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  1. I think I'm digging that more than the MG.
  2. evlblkwpnz

    Looking for a steel vented gas tube cover.

    DPH used to make one for the Saiga 12, but it has been out of production for a really long time. You might grab a Mossberg heat shield and retrofit it. They are about $50 and you would at least have enough to do another retrofit later if the need arises.
  3. In the words of a very famous man "You gotta know when to walk away and know when to run". Very well done. I know you have to be glad you fled. It progressively gotten worse to the point of it looking like everyone a position of power is mentally deficient. I often wonder if they are simply trying to run off anyone who is of sound mind and has critical thinking ability, so they will have an even stronger hold on the power they use as a weapon against personal freedom and liberty. It is indeed a very very sad situation to see the place that symbolized freedom and prosperity in the eyes of many of our ancestors who immigrated here turn into the complete opposite. Should NY ever be taken back I will go there. Until then, I won't set foot there nor spend a dime there. My wife recently went to go visit her son in NJ and do some sightseeing in NY. She knew better than to ask me if I wanted to go. If nationwide carry is passed I might go, just to jab a finger in the eyes of those who seek to disarm us.
  4. I feel for you brother. I have nothing of that nature keeping me here should I decide to leave. Being stuck in NY or another state like that would be my worst nightmare. I love some personal freedom and low taxes and will go wherever to have those basic conditions. Well, as soon as you can defect you might be ready to jump before they make the punishment for leaving even worse.
  5. I am seeing a lot of NY tags these days, just about every day on my very short 4.6 mile commute to work, sometimes multiples. It is very concerning. I hope they are not still voting for the party that created the liberal tax policies they fled here to seek refuge from. I am considering having some sort of bumper decals made to the effect of... DON'T BE STUPID If you moved to here to flee liberal tax policies don't vote for liberals and liberal tax policies here If anyone has a great bumper decal (stickers are for kids) idea that would convey this better or more efficiently I am all ears. I have a couple of accounts with places that make these things and I would be happy to send you a couple, maybe anyone here who wants one if cost is not too much. It would be a little bit before I do it, but it has been on my mind a lot lately. The effort to save Florida from the idiots that don't seem to be able to figure out if they vote like they did where they left they will have exactly what they left has to start somewhere.
  6. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga Unlimited

    I can do pretty good drawings. I've studied it twice through the years. I've seen hilariously bad drawings, so I can only imagine what kind of stuff has been submitted to you. In most cases I would provide a prototype. It would probably be refreshing for your brother While I am here, thank you for the knowledge that you offer to the community here. I always learn something from you and I really appreciate it. I know I am not alone in that.
  7. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga Unlimited

    I may have to take you up on the offer you made to him, lol. Is it transferrable?
  8. evlblkwpnz

    Saiga Unlimited

    If it works, video will sell it.
  9. Looks that way. I am sure it is extremely difficult to stamp one really large one like that. Maybe CSSpecs can comment on that.
  10. Why is there a cheek rest on a gun that already has very low sights?
  11. evlblkwpnz

    vepr12 ammo

    Winchester AA loads commonly found at Walmart vary from 1200 to 1300 fps. I'd buy a box of 1200 fps, 1250 fps, and 1300 fps and see which is the weakest it will run then go back and stock up. It should easily run Win AA 1300 fps. If it doesn't, there is something wrong with it or something wrong with the way you are supporting the weapon.
  12. evlblkwpnz

    Side profile of a good shotgun hammer?

    As I understand it, there is at least a slight difference from how one might modify one to work in a Saiga or Vepr. CSS sells them specifically modified for Lynx. I haven't gotten to the point in my workload where I'll be doing anything to a Lynx yet. I'm still eyeball deep in Saigas and Veprs. A good start would be to remove your Lynx FCG and compare it to a Tapco G2 FCG. That's usually how I start, by eyeball first and then document relevant measurements taken by calipers.
  13. evlblkwpnz

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    Look at the left side of the barrel hood. That is likely what it is contacting. There is supposed to be a slight bevel on the hood. It may be a fine detail they have missed.
  14. evlblkwpnz

    NEW US Made Magfed Shotgun...Coming Soon

    Well, with certain parts redesigned it might be ok. I have had one here for a good while and haven't had time to address everything about it that needs attention. I hope to catch up soon and devote some time to it.
  15. evlblkwpnz

    AK-style front sights?

    For me, it is a mainly a matter of comfort. I don't like the feel of the recoil impulse when I am all of the way down where I can see the sights and I have fired enough to hit with these things without sights, which is admittedly quite a bit compared to most users. Really though, it doesn't take much effort to point shoot with non-slug loads at close distance with a little practice, assuming it is done fairly often. On top of that, the sights aren't all that generous a means of aiming. After noticing how long it had been since I had actually used sights on these I decided the value of decreased snag potential and a cleaner look was greater than the use of the sights that probably were not where the weapon would hit anyway due to the lack of reasonably precise alignment on these things. I trained past not having sights long before I didn't have them I do have one with sights (IZ-433), but have never fired it. It just sits waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.