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  1. I have to question the brake. Given the low recoil of the 5.56, the hefty mass of the Tavor, and the closeness of the muzzle, it seems the brake would have little value for the increase in blast. I've shot it with and without the compensator and it made a little difference to me and others that shot it. As far as being close to the muzzle, there's no rearward blast that affects the shooter (You will definitely notice it if you use indoor ranges and you're next to the shooter, but outdoors Its not a big deal). Plus its just $40 online
  2. I finally got to rapid fire the Tavor with the comp it this 4th of July weekend! It now has about 1,000 rounds of Wolf ammo through it without a hiccup ..First is the Saiga 5.45 then 9mm AR, KSG, & Tavor
  3. Got it Yesterday! Tavor SAR in FDE w/ 16" barrel Eotech 512 & Primary Arms 7x Magnifier Miculek Compensator Surefire G2 & CAA 6 position mount I think I'm in love and I haven't fired it yet
  4. I've got a 16" one in FDE coming Saturday or Monday
  5. ^^^ Exactly. My No-Shave November usually turns into Don't-Shave December lol
  6. I'm not sure if it does (I flew my chopper to their location because I wanted to see it blow from above along with the nearby cars on the highway). And yea, also DON't do Lester's Assasination missions as Franklin (except for the 1st which is mandatory to proceed) on single player until you finish the game and have a lot of money…Then manipulate the stock market with each mission (Google "Lester's assassination and stocks" to find more info if you don't already know).
  7. Yep. I just let this crew of 5 borrow my limo but had c4 attached to the license plate...sad thing is that I didn't detonate it until they almost got to their destination on the other side of the map lol
  8. PSN: KingCash14 I'm on level 98 online (racing used to give a lot of points before the update) with a full 10 car garage...oh plus a tank and chopper lol...I haven't played GTA since Vice City but i love this one.
  9. Thanks! Here are specs from Kel tec's site: Weight empty 6.9lbs Weight loaded 8.5lbs
  10. My new Keltec KSG (& its older brother that hasn't been fired yet either)..Just completed the final touches (forgot to reattach the S12's vert grip) so I'll try to head to the range today
  11. Not exactly what you're looking for but I painted my stock. And It's name's even tougher than "butter cup"...It's called "Lady Bug" by Martha Stewart
  12. My new tan Kel Tec KSG will be here on Monday or Tuesday! Debating on parts now...I'm leaning towards matching Magpul sights & VFG (even though they don't perfectly match). I may even get the CM-15 by Laserlyte (that projects 9 beams) or go for a flashlight/single laser combo (same price point)
  13. 2k rounds of .223 500 rounds of #6 birdshot that I'll be molding into slugs 8 AR mags (30 rnd)
  14. lol not bad Off Topic: Hey Blk-Hawk-Vet Don't know if you've seen this or even own an AR pistol but check this out man (its a arm brace that helps stabilize the gun): http://www.gunsandammo.com/2013/06/17/sig-sauer-sb15-pistol-stabilizing-brace/ I'm not affiliated with them. I was just doing my daily gun blog reading, came across it, and remembered your vids
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