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  1. Just caught an ammoland article stating that ghost gunner has won his case.
  2. The forums up. I'm still here.
  3. Speaking of shotgun for home defense I haven't seen any where they've use a shotgun, I see more they've use pistols and rifles but could you imagine even with the Saiga 12 with an 18.5 inch barrel and you had a hunting load like black cloud and some triple 000 buck there wouldn't be anything left of the perp in less than 20 ft encounter.
  4. Cobsidering netflix removed last man standing without even getting the last 2 seasons up. I've noticed lots of good shows go. I haven't cancelled, but i will be sure to not watch anything from those clowns and make sure to low rate the shows they produce.
  5. montec

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    I pay my 20 a year and i use there system to email and write my congress critters.
  6. montec

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    The bumpstocks was the end, the point was goa in the eyes of those wanting to disarm the people is worse then the fudd nra. Ive seen the nra compromise and help create these compromises then actually fight to keep the rights. I dont care if you want a bumpstock or full auto, and the issue with full auto was the crime committed was done by a police officer, not a every day person.
  7. montec

    F#$^%$#! Yeti !

    Sorry this says it all. https://youtu.be/y5NRbSTvRnA
  8. http://www.inforum.com/news/crime-and-courts/4424241-parkland-shooting-suspect-nikolas-cruz-has-fans-and-theyre-sending-him
  9. Psa has been having some good deals lately.
  10. I've used 115gr for years, however thats my personal preference as my original p95 shot that best and was recommended by the manufacturer. As for self-defense loads i am looking at those solid copper rounds, i just cant place the manufacturer currently.
  11. montec

    Need a top rail

    Thanks for all the info on removal. They are cheap screws and i did plan on heat since i did use actual loctite, i just didnt want to use a torch, never did think about solder iron.
  12. I had to leave a polite but stern message with one rep, that any restrictions is an infringement and corrected the staffer about full auto and why should he be protected with them and i cant protect my family the same.
  13. montec

    Need a top rail

    That particular rail system is known for twanging like a diving board in the long cantilevered system. Also a significant, but not large number of people have found that the way it clamps onto the gun affects reliability. There's an old video from 50%tactical if he still has it up, where he was showing off his new S12 with the long mount and a red dot. (His gun is a lot better set up now) The main thing most of us saw in that video was the severity of the diving board effect on that chunk of rail hangning way over the dust cover. I have the long rail and can attest to movement. However i can still use my fixed irons with the rail on. I messed up and used red loctite when i put mine together so kinda f'd on changing it, i moved my holosight forward.
  14. GOA posted a link. The shooter used crappy ammo and 10rd mags.