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  1. I didn't like any of the Braces and finally filed an eForm 1 for an SBR. Took 22 days to come back. Next is manufacturing a Suppressor on an eForm 1.
  2. Tac47 Lone Star Arms Yourself, basic conversions are easy.
  3. You do realize that this thread is over 7 years dead and MarcPoel is spammer and/or bot advertising powerchairs.
  4. PSA is good to go in my book. The budget PSA Freedom Rifle passed Rob Ski's 5000rd torture test, and is the first AR to pass his Sand Tornado test.
  5. Okay, you've a two (2) port gun. What is your barrel length? You say the ports 'Look' to be just under 1/4" in diameter. These would be extremely oversized, 1/8" would be oversized. I'd say they're likely somewhere between .070" and .080" coming out of the factory. You need to know what their actual sizes are. A .070-.080 two port gun is only good if you've a 24" barrel since the wad and shot have a longer dwell time in the barrel allowing for more pressure to build. Most concur that in 16"-18" barrels a minimum of three to four (3-4) ports at .070"-.080" are needed. Those who modify their port diameter usually open them to .093" same as 3/32" on three to four port barrels. But four ports can be done at .080" IIRC, Vepr12's have five (5) ports at .080", and some custom builders run up to six (6) .080" ports on 16" barrels. These guns normally run the low brass bulk Winchester Universal like a fat kid eats french fries. My advise to you is to have a competent gunsmith drill or mill another correctly angled port at .093", and to open the other two ports to the same diameter. You can have four ports done, but then I'd strongly recommend that the ports be made at .080" and at adequate distance from each other to avoid any possibility of weakening the area of the barrel inside the hole pattern and thus avoid it breaking into one large gaping hole. The ports can be milled larger so the ports open away from the center. ............................................ Before doing this, I highly recommend both a thorough cleaning and lubing, and a 'Breaking -In'. It is sometimes amazing what a thorough breaking-in can do to smooth rough surfaces thus eliminating friction/binding points. These guns were often very rough leaving the factory, they're military weapons and they were designed to be shooting high power buck and slugs, not low recoil pansy-assed target loads. So get together 300-500 shells that you know function well and run the gun hard and fully gassed. Clean/lube again and see how it functions with loads that were less than reliable before.
  6. Ya know the ol'saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well KUSA was gracious enough to send some swag with my order in the form of a KUSA KP9/KR9 Backpack. I have to say that gesture is quite appreciated, over the top customer service. Now the least I can do is post some pics and review it. The KUSA Backpack seems well built, the fabric, straps, MOLLE, zippers and sewing all seem decent materials for the price point. It secures the weapon well, plenty of room for most gear, eyes, ears, mags, ammo, tools, trauma kit and whatever else. I can easily tote all the above, with up to 500rds of ammo. Four internal mag pouches, room for more stored loose, and MOLLE pouches can be attached. I have the bag loaded with the KP9, 6 loaded mags, six 50rd boxes ammo, eyes/ears, holstered XD9 w/ extra mag, twenty 8" targets, notepad/pen and a trauma kit. And there is room for more gear. Initially I give it 4:5 stars. There are a couple of points internally where exposed stitching causes me concern, possible lack of durability due to abrasion. Small Top Pouch Ammo, trauma kit, eyes or other misc. Outermost Pocket Data books, pens, ammo, eyes/ears or other misc. Middle Pocket 4 magazine pouches and room for lots of other gear. Inner Pocket Weapon Securement and room for lots of other gear. Opposing side has a large mesh pouch that nicely fits round 6"-8" Shoot-N-C targets, should fit 10" too. Notebooks and other misc. Backside, there is an internal pouch that could be used for such as extra padding or even a ballistic plate.
  7. Screw the Brace, by the time KUSA gets them out and catches up with the preorders, my Form1 will be approved. Yeah, I knuckled under and canceled the brace, got the real deal Vityaz triangle stock. Just need a little patience now. The KUSA mag couplers are nice too.
  8. 12 mags? I take it you mean 3" magnum loads, 3" shells vs 2.75" standard or target loads? Have you tried only shot or have you tried slugs too? How may gas ports, how large, and the ports it has are unobstructed?
  9. Thanks, first it's gonna get a triangle brace with 5.5mm folder. Then I'm thinking about either an RDS or holographic sight.
  10. KUSA KP9 Kalashnikov USA clone of the Russian Vityaz-SN aka pp-19-01. The closest we can get to owning a Vityaz-SN, PP-19 Bizon or Saiga 9. Damn don't I wish we'd gotten in the Saiga 9's... Sad. Purchased this from Atlantic Firearms on the 17th, arrived the 22nd. Went and picked it up from my FFL/range today. Gave it a going over, clean and lube, function check and loaded one round... BANG! Load the mag... BANG!BANG!BANG!... X's 30. Put 150 rounds through it, smooth as silk sheets. Overall fit and finish are first rate, no complaints... Yet. This gun absolutely begs to be SBR'd. I've a KUSA/SB Tactical 5.5mm Triangle Brace on order, as well as five more 30rd magazines.
  11. I went ahead and ordered the KUSA Triangle, have to have something for now. I'll save my spare change and maybe go full Zentico front and rear. Zentico PT-1 with a Tailhook brace.
  12. Two years... Really?! Damn, I really do miss the days when this place was active as a kicked ant hill. My thread, my problem I guess, and by request. Beef Wellington. A bit labor intensive, but well worth it, time well spent. I've learned that the three primary ingredients are all very important and worth every effort to do right. The Beef needs to be a center cut of tenderloin for it to be an even thickness and tender as butter. When you sear the beef have that pan smoking hot and use minimal oil. The Duxelles need to be minced pretty fine, all the liquid cooked or squeezed out and it should have a thick, pasty consistency. And lastly you should utilize an All-Butter puff pastry and keep it cold, work fast and re-chill as needed. I also learned that corners can be cut and many liberties taken with the recipe, and still you can turn out a delicious entree. Crepes, store bought crepes are great for easing the work load. Pate is nice, but not absolutely needed. The Menu Beef Wellington Grilled Vegetables Mashed Potatoes with Gravy Strawberries-n-Cream Crepes Beef Wellington Heavy on the salt-n-pepper. In a smoking hot CI pan, get a good sear and then back into the fridge to cool. You can brush the tenderloin with a good mustard if you wish. Make your Duxelles. Saute .5c of minced shallots and 2T of minced garlic in 3T of butter till opaque. Add in 1lb of minced shrooms, 2T chopped thyme leaves, generously salt them and add .5t white pepper and saute over med-high heat, stirring often till the shrooms release their liquid and then cook off the liquid. Add a little white wine and cook that off. Let cool in the fridge. Lay down your crepes. Add thin layer of pate, or thin sliced dry cured ham like Parma or Prosciutto. Atop that a thin layer of Duxelles. Then lastly your tenderloin. Roll like a burrito, wrap in plastic wrap and chill at least an hour to set. Roll out your puff pastry with plenty of extra, paint with egg wash. Place your 'Burrito' on the pastry and cover it, roll it, whatever, ideally you want the seams on the bottom. Trim the edges close, avoid double layers of pastry dough as much as possible, Seal the edges well, no holes, and egg wash the whole thing. Add a lattice work covering if you wish, or just add some decorative slits on the top. Into a preheated 400° oven, cook until the IT of the beef is 115°-125°, however done you desire. Pull it 5°-10° before your target temp as the IT will continue to rise. The Gravy The gravy gets an honorable mention here, it was really good. That CI pan you seared the beef in, deglaze it with a bit of white wine. Add in 4c of chicken stock, stir and bring to a slow boil. Transfer to a small sauce pan and reduce down to about 3/4c. Add in 3T of butter, a pinch of pepper and enough corn starch/water mix to attain your desired thickness. The Finale Strawberries-n-Cream Crepes So easy and so good.
  13. There is that, I just hate how they tend to change their minds at a whim. If I go with a brace, I'd like to get one of these, https://kalashnikov-usa.com/product/5-5mm-triangle-brace/
  14. Just pulled the trigger on a new play-pretty from Кала́шникова CШA. Hard choice between the Kalashnikov USA KP-9 and Palmetto State Armory AK-V, but after much considering of both form and function I went with the KP-9. Now the questions start, 1. Leave it a pistol and put a brace on it? 2. Which brace and adapter? 3. Go the NFA route and SBR it? If I SBR it it'll get a triangle folder.
  15. Hi Fellas, hows it going for all y'all? I'll have to try to remember to start posting some food porn and recipes again, maybe some fishing too.
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