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    Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants. Our choice
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    I'm a Constitutionalists.
    I believe in the Founding Fathers vision, they warned us against any Democratic Government, and here we are, taken over by a Socialist, Totalitarian Oligarchy.
    The Constitution trampled under foot.
    It is too late, for the Citizenry to rescue their Country, by any normal means open to them.
    Our Government both Federal & State... Our Police, Media, Schools Systems and others have all been infiltrated and corrupted.
    We are truly already lost.

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  1. This place is like an old train wreck, gotta stop and look at the wreckage whenever I happen by.
  2. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    Wouldn't mind a Polish Tantal AK74, that would be pretty nice. But for now the Bulgarian is great. The SLR107FR is a really nice rifle. It was this or a SAM7 Folding.
  3. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    I could've picked up an unconverted or converted with cheap junk off'a Gunjoker for less. But damn if I wouldn't have spent as much or more converting the Saiga into such a badass AK100 style rifle. I'm happy as a pig knee deep in slops.
  4. Arsenal SLR107-31 Folding Stock Pics when I pick it up.
  5. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    Yeah, I think I'll enjoy it.
  6. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    Now I've another AK-47, an Arsenal SLR107-31 Folding from K-Var.
  7. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    How are the Legion USA rifles nowadays? And I was looking at some of the in-stock AKs at Atlantic too.
  8. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    Ain't that the truth! AKs cost more than ARs?! Wish I'd bought ten of them when they were $200-$300.
  9. ChileRelleno

    Decisions Decisions

    I've the same number of each. Unfortunately both are not possible at this time.
  10. Which should I get? Douglas Service Rifle Upper Built by Compass Lake Engineering Barrel Type - Douglas SS 7 twist Chamber Type - Wylde Select Muzzle Type - Post Ban -without flash suppressor or bayonet mount Rear Site MOA Option - 1/4 MOA Rear Sight Aperture - .040 Finish Type (SS Barrels Only) - Bead Blasted Front Sight Post - .050 Pinned Rear Sight - add A4 w/ Detachable Carry Handle - Detachable Carry Handle Upgrade $1,076.00 or Saiga Sporter, 16" 7.62x39 Condition: Used/Very Good Not Converted $810 shipped
  11. 12 - Fat50, Grade1 ammo cans Not a bad deal from Ammo Can Man at $14.90 each shipped.
  12. ChileRelleno

    This is scary!!!

    C'mon, we all know that this is highly suspect. This is not indicative of any other or all PT 24/7 pistols. This is either a serious defect, a breakage or smithing error. Perhaps even done on purpose. I'd like to hear a correct translation of the narrative.
  13. Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc Compact Eyeshield Field Kit Fancy name for good, but pricey, shooting/safety glasses with multiple quick change lenses.
  14. ChileRelleno

    My Wife's Third Novel!

    Thanks guys, yes, damned proud of her accomplishments, she had a a dream and made it come true. @YOT I would love for her to become a highly successful author and make enough for me to retire and be a kept man. I would gladly be Head of Housekeeping for her and the kids.
  15. Yahoo! My wife's third novel, 'Perilous Confessions', was officially released today. This is the first of an eight book series, 'The Possession Chronicles' a 'Southern Gothic Family Saga'. Come down on Jan 11th to The Haunted Book Shop during the January LoDa Art Walk and buy the book, plus you get to meet my fantastic wife/author and get the book signed. She's gonna be famous! Books #2 and #3 will be released during the Summer and Fall of this year. Event link on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thehauntedbookshopmobile/photos/gm.2240475459544814/376216003143732/?type=3&theater You can also buy it at Amazon. Click the link >>> Perilous Confessions