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  1. Well I think I finally got'er how I want 'er, except for a TLR-1 light. SBR'd with the standard Russian Vityaz triangle stock. Added a HK style charging handle. EOTech XPS2-0. Magpul MS1 sling with Blue Force Gear QD wire loop. Rifle Dynamics stock pouch to keep paperwork handy.
  2. Well considering there're only a few pins in our S12's, there're only so many to check. Extractor pin Bolt-head pin Magazine latch pin
  3. Fuck Obummer for the Ban. And fuck Trump for not rescinding it.
  4. Except for the gas plug/puck it is the same as any other AK. There are plenty of printed and video tutorials on AK maintenance to be found.
  5. Poly, AGP Steel, CSSpecs
  6. Saiga-9, one of a dozen or so potential dealer samples that made it into the US. Sure do wish it was mine.
  7. I'm impressed as hell with their KP-9. I wish their KR103 was a true to form folding stock. That should enter the market soon. On a side note, there was a guy a few weeks ago showing off one of the only dozen or so Saiga9 rifles that made it into the US as Importer/FFL samples before the Ban. I was drooling hard over it... What a shame, fuck Obama and the Feds.
  8. I didn't like any of the Braces and finally filed an eForm 1 for an SBR. Took 22 days to come back. Next is manufacturing a Suppressor on an eForm 1.
  9. Tac47 Lone Star Arms Yourself, basic conversions are easy.
  10. You do realize that this thread is over 7 years dead and MarcPoel is spammer and/or bot advertising powerchairs.
  11. PSA is good to go in my book. The budget PSA Freedom Rifle passed Rob Ski's 5000rd torture test, and is the first AR to pass his Sand Tornado test.
  12. Okay, you've a two (2) port gun. What is your barrel length? You say the ports 'Look' to be just under 1/4" in diameter. These would be extremely oversized, 1/8" would be oversized. I'd say they're likely somewhere between .070" and .080" coming out of the factory. You need to know what their actual sizes are. A .070-.080 two port gun is only good if you've a 24" barrel since the wad and shot have a longer dwell time in the barrel allowing for more pressure to build. Most concur that in 16"-18" barrels a minimum of three to four (3-4) ports at .070"-.080" are needed. Those wh
  13. Ya know the ol'saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well KUSA was gracious enough to send some swag with my order in the form of a KUSA KP9/KR9 Backpack. I have to say that gesture is quite appreciated, over the top customer service. Now the least I can do is post some pics and review it. The KUSA Backpack seems well built, the fabric, straps, MOLLE, zippers and sewing all seem decent materials for the price point. It secures the weapon well, plenty of room for most gear, eyes, ears, mags, ammo, tools, trauma kit and whatever else. I can easily tote all the above, with up to
  14. Screw the Brace, by the time KUSA gets them out and catches up with the preorders, my Form1 will be approved. Yeah, I knuckled under and canceled the brace, got the real deal Vityaz triangle stock. Just need a little patience now. The KUSA mag couplers are nice too.
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