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  1. Just did a short demo of what it looks like on a Vepr12 SBS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sDu_RbhLgA
  2. That my friend is friggin awesome.. my father many years ago had the 30 carbine version.. Auto mag 3..
  3. I haven't tried it on squirrels lol.. overall it's a fun little a$$ kicking toy..
  4. Thanx guys .. glad u enjoyed it.. I had it sitting in my safe for the past 3 yrs unused at 10.5" ..and I got bored .. so I had my gun smith shave it down to 7.5'..
  5. THought i would share some chronograph results on my 50 beowulf 7.5" SBR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivud_DLCOzA
  6. I punched another hole in it and widened the rest of the holes,i think around .90
  7. I never really made a video of myself shooting my vepr 12. I got bored today so i went to the range and did some recording. I chopped down my vepr 12 as short as it can go without cutting the gas block. I am able to cycle winchester AA Low Brass and Remington Nitro Low Brass and all buck shot and slugs reliably. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-Ut6ulT9bA I have ordered a new UTAS XTR-12 .. I am in the process of filling my NFA paper work to cut it down to about 8inches or so. I will post videos when it is finished.
  8. Very cool .I see that you used a Muzzle booster for the low brass federal rounds.
  9. The good ole 338 Federal AR10 SBR
  10. Might I ask what the price point is on something like that? With shipping to my doorstep around $2200.00 ..The good thing about this company is that you can custom build it..so if you want 1" of steel they can do it also .if you want stainless steel inbetween for torch protection, you can add that also.The safe is a unibody safe ..it is all one piece of steel bent to shape.Not welded on each corner.
  11. I had mine custom made a while back By Homelandsafes in califonia. i have a 5/8 steel door which is more than half an inch of steel and a 1/4" steel body..It works very well..
  12. Whatever you do ..do not send your gun to Tac47 Industries..You may not see it for 9months to possibly 2years..Also there customer service is horrible
  13. look at the comments below the video..i mention it there.. .The good thing about it is that the company is they will work with you on customizing and pricing your safe to fit your budget
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