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  1. Yeah, Tangfolio is made in Italy. There are some other cz75 clones and Hk clones that come from Turkey. No idea of the quantity.
  2. Looks neat. An overgrown tokarev cartridge in an overgrown CZ75 clone. Sweet.
  3. I believe that the bolt carrier needs to be profiled to match the AK magazine feed lips. I don't think that the upper is specific, just the carrier's bottom face.
  4. Wow, do the rim dimensions all match between the 50 case and the ras12 case? Isn't the ras 12 case rebated?
  5. My ras 12 had cycling issues at first. Turns out that the orings on the gas piston were stuck to the cylinder wall with old oring lube. Now I have failure to feed problems to fix. Salty, what is that brass case cartridge in the pic?
  6. Intrepid is currently out of business they are the people that make the very expensive Ras12 shotgun that uses the proprietary shotgun rounds..The complete uppers are currently going for $488 instead of the crazy $1300 it once was since they closed up shop..Unless you decide to purchase this upper as a collectors item..It would be unwise to invest in a RAS12 upper since ammo will soon be scarce and they are no reloading components for it.. ras12.jpg I have sourced nearly all of the reloading components for the RAS 12. The nose cone is the only hold up, and if there is ever enough demand,
  7. ZQ1 finally posted prices online for this. Its $0.70 / round. ( free shipping in an ammo can) Get it from Walmart while you can.
  8. The box says "jacketed" but the armory advertises these as copper plated. Any ideas which?
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