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  1. Got my SGM S12 10 round mags today (will cut them down to 8 due to the size). Tried it with the JTE rock and lock....seems to work pretty well. I think with a little practice, it can improve loading time...though the CSSpec mags seem to be a little more difficult to seat quickly. Think I will leave it as is for now.... Finding that reversing my grip on my support hand to feed into the magwell with my pinky closest to the top of the mag (rather than the tradition grip where the forefinger and thumb are closer to the top of the mag), really helps lever the mag into position.
  2. Update...I see very little improvement (if any at all) with the JTE Magazine Guide (Rock & Lock): https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/Saiga-12-Magazine-Mag-guide-well-JTEngineering-p/jte-rock-n-lock.htm Feel like it almost obstructs my view more than helps. Need to work with it more and practice my technique. Will update.
  3. Thanks man. Highly respect your work. For now, got the rock and lock guide from JTE. I'll install it and see if it will help. If it doesn't, can I use the V12/S12 magwell (like this one: https://4shooters.com/product/original-russian-molot-magwell-saigavepr-12.html ) and use modified SGM S12 mags (removing the front lug, etc.)? Or am I better off with the SGM magwell and modding their S12 mags?
  4. So I found instructions for installing the JTE Comp Magwell for Saiga 12s....but it says to modify Saiga 12 mags. Would VEPR mags work with this magwell? Can't seem to find any contact information or a website for JT Engineering to ask directly. I've tried putting my VEPR mags in the Komrad and they seem like they would work if they could lock into whatever magwell I install. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  5. Hi all, First post! Tried searching and read the pinned posts and perhaps someone can help me with better search terms b/c I couldn't find anything that really explained what I'm asking. I have a VEPR 12 which I really like but have always wanted an SBS but didn't want more tax stamps. When the Kalashnikov USA Komrad came out, I thought...perfect! My Komrad happens to run Federal bulk pack 8 shot with no issues (using CSSpec 8 round mags and the factory K-USA 5 rounders). However, loading a full mag on a closed bolt into the Komrad flat out sucks. I tried changing the wa
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