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  1. It is a star now. I'm going to see how long it lasts. I may actually put in my SBS just to put some rounds on it. People like to try and look at the action on mine. I'll let them copy that, lol. Oh yeah, super lightweight bolt, that's my secret... ;) So funny, I was thinking about you a matter of about 5 seconds before I came here. Pretty sure tomorrow is the day!
  2. May 2020 be the best year if your life so far.
  3. I like that. However, with the mag being right there I'd forgo the AVG.
  4. Time is the most significant squandering of this existence and it is so great to spend some of it well It sounds like great times you will never forget.
  5. I am pretty sure I have one left over from when I modified an MD-20 for use in a Vepr-12 magwell. Email me your address and I'll send it to you if I can find it. My memory is very bad but I could have sworn I saw it today looking through some old parts bins.
  6. Oh yeah, keep what you have as long as it hasn't been hacked up. This is a prime example of what I mean...
  7. Here is some general info about the process that I put together. I am not a lawyer and do not play one on TV. Gunfun, if you see any glaring issues with this please do let me know and I will address it. Thank you! ATF Efile info Go here, scroll all the way to the bottom and register... https://eforms.atf.gov/EForms/faces/userProfile/login.jspx?_afrLoop=194692627991162454&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=thnacpwi_4 You will need to make a decision on how you want to apply on the Form 1.Individual applicant: Some choose to do it as themselves, individual. No one else can have access to the weapon or possession of it but you in this case. When you die, someone needs to understand that there is a limited amount of time to do a decedent transfer of ownership. Technically, no one else can be in possession of it or have access to it, so it could create legal issues. I do not recommend applying as an individual unless you have no relatives that you actually like, no friends, and really don't give a rip what happens to the item after you are gone. That is about as efficiently as I can state it. OR... Trust Applicant: Most people choose to use a trust as it offers a bit more flexibility and has a beneficiary named to leave the item to in the event of your death. It is a lot more clear cut when dealing with the ATF about transfer of ownership and, as I understand it, they cannot automatically seize it if they are compelled to do that since it is part of a trust. Trustees can be in possession of the item while you are not in direct control of it. If you plan to keep the weapon in a safe and someone else has access to it, it is a good idea to name them as a trustee on the trust. You may be able to get around that access issue with a trigger lock or something else of that nature, but I am not sure and I am not a lawyer.Where to get a trust: Go to https://www.silencershop.com/catalog/product/view/id/251/s/nfa-gun-trust/category/5/ and for $129 you can have a gun specific trust created or have a lawyer do it that understands the process. You get to name it. Remember that name has to be engraved in the weapon, so keep it short. Don't make it anything like the 'John Edward Doe and Jane Elizabeth Doe Family Firearms NFA Gun Revocable Living Trust'. I have seen it done that way and it is patently stupid considering it will need to be engraved on the weapon as well as the city and state. It does not have to be your name. It can be whatever you want. Mine is evlblkwpnz trust, for example. Nice and short, unique too. They may ask you to provide a bunch of trustee names. The best thing to do is wait until you have approvals for what you want before you add any. Any trustee that you add will need to get fingerprints and passport photos done for each Form 1 and Form 4 application, so I recommend keeping the amount of trustees to a minimum (1, a good choice would be a trusted family member or very trusted friend who respects firearms, the law, and has good walking around sense) and make sure they will not drag their feet getting prints and photos done later on so the process for future applications will not take 50 forevers to complete. The trustee can be in possession of the item without you being there to babysit it and being in direct control of it. You will need to name a beneficiary for it to be a legitimate trust (as far as I know, which may be wrong), but the beneficiary does not need to be mentioned in the application process. It does not have to be a family member. I recommend making sure this person actually wants to inherit a firearm, will do the necessary legal steps to take possession of it properly and legally when you die, and will not get themselves in trouble with it. A friend who loves firearms and may not ever be able to afford a nice SBS or whatever who would truly cherish it would be a great choice. You can add all of the items you want to this type of trust, silencers, short rifles, short shotguns, money, etc. Weapon info to be submitted in the Form 1 Application to Make and Register: In section 4 of the Form 1... Box AManufacturer will be Izhmash, RussiaLook on the weapon for importer markings. Include that importer name and location info too. It is usually toward the rear of the weapon.Box BShort Barreled ShotgunBox C12 gaBox DSaiga-12Box EBarrel length will be 8.0"Box FOverall length will be 26.75"Box GSerial numberBox H This will have your individual name or trust name and location where the item/s will be kept. Examples: Individual... Your full name (YOUR CITY), (YOUR STATE) Trust... (TRUST NAME) TRUST (YOUR CITY), (YOUR STATE) Box IAny lawful purpose
  8. Why not a pellet heater? I don't recall any significant smoke, etc from the one my in-laws have in MI. It put out some awesome heat too. Also, is there anything that restricts the exhaust, at all? I remember my grandmother's wood stove sucking a ton of air in and not really smelling a lot of smoke. Have you tried using it just to see what the effect on your wife is? It may not be as extreme as she anticipates. I can't blame her for being anxious about it. I'm sure she has had her share of traumatizing moments not being able to breathe. If it doesn't work out and money isn't a concern you could get a propeller shaft section from a cargo ship, build an induction heater for it, and have glowing (red, orange, white, how far do you want to go) radiant heat in a matter of seconds if your induction heater is powerful enough. You could also rig a timer up on it and just do a blip of radiant heat every 30 minutes or so. A glowing propeller shaft would retain a lot of heat for a while and it would do it with no smoke after initially burning any oils, paints, etc off of it. Dream... and dream big
  9. Classy. Spamming here. Anyway, Jerry, none of us are getting younger and hats off to you for fighting through recovery and getting back in shape. I always wondered how people let themselves deteriorate, but all it takes is the right injury and no rehabilitations afterwards. It never occurred to me that an injury may have knocked them down and they never really got back up. Good on you for knocking it out and I hope you are back to enjoying life.
  10. It does look like it is sticking out a little more than average. If that indeed is where the problem lies it wouldn't hurt anything to take just a little off there or simply knock the edge off of that corner and give it another test fire. Just a little will likely do it since it is running fine with other loads. Those cheap hulls are quite flexible and will grab an edge quicker than stiffer, slicker hulls like the Federal. I never discuss my methods in regards to the action, but that area is generally not a point of concern and has not proven to be a problem on any gun I have worked on. I'd take that bolt apart and see if anything looks off center. All it takes is a little debris in a jig or something not quite as it should be and a part is not machined correctly. It may look fine, but it is off enough to cause problems.
  11. "... we cut a couple springs, played with the gas..." typical, lol
  12. Seems like someone could really goof you up if they got their hand/s on that rotating tube assembly.
  13. Tube fed with an odd manual of arms... not competition. Everyone I know with some sort of shotgun with an odd manual of arms (KSG, UTAS, DP12, etc) doesn't love it. Most attempt to like it, but run out of excuses for it and eventually the reality of how stupid of a design it is settles on them. This happens much faster if they fire my SBS.
  14. I came up with an amendment to that. I'd like the shooting bench in the shop right at the wall and just have a large dog door I could prop up when I am ready to fire. While I am dreaming I may as well go all of the way
  15. I will not be communicating from 10-26-2019 to 10-28-2019. I will start catching up on comms 10-29-2019. Thank you for understanding.
  16. They can't seem to hire a decent designer. That looks much better than their last AK folder and at least the comb will be inline with the bore. I'd sooner get a Magpul Zhukov though. A little more money, but better looking and likely far higher quality. They have QD swivel socket and they collapse. They look nice on Saiga-12s too...
  17. Not yet, but I'm sure it might be nice for sound sensitive people with a Salvo 12. It might take some of the scare out of it for new shooters too.
  18. Anyone ever get one of these to run minimum dram loads?
  19. I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I have been wanting to move somewhere that I can shoot on site. This would have to happen in an area where ground water isn't an issue and in Open Rural zoning, which would generally be on the Northwest area in this county. I would dig a pond as deep as I could legally get away with and off of that pond I would dig at least one lane or a loop above the clay layer or at least above where I might expect maximum water level to be during the wet season. Dirt from the pond and lane or loop would be used to hide the lanes (blend from existing grade to top of berms) at the same time as creating a more generous berm by the lane being down below existing grade. I would like to not be able to see the lanes at all from the home, but at least be able to fire down one of the lanes from inside of my shop. That's kind of the point, open the door of the shop, wheel a custom shooting bench to the door, and fire from the comfort of shade and AC or go down to the lane and fire. All of my steel targets are on stands and angled down. The target design and having the actual shooting area below surrounding grade should eliminate ricochet. As far as landscaping goes, I would let everything grow wild except immediately around the house and shop, and a line from the shop to the target area. I'm not a fan of creating a lot of landscaping to maintain.
  20. Well, it does say 'any topic is welcome here'
  21. Sorry, I goofed. $400 to true and blueprint would be 4x insanity, lol.
  22. At 15 yards away you may not be getting enough shot on the target. As gunfun said try some chokes, different loads, or combinations of both. You might even try some Federal loads with the Flight Control hull, but up close it may be like firing a slug. I haven't had the opportunity to do much experimenting with them, but they are impressive.
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