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    Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants. Our choice
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    Family, Firearms, Skydiving, SW/FW Fishing, Fish Keeping.

    I'm a Constitutionalists.
    I believe in the Founding Fathers vision, they warned us against any Democratic Government, and here we are, taken over by a Socialist, Totalitarian Oligarchy.
    The Constitution trampled under foot.
    It is too late, for the Citizenry to rescue their Country, by any normal means open to them.
    Our Government both Federal & State... Our Police, Media, Schools Systems and others have all been infiltrated and corrupted.
    We are truly already lost.

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  1. Wow, I read this hoping it trolling satire, meant to break the boredom. Please tell me I'm correct.
  2. Its called an Import Ban. No new guns coming in so no new owners asking questions, no new guns to show off or modify. It killed this site quicker than a log of shit empties a swimming pool.
  3. If you can find one, the standard SKS vented handguard fits.
  4. Back in January my wife's 3rd Novel was released. Perilous Confessions', the 1st book of an 8 book series, 'The Possession Chronicles. Now the 2nd of the series, 'Murmurs of Evil' is being released and up for pre-order. Free for those with Kindleunlimited and only $0.99 for regular Kindle accounts. Click the link >>> Murmurs of Evil Paperbacks due out soon too.
  5. Yeah, if I go sharking it'll be short drops with my 6/0 Wide in someone else's yak. Ouch... Life strikes again, BTDT.
  6. No, not my wife, her book money is her's. I've been selling some of my unused items, a Russian SKS, fishing kayak, sharking rods/reels and tackle to fund this purchase.
  7. I've had a hankering for an AR15 of National Match quality/accuracy. Like a Service or Match rifle complete Upper from a respected builder like Compass Lake or such. Or maybe just buy a complete rifle. Something like an RRA LAR-15 NM A2/A4, or perhaps an Armalite M15A4 NM. There are also a few used guns that fit my criteria Colt AR15 A2 HBAR Sporter setup as a Service Rifle, Krieger barrel 1:7.7, Jewel trigger, double pinned rear, free float match tube, mags, sling and more. Or maybe, maybe I should grab three of PSA's sub $500 ARs and sell them off during the next election/scare. What's a guy to do with such First World decisions? What think y'all?
  8. Least you can do for sharking? Ha! That adjustable riser has me in your debt, least I could do would be to bring a case of Golden Tiger or M67. And the ver.21 for you to try out your handy work. I'd love to shoot with you on your private range some day, yes'sir. I've the SLR almost fully baked now. Picked up a real nice Bulgarian type 2 bayonet off K-Var and got an Izhmash 30rd Bakelite mag coming in the mail. I always did envy some of the beautiful AKs dressed in Bakelite. Now I'm selling off all my sharking gear and a Russian SKS to afford the AR15NM too. It's a sickness.
  9. SLR-107FR Decided I liked it better with a triangle and Bakelite furniture. My thanks to some of the guys in the AKFiles Marketplace. Now to find some nice Bulgy mags and bayonet in Bakelite.
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