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  1. Hi Guys: It's been a long time since I've posted here with my 10/22 project rifle pics. In the meantime, it seems like our country has lost its mind. I can't help thinking the dems are trying to steal this election as if their lives depend upon it. Perhaps they do if the Durham report indicts a lot of folks. I hope it does. I can't help thinking a lot of violence & partisanship would dissipate if Obama went to prison ... or had an "accident" of some sort. He set a terrible precedent. I don't doubt he's orchestrating a lot of what's happening due to his antagonistic/rebellious/seditious nature. I suspect he's the head of the snake. Pardon me for being naive, but why aren't a lot of folks on the left in prison for treason? I said it then and I'll say it again: electing Obama in 2008 was the biggest mistake this country ever made. We continue to pay for it today. The guy is tearing this country apart just to satisfy his ego by wanting a surrogate in the White House. It's the ultimate in narcissism/selfishness. (and why hasn't Soros been arrested for funding all this mayhem?). One problem is he's relatively young. So he'll still be around for many years. Whether I'm right or wrong, I've no doubt Trump will be reelected. My concern is what the political left will do when Trump is reelected and do during the post-Trump years. The left's myopia is amazing considering what else is happening in the world, but then perhaps many on the left are responsible for some of those problems too. There will come a point when folks will have had enough of this craziness. How that will manifest itself is what worries me. I just hope Trump is holding his cards and will finally expose folks when he gets reelected. I really hope we see people go to jail including Obama. I don't care what sort of a fit the lame stream media will have. They deserve to see their "god" taken down. I really wonder where are we going as a nation? I find comfort living in Trump/Republican country. There are Trump flags and signs everywhere in my town, and many truck guys flying Trump flags too. There are A LOT of hunters here and retired veterans. Also, I've heard more than once there are folks around here who really do have Barrett (and larger) rifles - and they know how to use them. I imagine a scenario where red towns or entire red states become their own independent entities in the future. To hell with the left. People are not going to tolerate their draconian policies. I am not an imposing person. Looking at me you would never guess I had military aspirations. However, I can't help saying that a big reason the left is so bitchy is because their ranks are filled with juvenile beta-males and women like Billary, and Pelosi. A bunch of "Madame DeFarges" with daddy issues. I'm OK with having a female President as long as she's a woman like Britain's Margaret Thatcher - not Harris. And what is that Mazie woman from Hawaii smoking? I think S. Dakota's governor is a fine woman. Senator Blackburn of Tennessee is great too. Masculinity must be restored to our culture. I'm just glad I don't need to panic about ammo. I don't drink, but I need a beer now.
  2. Don't know what happened to the pictures. Sorry.
  3. Hi Folks: Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my completed .22LR project rifle. Yes! I actually got a rifle built. It's motivation for my .308 project. Components are: 1) Boyd's 10/22 "Tacticool" stock 2) Green Mountain .920" diameter, 20" long heavy barrel 3) Tactical Innovations (?) ... not Tactical Solutions ... semi-auto "Elite 22" 10/22 receiver with integral scope rail 4) someone's tactical bolt handle (forgot who) 5) Caldwell 6" - 9" bipod 6) Forgive me for even mentioning it here on this fine forum .... a BSA 4-14x mil-mil scope. Hey ... it's just a .22. I figured a NightForce or Steiner scope would've been overkill. It is semi-automatic and accepts Ruger 25-round magazines. I bit the bullet and went ahead and had my local gunsmith put it all together to make sure it works. I like having a .22LR that looks like a sniper rifle! :-) Might actually splurge and get some Eley or Lapua .22LR ammo for this just to see how accurate it can be.
  4. They have their "A2" style 5.56 AR-15 with a 20" barrel back in stock (at least for now). It'd be cool to have one. But at ~ $700 ... and I already have a Saiga .223 and lots of Federal .223 ammo ....... should probably stock-up more on food & ammo .... hmmmm. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-20-classic-a2-rifle.html
  5. I've heard of this brand, but I'm not an AR expert. I'm wondering if anyone can vouch for their AR-15s and AR-10s. Thanks.
  6. China must pay. I don't know how, but they must pay for this.
  7. Hi Everyone: It has occurred to me to submit the following in this forum. I hope it is not too personal. However, I get the impression many of you are veterans and, obviously, gun aficionados too. Something about the Covid-19 pandemic and all its domestic and geopolitical effects have made me very pensive about things lately including the following below. First, some basic background. I am proudly the son and grandson of military pilots. My Dad was a Marine pilot and my Grandfather was U.S.A.A.F. He was awarded the Silver Star for something. I don't know what, but it was in the early part of the Southwest Pacific campaign. Perhaps action in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. He is mentioned in several publications (not all) for leading an element of B-17s in the Battle of Midway against the Akagi after surviving Pearl Harbor. He also flew with folks like Gen. Tinker - as in Tinker A.F.B. He also got a D.F.C. for flying an early B-17D on a round-trip reconnaissance mission from Midway to Wake Island and back (before G.P.S.). Unfortunately, he was killed in a crash in Cuba just months before the end of W.W.II. So ... I never knew him. My Dad was a Vietnam helicopter pilot (at only 21 years of age) and later flew jets like Phantoms and Skyhawks. Lord knows what he experienced in Nam. He never talked about it except for one story about R.O.K.s getting overrun and holding their outpost. He flew H-34s and it's a miracle he was never wounded or killed. I myself grew up loving aircraft and the military long before I knew about any of this. My first favorite toy was a helicopter called a Verti-Bird by Mattel. Most boys like cars. I liked airplanes. I wanted to be a pilot. Unfortunately for me, I was (incredibly) not aware of my Air Force heritage while growing up. If I had been, I could have applied to the Air Force Academy. Also, I've always been intimidated by the cost of civilian flight training. Long story short, I got a flight slot with the Corps after college only to get my butt kicked and get injured at O.C.S. at Quantico. It's a "thrill" having at least four D.I.s screaming at you at the same time! This was during the ridiculous Clinton defense cuts so there was no recycling - just got sent home. I realize one disadvantage was not being prior enlisted like my Dad had been. All along I grew up shooting rifles and even learning to reload. I guess a point to all of this is I want you to know I'm not a draft dodger. I wanted to serve, but it just didn't work out for me. Eventually, age limits catch-up with you. With passing years, I get a sense of how naïve I was by having belatedly learned of different ways I could have achieved my goals, but I just didn't know about them at the time. Given the world's current situation and modern weapons capabilities, the war on terror, bullet injury x-rays I've seen; artillery, shrapnel, and bullet damage to the skeletons of W.W.II soldiers folks recover from the Eastern Front, seeing gun film footage of the horrific damage Luftwaffe fighters could inflict upon our bombers (before escorts arrived) .... such things cause me to engage my imagination and be glad I have not had to experience combat. I don't say that as a coward though. The paradox? I was willing to serve (and I still am), I'm a patriotic person, but I am also glad I haven't been shot at either. I am thankful to have experienced peace here in the U.S.A. my entire life because of the service of our veterans. I mean that! I am thankful for simply having shelter, food, clean water, clothes, transportation, good health, and work given what's happening these days with Covid-19, China, etc. The closest I've been to death are a couple of really close calls on the highway at night. I emerged from both situations without a scratch. One could have been a head-on collision due to a jerk coming into my lane in a no passing zone. The other ended with me spinning, rolling over, and coming to a sliding stop on the driver's side of my car because some idiot left a dead deer lying across the road. If we really are heading toward an S.H.T.F. situation, I am willing to kill in self-defense. Like many of you, I own a Saiga .223 and a few 30-round magazines. However, I don't wish for trouble. I hope things work out and remain calm. However, my local grocery store has already had to use security to break-up a few fights between people - in an affluent town. I guess a paradox is this: the "military" part of me is willing to fight, but only if forced to. The "Christian" side of me hopes peace and civility remains despite returning to the American rat race. Another paradox: I've been shooting all my life, I can reload, I've hunted a few times, and I'm even getting a custom rifle built. I've gotten to fire classic rifles like Garands at the gun range. I am familiar with arms. However, I don't know how to "soldier" like many of you do. I hope I get acquainted with you if stuff really does hit the fan in the near future. If not, I fear I'm a dead man despite being a good shot. I hope this makes sense.
  8. I hope nations gather to make China pay for their recklessness, and make them "lose face" somehow. I also hope this hasn't been some sort of trial balloon, and the Chicoms will release something worse after having seen how well corona affected the world. If so, I bet their thinking is "what's a few thousand lives when we have at least a billion people?" I hope this wasn't an attempt at some sort of biological version of Pearl Harbor.
  9. I like the looks of this rifle and want a heavy barreled .22 WMR to go with my heavy barreled 10/22. I know CZ is a good brand, but I've heard nothing about the new 457 rifles. Just wondering.
  10. If you look-up that soy boy director J.J. Abrams and feminist "the force is female" producer Kathleen Kennedy ... one look at them and you'll think "well ... that figures." I think whoever chose them should be hung.
  11. I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I'm glad I only spent money on a matinee showing of it. It was a dumb film - possibly the dumbest Star Wars movie ever. I don't know what the deal is, but my overall observation is Hollywood/Disney has managed to emasculate Star Wars. I'm tired of culturally iconic stuff being hijacked by modern "girl power" p.c. crap. From a psychological point of view, even some of the scenes were symbolically anti-male in nature like with huge, long ventral cannons under Star Destroyers being attacked. It's ridiculous. I don't know ... maybe sometimes a cannon is just a cannon. It's simply NOT like the Star Wars movies I grew up loving as a boy - which had a more "masculine" and serious sense ... and a plot rooted in classical literary themes. I wanted to be "Red 5" one day. The new movie has a script and pace that's more like something my mom would enjoy on P.B.S. The way the characters argue with each other with a frenetic pace made me think a woman (or beta male) must have written the script. I no longer want to be "Red 5" standing by anymore. I predict the new Star Wars slogan will soon be: "May the feeling be with you." That's all.
  12. Happened to notice the other day that a box of Hornady .30 caliber 168 gr. AMAX bullets says on its label a 1:12 twist rate is suggested.
  13. Thank you again Mr. Patriot! Per the middle article from Lilja barrels, I'll stick with a 26" long barrel with a heavy varmint contour and a 1:12 twist for Sierra 168 gr. SMK bullets. I think Shilen's #7 Heavy Varmint will work with an almost 1" thick muzzle diameter (.940"). I'm going for a very good target shooting rifle which I assume will be better than a typical factory rifle. I've seen video of a Savage 10 FCP-K in .308 hitting steel at 700 yards with a 24" barrel. So ... I assume a 26" barrel will impart 1,000 yard capability should I ever have the chance to try my luck at that distance. However, I'm modestly hoping for an excellent 500 yard gun. I'll make it look like an M-40A3 using a McMillan A4 gunstock not only because McMillans are high quality stocks, but because you just simply must have the "cool" factor at the gun range! I am also encouraged by how the authors of the first article mentioned using an SWFA 16x power scope too. Anyway ... I need to gradually get all the components, get the bolt/receiver trued, and go from there. My acquaintance is a serious hunter. So I think his reaction was given without knowing my intended use. A rifle with a 26" heavy barrel is probably not a good brush gun like a good ole 30-30.
  14. Hi guys: I was wondering how barrel length is determined for a .308 rifle. I've seen several lengths. The usual seems to be 24". However, I've seen a few Savage rifles with barrels as long as 28" and 30" like their F/TR rifle. I've seen a custom rifle with only a 20" long heavy bull barrel (it's muzzle diameter was a thick 1"). I think the Marines used a 25" long barrel for their M-40s. Just wondering. I ran into an acquaintance with lots of rifle building experience who inquired about my rifle project just to see how things are coming along. I had casually mentioned I was thinking about using a 26" long barrel. He thought it was nuts to get a barrel longer than 24" for a .308 rifle. I suppose it depends on what you want to do with it. If you're building a target rifle, does a longer barrel add weight so you're more stable (thus, more accurate) and recoil has less effect? Or ... is a longer barrel simply more accurate than a shorter barrel because there's more metal to dampen barrel harmonics? Using the Savage rifles as examples, I'm really curious how rifles that shoot the same cartridge have so many different barrel lengths. What reasons are there for this? I have my own assumptions, but I don't doubt I could be wrong. As usual, I'm deferring to you ... the experts ... who know more about rifles. I suppose there's a "magic" ratio of barrel length-to-thickness. Thus, that one rifle with a short barrel, but very thick, barrel. Thank you! :-)
  15. With my modest means, I'm considering a fixed 16x or 20x SWFA MRAD scope with TPS rings and base. Good enough. I don't like messing with magnification settings. SWFA's are pretty easy to learn how to use. I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle. The gentleman who let me fire his GA precision M-40A3 clone had a 16x scope (or it was set to 16x) and it really helped with getting a tight group. However, I took a long time to get my natural point of aim set first before firing. I honestly was pleasantly surprised to get a clover-leafed group because I am not a competition shooter.
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