texas who have guns and know how to use them. I know for a fact many are current or former operators. I feel like I need to hurry and get Shilen barrels to make a couple of barrels for me and finish a couple of rifle projects. Honestly ... it seems like some folks on the political left should be charged with treason. They know not what they do. They think they do, but they don't.
  11. Hey Guys: I like ESEE knives, but they sure are expensive. Specifically, I like the ESEE 5 because of its thick blade. Also, it's sort of neat its handle has a bow drill hole. However, ESEE knives are $100+. Wow. One can find knives with equally thick carbon steel blades for less. Just wondering if their blades are (for whatever reason) higher quality or are you paying for the name. Thanks.
  12. Hello All: I simply want to exercise some gratitude & humility in this message by thanking all of you for your advice and answers to my questions about rifles and shooting. I'm not a gunsmith, nor am I retired military or a former operator. I'm a civilian who is thankful for this website because many of you know a lot more than I do and are OK with sharing your knowledge. I don't doubt some of my questions might have fallen into the "everybody knows that" category, but you answer anyway. I've been around guns recreationally my whole life, but have developed an appetite for the technical aspects of things only in my adult years. For what it's worth, I did attempt O.C.S. "cold turkey" once, but got injured. So I can say I'm not a draft dodger. I continue to admire those who serve or have served. Riflery offers me a connection to something martial in nature, and has engendered a respect for snipers and all who know how to do long range shooting. It's a fascinating science. So .... thank you everybody. It's a privilege to be a member of this community. Now a request for Mr. Chile Rilleno: PLEASE BUILD A RESTAURANT! Your food looks great!!! (Ok ... gotta go watch the Sniper competition show on the History channel now)
  13. Hey Guys: This is related to my prior post titled "Good rifle build?" A barrel manufacturer I'm interested in offers barrels in Chrome-Moly or Stainless Steel. The S.S. barrels are offered in match grade quality. Benchrest shooters often get stainless steel barrels from this company. The tolerance difference between the two grades/types of barrels sounds like splitting hairs to me. However, my concern is wear & tear. So ... with regards to barrel wear, which lasts longer? Chrome-Moly or Stainless Steel? Frankly, I don't shoot often. So the lower price of a Chrome-Moly barrel appeals to me. However, I do want a barrel that'll last. This will be for .30 caliber bullets and 1:10 twist. Probable muzzle velocities ranging from 2,600 - 2,700 f.p.s. for .308 Win. and .30-06 rifles. BTW, I'm referring to Shilen barrels. I simply understand their website better than the sites of some other barrel makers. I'm interested in their #7 heavy varmint and #8 heavy bull barrels. Thanks guys.
  14. Also .... will someone please clone Rosamund Pike!
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a knife like Christian Bale had in the movie "Hostiles?" That was an impressive knife. I liked it. I want one. Thanks.