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  1. Sorry for the super late reply, i never saw the email that the post had a reply. Yes the mount pretty much just pinches onto the side rail. Haven’t had the chance to shoot it with the rail yet, but here’s a pic with the rail on incase anyone wants to see how it looks.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a lynx 12 and I started looking for handguard options. I came across the saiga 12 quad rail by black aces tactical (UPC 741459538170 if anyone is wondering). It looked like a nice high quality unique rail. It was the perfect look I was going for because I didn't want a full quad rail. I couldn't find any information on it or any reviews AT ALL so I thought that was kind of suspect. I still went ahead and purchased it because I saw they made another rail for the Mossberg shockwave and I had seen good reviews. So the rail gets here, and I begin installin
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