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  1. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga 12 police, size and material gas puck ?

    If your friend's puck is the same design, try it in your weapon before you make another one. If it makes a positive difference, make one like it. Aftermarket pucks here in the US are usually made from stainless.
  2. I think that would run perfectly if you change your technique slightly. Get more mass behind the weapon. With the shoulders angled and the butt in the 'pocket', there just isn't much mass behind the weapon. I know it may sound nuts, but I put the butt on the collar bone (almost directly below the side of the chin) with the shoulders very close to square to the weapon. Lean your entire torso forward until you feel the butt flat on the collar bone and pull the weapon in tight (looks like you are doing a good job of that part already). There is also less flesh there, which reduces soreness and bruising if you are doing it right. You may have seen it already, but I have a video on youtube with 'Long Gun Shooting Technique' in the title. Have a look if you haven't already or if you could use a refresher. That carrier situation is interesting. I would be concerned about cracking in the areas around that milled out area that initiates bolt lockup. It would be interesting to see how long it lasts or if it cracks elsewhere as a result of deficient material in that area. That area isn't very thick in the Russian guns, but I am sure that it adds some level of durability.
  3. evlblkwpnz

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    I don't care who does what with the design as long as I can lock one into a Saiga-12 at some point. I'm an 'ends' guy, lol. Bring it... someone
  4. If I can ever get there I will definitely hear you out.
  5. I saw the VR80. I think they goofed us up by having action parts out on the barrel, hard to tell from pics. If so, no radically short shotguns made on that without major redesign. No one seems to get it...
  6. In the top pic, it looks like that shell had been ran through more than once and possibly caught on the extractor slot on the first go or a previous go (the bulge on the right at the feedramp, in relation to the pic, not the right of the weapon). If what I think I am seeing is what I am really seeing, they basically skipped a step at the chamber end or decided that it didn't matter enough to copy. Maybe they tested the early ones with very stiff-hulled loads and it simply wasn't an issue that needed to be addressed, from their perspective. In this pic, the grayish pink is what I think is the area where the rim fits into the chamber. If it is (key word 'if'), you might try taking a little from the slot into the chamber beyond where the rim goes (green area). File, check, repeat as necessary until it no longer hangs there. Worst case, you get a little carried away and the case heads bulge at the slot because you went to far. As long as you do not go crazy, a little bulging should not affect safety or extraction, but may effect the viability and/or safety of reloading the hulls that you fire. I play a gunsmith on youtube, use your head... save your eyes and hands
  7. I'm not doing anymore Form 2 stuff for a while. I have some things/ideas that I want to move forward and I have to stay focused. I hope to afford my self the ability to play and explore after that While we are on this subject of design, I have noticed that no one, period, designs a mag fed shotgun with the intention to modify it much later. All of them are a PITA in some way or another. As crude as the Saiga 12 is, it has the most potential. Others are designed as such that they are extremely limited in what one can do with them. AA12 is a prime example. It is what it is and will always be just that.
  8. evlblkwpnz

    How to contact Evlutionz

    Please email me at evlutionz@yahoo.com Thank you, Anthony Evlutionz LLC
  9. Email database crashed... This is going to be tough to get through and very time intensive, but my customers are the type of good honest people who I can lean on for help retrieving info related to their builds. To say that this is inconvenient doesn't even make a microabrasion on the surface of it. For now, at least, please email me at... evlutionz@yahoo.com If you have been trying to contact me over the last week and have not gotten a response, I absolutely am not ignoring you. Please try again. ETA:There are a few people that I have been communicating with about estimates. If that is you, I no longer have your email address and test emails are not going through the evlutionz.com email addresses, so I am not getting your emails. Please email me at evlutionz@yahoo.com.
  10. The server I was on was just too unreliable. My email ticket system is being moved to a different server and I may have to rebuild my site. If you are trying to contact me and do not get a response, please email me at evlsmith@yahoo.com. I appreciate your understanding and patience.
  11. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr 12 mag release

    In my opinion, a gunsmith's #1 skill asset is the ability to swing a hammer with power and precision. Without it, one is really painted into a very small corner of potential activities. Your local 'smiths may be a little short on that asset. Either that or they can't figure out how to get the catch and spring back in there at the same time, which is fairly easy with a slave pin.
  12. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr 12 mag release

    Well, I suppose that eliminates the possibility of drop it off, go have some lunch, and come back to pick it up. Are they unable to get the pin out? Is there any evidence of them even trying to get the pin out? I don't understand what else about it could be even remotely difficult.
  13. evlblkwpnz

    Vepr 12 mag release

    Where are you located?
  14. I shot a newer manufacture PMR30 a liked it. I didn't notice the change in balance. I don't remember if it had a full mag or not through. Only fired a few shots.