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  1. All of mine except 2 have PSA uppers and barrels. There is no better value for quality gear.
  2. The puck is good for thousands upon thousands of rounds. Something else is wrong.
  3. I'm pretty sure I had this crap in December. I ran a fever off and on for a few days. That coupled with some other issues was really clobbering me. I had a dry cough for weeks and never thought much about it. A lot of people around here are saying they had a similar experience before this stuff got sensationalized.
  4. Where there is more flesh there is more bruising and soreness. If the butt is on your shoulder or pectoral muscle it will tear you up. Put the butt on your collar bone and lean forward until the most surface area of the butt is making contact.
  5. I have a lot of trunnions. $25 shipped for a S12 takeoff or send me the gun and I will provide and install a trunnion for $80. You provide return shipping. Email me if you need some help.
  6. If it ever happens again, just push the recoil assembly in and pull the cover. It takes some strength, but can be done. From there it is much easier to deal with.
  7. I trust nothing about all that we have heard about this. I think it is the most significant 'slight of hand' trick every played on American citizens. They are trying to keep us distracted from something else or they are setting us up to be accepting of something we would otherwise never allow.
  8. Does it have an AK100 folding stock? If it does then the front latch may be keeping the front lug on the mags from going in fully. Some aftermarket mags will need to be fitted at the front on the left hand side. Compare a 5 round factory mag to whatever mag you want to use and note the angle on the front lug that is present on the 5 round mag. Otherwise, maybe the mag catch needs a little fitting or the mags need fitting to the gun. If you need some help just email me and I ca tell you how to do it. evlutionz@yahoo.com
  9. Let's start with figuring out the year it was made. The first two numbers in the serial number are the year.
  10. I couldn't do much but every little bit helps. Things like this happen sometimes and they shape our perspective on what matter and what doesn't, both eternally and temporally.
  11. Maybe it was something he had been thinking about for a while and finally got around to it. If it was, he has an impressive memory.
  12. You will need to do some fitting in any regular AK fire control group, some more than others. You may be able to make the other dust cover work with some modification. The most important thing about the dust cover is to make sure the ejection port is big enough.
  13. Is there a GoFundMe account or something? All I saw there was the story.
  14. I appreciate the kind words and I am glad you are enjoying it. There is some love in that evl little shotgun. I'm going to run that hacked up bolt until it breaks, lol. I couldn't believe it survived testing. ETA: It won't allow me to post any pics either. Wait... imgur.com to the rescue!
  15. It is a star now. I'm going to see how long it lasts. I may actually put in my SBS just to put some rounds on it. People like to try and look at the action on mine. I'll let them copy that, lol. Oh yeah, super lightweight bolt, that's my secret... ;) So funny, I was thinking about you a matter of about 5 seconds before I came here. Pretty sure tomorrow is the day!
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