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    Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants. Our choice
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    I'm a Constitutionalists.
    I believe in the Founding Fathers vision, they warned us against any Democratic Government, and here we are, taken over by a Socialist, Totalitarian Oligarchy.
    The Constitution trampled under foot.
    It is too late, for the Citizenry to rescue their Country, by any normal means open to them.
    Our Government both Federal & State... Our Police, Media, Schools Systems and others have all been infiltrated and corrupted.
    We are truly already lost.

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  1. Congrats for taking the plunge and doing it yourself.
  2. G'gosh, I've been on a bit of a small parts buying spree as of late. For instance today I bought the following to go on my last Aero SBR build. Those cheap B5 Systems M-Lok rubber rail covers suck. VZ Recon 3-Slot Rail Cover - M-LOK x 2 VZ Recon 1-Slot Rail Cover - M-LOK x 2 VZ Recon, Inter-Lok Aluminum KeyMod Hand Stops
  3. Due to all the inexpensive domestic and import Saiga clones @pedal2alloy is correct. Now a Russian 8rd is worth more to the right person.
  4. Thanks! I'm really happy with it, conversion was worth every penny.
  5. Thanks, it's finally the way I always wanted it, a fully restored Russian AK100 series.
  6. Thanks, yes he did. John Sbandi is the in-house, dedicated AK builder at Middletown Firearms. He is quickly making a name for himself at the AKfiles, he's has skills, comparatively inexpensive and has a quick turn around. The rifle is due back to me tomorrow, UPS is usually late afternoon here which means I'll have to wait a week to try her out. But whats another week, by then the PK-01 VS will be here and that'll be icing on the cake.
  7. Hmmmm, and now I can't find them. Probably in buried in a tote, I'll look again when I can.
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