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    I'm a Constitutionalists.
    I believe in the Founding Fathers vision, they warned us against any Democratic Government, and here we are, taken over by a Socialist, Totalitarian Oligarchy.
    The Constitution trampled under foot.
    It is too late, for the Citizenry to rescue their Country, by any normal means open to them.
    Our Government both Federal & State... Our Police, Media, Schools Systems and others have all been infiltrated and corrupted.
    We are truly already lost.

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  1. Maxim Defense CQB Pistol Gen 6 PDW Brace for AR15 - FDE BCM Gunfighter Enhanced LPK - FDE BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle 556 Mod 3B - Large Latch
  2. Roll Pin Holder and Roll Pin Punch sets Brass / Delrin hammer 1" Toolcraft Premium BCG, 5.56, Nickel Boron AR15/M4E1 Field Repair Kit
  3. It's mighty nice when the owner of a business answers your question on a dead website and on the same day.
  4. Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Lower FDE, Stripped M4E1 Threaded, Assembled Upper, Barreled, 10.5" .223/5.56 FDE Gonna build it as a pistol and then Efile a Form1 for SBR.
  5. Check out Csspecs, he makes very robust and reliable steel mags for Saiga, Vepr and more. https://stores.csspecs.com/
  6. So.... What happened with this project? @Syndicate ya still getting notifications?
  7. Nice rifle, but "Damn!" , that pricetag is outrageous. It should be a really nice rifle with Saiganov style wood furniture. Be sure to get some of Csspecs steel mags.
  8. Well I think I finally got'er how I want 'er, except for a TLR-1 light. SBR'd with the standard Russian Vityaz triangle stock. Added a HK style charging handle. EOTech XPS2-0. Magpul MS1 sling with Blue Force Gear QD wire loop. Rifle Dynamics stock pouch to keep paperwork handy.
  9. Well considering there're only a few pins in our S12's, there're only so many to check. Extractor pin Bolt-head pin Magazine latch pin
  10. Fuck Obummer for the Ban. And fuck Trump for not rescinding it.
  11. Except for the gas plug/puck it is the same as any other AK. There are plenty of printed and video tutorials on AK maintenance to be found.
  12. Poly, AGP Steel, CSSpecs
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