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  1. I know nothing about these knives, but I do know that I'd rather buy a couple of less expensive knives and get by. If I lose one or break one I will still have one. I see knives as tools and as long as it cuts and doesn't break too easily, it is a good tool.
  2. Well, it is indeed one of those events where everyone usually remembers exactly what they were doing, even if only taking a dump.
  3. That thing would be awesome for a cross country trip. I can see it now, "We are only stopping for pee breaks when we need fuel... " he says with a maniacal laugh.
  4. I was digging a nightmare of a pool for one of the founding brothers of Firehouse subs. This pool caved in and caved in for 3 days. That third day of digging and caving in the homeowner ran out and yelled "Come here and look at this!". We got out of the hole and peeked our heads into his den to see one of the twin towers with smoke coming out of it on the news. A lot of thoughts entered my mind that day.
  5. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    A lot of time is spent keeping the business side of things as they should be so it will be slow. I used to wonder why it took so long to get things to market, etc. Now I know, lol. I need a team of smart people who will work for the fun of it
  6. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    I definitely have access to a CNC mill. I do a lot more than what people see here. I do some AK rifle work too, but being a one man shop I can't compete on kit build pricing from the major guys who have employees doing the work. For now, it is a matter of finalizing the closure of my other company and catching up SBS work. After that I can focus on product and marketing. I have been doing all I can to keep things throttled down until I am free of the other company. The past 5 years have been exhausting running two companies in different industries, but I am almost done with it and I am excited to be closing one chapter and moving on to the next.
  7. I'd probably pass out if I realized I was getting 65 mpg in anything. My daily gets about 15 mpg and I am glad that I don't have to drive very far on a regular basis. My regular commute is about to go down to 9.2 miles round trip and I'm quite happy about it. A tank of fuel should last a month or more. At 65 mpg I'd be good for months if not deviating much from going to a from the shop.
  8. Winner! You sir, can redeem your chicken dinner! The ever elusive IZ-332! ETA: I found an recently expired listing on GB with a starting price of $1199 and it did not sell. After seeing a fixed stock SLG series still for sale at $999, I would say you might get $800 for the IZ-132. More is worth a try, but it depends on if you want to move them quickly or sit on them for a while. It looks like people are over the Russian sanctions panic buying.
  9. I can't either. I could have sworn those has some sort of 030 designation, but I find nothing. I'd go a couple hundred less than a comparable SGL series Arsenal.
  10. evlblkwpnz

    sko-12 shorty

    It does, but I am well past the point of it mattering to me. I just want to be left alone to press forward with Evlutionz and that freedom and peace holds a much greater value to me now than the pool company. I'm quite happy about it.
  11. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    No clue. Too many factors. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though, just gotta get there.
  12. The hyper-miling bug has bitten.
  13. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    Now that I know how to program a CNC mill, as soon as my pool company is closed and I catch up on custom work I am going to start on my long list of product offerings. That adapter will likely be the first offering. It won't be $80 like the barely working adapter Pauly was going to offer. Mine works and the price will be sane.
  14. Note to self... don't try any Bug Turbos on the highway unless I decide I want to see what 145 mph looks like from the backside.
  15. evlblkwpnz

    sko-12 shorty

    We are good to go on PGO here in FL, so far. We have a bunch of gun grabbers running for governor so we'll see how long that lasts. Still, as a manufacturer, the shop can possess whatever. I have to much work to have any fun with anything for a while. Closing my pool company soon should change that. FREEDOM! I'm quite excited about it.