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  1. Im not an "ancient one" by any means, but its been awhile. Partly because I went to school for general machinist and CNC machinist 1. Then after that I got my bachelors degree in film/videography. I don't make shitty YouTube videos anymore....they're "high-class YouTube films" now...lol But seriously, the Saiga12 and this forum gave me the initial push to do all of that and I thank you guys for supporting my crippled ass! Its too bad that some vendors considered my crappy channel, at that time, to be a business and convinced the owner to make me purchase a monthly vendor accou
  2. Fitty%


  3. He's going to have more time to film soon so theres more coming soon.
  4. Oh, Ive never stopped doing my video bud. Im not allowed to share my videos here without buying a vendor's membership. You should check out my newer videos to see how much my production value has improved.
  5. What kids of Saiga12 videos would you guys like to see from ol one armed Fitty%?
  6. Fitty%

    Hunter Cayll

    Yeah Hunter invited me to shoot with him in a 3gun competition before last years NRA convention in Nashville before he got super big and he made me look like a bitch..lol
  7. Yeah I knew someone would beat me to it. I just don't have a lot of time now days with family, work and school. Im still planning on making my own version of the modification/installation video. Good job bud!
  8. Fitty%

    My S12

    I believe I did haven't had it out recently to do more testing. Well just as a bit of advice, the quad handrail you have on it clamps down on the gas tube and can cause enough friction on the op rod to cause FTEs. I know this because that was also my first handrail for my Saiga12.
  9. Fitty%

    My S12

    Do you have any feeding issues? Failure to ejects(FTE)?
  10. But I didn't have to pee. Still don't.....lol
  11. Put your badge away Smokey, you're reading too much into it. One guy says he modified the safety shaft, the other says the pinch point on the inside of the receiver. I asked how he modified the safety shaft. I'd never heard that before. Notice the "six to one half dozen to another"? The machinist drop was to show they know more about it and have the best way to do something. That's all that was. Being a machinist with access to those tools and doing things like one doesn't help the average joe. Im pretty sure that I never mentioned any lathes, mills, or CNC machines to do this si
  12. ^^^^What he said Not all safeties are made the same just like every AK out there. Its a very loose tolerance firearm and thats why it works so well but also that every AK is different. You can pick up one AK that has a very loose safety and then another thats very tight. With some safeties the bending the safety outboard a bit releasing a bit of its spring tension, which makes sure it stays in the detent, will help out a bit but only if the tolerance of the area where it "pinches" the receiver is loose enough. If the tolerance in the "pinching" area of the safety is very tight, then you co
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