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  1. Well, barring action work, etc. really paints you into a corner. The first thing I would do is disassemble, strip all lube, and lube with some CLP Breakfree or some other thin lube (not frog lube, just thin oil). I'd try to evaluate whether or not the recoil spring weights and lengths matched the Saiga 12 closely next. If they are longer or heavier, I might try to find some standard weight Saiga 12 springs. If all was good or close enough with the springs I'd probably remove the gas block and have a look at whether or not it has any blocked ports or deviations from the Saiga 12 design that would affect reliability. Manually manipulate everything in the action and identify any binding. Do it with the recoil assembly in and with it out. The recoil assembly can hide things.
  2. evlblkwpnz

    Clone comparison

    Haven't looked. No time for it. I had to do what little bit of testing I did in a hurry. This week is really busy too. I would guess that they had the equivalent of 5 @ 0.08" like the Vepr 12. Feels like it. I am hoping the Lynx doesn't have one giant port. If it does that would be a great excuse to move the gas system
  3. evlblkwpnz


    From the results on my initial testing of the Lynx, it looks like it may have some potential. Welcome aboard.
  4. evlblkwpnz

    Clone comparison

  5. evlblkwpnz

    Clone comparison

  6. evlblkwpnz

    Clone comparison

  7. evlblkwpnz

    Clone comparison

    I have started testing both the Kalashnikov USA KS-12 and the SDS Lynx. Both are new, 100% factory, and no work has been done. Basically, I am doing this to get to the bottom of whether these clones are viable candidates for custom work. So far, in brief inspection and preliminary testing things look good. Considering custom work, the main things I will be concerned with will be durability and reliability potential, not so much how they are equipped or how they may deviate from the Saiga-12. Initial pros and cons, in my opinion... (much of this wouldn't matter if work is being done, some is based on preference) KS-12 Pros: Build quality is very high and is very true to the original in the main aspects As it is equipped, it looks proper and furniture is decent for OEM. There would be nothing wrong with leaving it as-is, IMO Action feels great for straight out of the box Doesn't need any work to run reliably with weak loads while using non-drum mags KS-12 Cons: I do not like the absence of a BHO lever. This is about manual of arms more than function. The selector BHO works, but it makes the user deviate from the standard Saiga-12 manual of arms. I prefer a BHO lever. Lynx Pros: It has a proper BHO lever and the manual of arms is just like home to me Doesn't need any work to run reliably with weak loads while using non-drum mags Build quality is good, especially for the current price point It is a fairly close clone compared to other offerings manufactured in China Price point is great Lynx Cons: Action is a little sticky and semi-rough, but things could be done to improve it The traditional AK grip is a bit narrow for use on a shotgun and most people will want to swap it out. Reliability Initial testing has been limited to simply figuring out what they will run with stock mags and drum mags. - Both run reliably with loads down to Winchester AA 1145 fps 1-1/8 oz 2-3/4 dram in box mags. Yes, Federal and Winchester bulk pack too. - Both run reliably with loads down to Federal Multi-purpose 1200 fps 1-1/8 oz 3 dram in MD-20 drums - The KS-12 will run Winchester Universal 1200 fps 1-1/8 oz 3 dram in MD-20 drums. The Lynx was about 50% reliable after the first 5 or so rounds are out of the drum. Now that I know what they will both run in drums as a minimum baseline load I can order some bulk ammo and start testing with video documentation. I will work up to firing stronger loads in the latter part of the testing and box mags will be used for that. Time is not something that I have a surplus of so this will take some weeks. I'll compile video when I have run a thousand or so rounds through each and post it. I will also be documenting any parts failure or decrease is reliability that is related to wear. Both weapons will be field stripped, cleaned, and lubricated before any more testing is done. Thus far, they have been tested as-is straight out of the box and I have to say that I am impressed with both.
  8. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga12 model info

    Looks like an IZ-433 or 030 series. I am not sure what is going on with that sleeve. Does the finish on the barrel match the receiver? If not, someone may have done some 'work' that required that sleeve-like portion. Look through the bore and see if there is a break in the bore at that point. It looks a lot like a barrel extension.
  9. evlblkwpnz


    I ran exactly 5 rounds of Federal Multi-purpose in an OEM Saiga-12 mag through both the Lynx and the KS-12. Both were NIB and has nothing at all done to them, not even lube. Both ejected all five. I was kind of in a hurry to test fire some customer stuff and didn't have much time. I am going to see what they will eject with MD-20 drums and then get a couple thousand rounds of the strongest weak load that ejects in both. From there I will video document until I am out of ammo. I am not sure if I have 10 drums left or not, but it would be nice to do 2000 rounds in just 10 video clips. ETA: If they both live through that, I'll test with some stronger loads, working up to some 3" loads. I'd like to get to 2k rounds in each by the end of the testing. If one breaks, I'll keep going with the other until it breaks or reaches 2k rounds.
  10. I'm very outgoing outside of work, but I am so much happier being able to immerse myself into my work, whatever it is.
  11. I don't like working with or for other people. When it comes to work, I am wired for complete solitude and most happy in that state. No other hands or minds around to screw things up, lol.
  12. It hasn't taken me long to start enjoying it. Working at the shop doesn't feel much like work and I can finally have a schedule that resembles normality. I never felt like I deserved it, bit I am extremely thankful for it. Glory to God for planning my life better than I can. I've been praying for direction for a while and piece by piece things have fallen into place. One of the things about being spread so thin that was really getting to me was having to pass on some men's ministry events in favor of getting pool work done that couldn't wait. Now I can arrange things such that I can make all of them. We mainly try to help anyone not able in the community with harder physical work around their home.
  13. It is great that in spite of the situation not being planned or ideal, healthwise and financially, you are still able to get out and enjoy yourself. I have known a lot of people who never even made it to retirement or simply not in the health or financial condition to do much after they got there. We hope to do some traveling after I get things caught up at the shop. We are going a different route though. I always wanted to go cross country in a convertible and God provided the car (amazing story behind that) and the opportunity. I think Yellowstone would be amazing with the top down, save the animal encounters. We'll be putting the top up for those parts. The trunk is so small that we will have to travel really light, backpacks. I like that. I want to be as close to get in the car and go' as possible.
  14. I think it might take me nearly a year to get caught up on all of the projects that I have been wanting to do, but I'll get them done now in my own time. I think the mental effect of not being slammed and spread so thin may make me move a bit more efficiently as well. I can feel the sense of urgency leaving my mind already. Well stated. I used to sacrifice everything to keep my businesses moving, but I can't say that it really made a dime's worth of difference. Looking back, it was complete vanity. Now, I can take whatever time I want to be with family, any day of the week, provided there is no last minute notice and I don't have appointments scheduled. Lately, I have rediscovered the value of complete silence. For whatever reason, my ears don't ring as bad as they used to and I can enjoy it again.