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  1. Welcome back. Frequently Asked Questions | State of California - Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
  2. I'm not a TIG expert, by far, but if you get good penetration I don't see why it wouldn't be adequate since it is not subject to much stress in normal operation. Don't get it too hot. I had a meltdown on the first one I did and had to rebuild it. Wasted a lot of time, but it looked like nothing happened and never failed. You will learn something whether it goes good or bad.
  3. Don't overthink it. Extend what you have. Maintain that angle at the rear, then file the notch. The only part of it that is very critical is the original angle as it initiates and times bolt rotation at lockup. Exact notch dimensions are not critical. Eyeball it reasonable close will work just fine. Good luck with your project, and yes, it is a mod worth doing. I include it standard on Evl Grade builds.
  4. Maybe I'm missing a few things but I fail to see what is uobtanium about it. Functionally, A Vepr-12 can be made close enough and an IZ-433 can be nearly dead identical. Maybe l am too utilitarian.
  5. I'll reply when get settled this evening. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of what might work.
  6. Saiga-12 is 1.5mm too. The bulged receiver (around the trunnion) is the main design difference in the V12 and S12 receivers. Saiga rifles had 1.0 thick receivers as well as most rifle varants.. OP, I haven't handled any of the JTS product yet, but it looks to have the same front handguard retainer width as an AKM. You should email me. I will send measurements of a couple of handguards and you can compare it with what you have to shed some light on your options. evlutionz@yahoo.com
  7. These 1/6 scale trucks are fast and way more force is exerted on these than would be seen on a magazine. They sell and they hold up better than the factory A arms. People raise hell with them.
  8. I know someone who is printing A arms for RC trucks and some of these polymer formulas are extremely durable. His last longer than the factory injection molded ones. I am sure that whatever he is using would make a usable mag.
  9. Funny story. I ended up with an AGP 10 rounder from buying a lot of things that were listed here. This was around 2010 or so. I used that mag and used it and used it, for a decade. It always made quite a bit of noise while loading it, but the thing ran great and I just figured that was how it sounded when loading from the spring bunching up, etc. Well, recently, I was doing some testing and heard something rattling when I picked up the mag. I figured it was some debris or maybe loose shot. Not even close, I pulled the floor plate from it and out came the spring is 6 pieces, yes 6 pieces. The s
  10. Well done. It took them a really long time to get things rolling, but I have been well pleased with everything of theirs that I have seen or worked on. There was a 9mm Molot offering headed this way, but... Anyway, it wasn't as cool as the Vityaz.
  11. As for myself I have done almost nothing but push paper for two weeks. People around here are freaking out. People who hated guns are buying Glocks and AR15s. It is epic to hear them as questions about gear and see them listen intently for the answers! In some cases weeks ago guns were the furthest thing from their minds and some would have likely supported an assault weapons ban! It is surreal. Finally, people realize having a firearm to protect themselves with isn't such a bad idea after all. I love seeing our community expand, but have a lot of custom work to do. I am looking forward to
  12. I can't speak for Shannon, but just about everyone in the industry is scrambling right now.
  13. Where are you? I have installed both the military and civilian kits. The weapon will fire when folded no matter which kit you have. The kits do not come with the linkage for the 'no folded fire' feature.
  14. It is likely about 19-3/16". There really isn't much to gain there without going SBS. I'd leave it as-is. If you are just bored and pretty good with your hands maybe it is worth it, but it definitely wouldn't be worth it to pay someone else to do it.
  15. I am not aware of anything that would be an easy install. Finally, I got to see a Tromix 8" SBS intimately and I was replacing the handguard with a bobbed Tapco unit. It was a lot of work, but turned out good. The customer wanted some rails and didn't want to modify the original handguard. Not my style, but I thought it looked at home with the SAW grip and 8 rounder.
  16. Here in the US, at least, the AK100 kits don't even come with the 'no fire when folded' linkage. The kit installs just like the military version.
  17. That was actually the first customer who let me do Evl Grade as it is supposed to be. It turned out so nice I made a banner of it and it is the center piece in my showroom.
  18. That was when my hands were still good. I hope I can get back there someday.
  19. They are. The left keeps breeding gun owners with their nonsense. The whole nation is frosty.
  20. Sounds like his gun already runs phenomenally. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  21. Pauly, is that you? If so, I hope things are going great for you. I don't agree with your opinions, but you are entitled to them. Understand me, you will not damage my business no matter what you say or do. You didn't make me and you definitely will not break me. My Father gave me this business. My customers pay what I charge for what I do because the difference has no equal and is absolutely measurable. I pour out my heart in these builds and the customer can see and feel the love in it. I do have more basic service offerings, but few want that. You are free to have whoever you
  22. I think it did lock, but there was something different about it.
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