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  1. I purchased a box of Federal 3 inch slugs as well as an UTG scope mount. Got to the range and turned down the gas block to its lowest setting. Attached the old BSA red dot to the mount and slid the mount onto the receiver. The target was 25 yards out. The first six shots were needed to zero the red dot. I was using a rest. As I was learning to manage the recoil, the groups kept shrinking. The last three shots were in the bullseye and touching. Every round cycled on the lowest gas setting. If I can't drop a pig with this setup, it's the shooter not the shotgun. This morning my old sh
  2. So I'm thinking that means my handsome face won't become even more rugged thanks to an exploding bolt. Luckily I ride a motorcycle so there's still a chance I can up my craggy good looks.
  3. I'm going to call SDS and see if I can buy an additional plug. I've got a small wire welder that should be able to close up the big chamber. I got the lightest loads to reliably function on the third setting so I don't think I'd ever need the forth. I'll report back.
  4. So the four position gas settings are, large, medium, small and NONE.
  5. Here's the bolt after 100 rounds. Just bright spots from self induced polishing. Again, Happy camper here.
  6. I'm going with a UTG mount. Ten+ years ago I bought a BSA red dot for a Mosin Nagant. I upgraded the red dot with a smaller, newer unit. The old one just sat in a drawer. That's what I'm starting with. It will only be used with slugs. Like the old guy was heard to say, "If she dies, she dies!"
  7. Okay, I'm officially classified as a Newbie on this forum. I clicked on my profile and found something called "community Reputation." I got two neutrals. What the hell does that mean? Does this mean I can't run for public office in 2020?
  8. Oh, and I decided to put a red dot on it to see if I can get point-of-aim / point-of-impact aligned for the slugs.
  9. Yikes, I only paid $399 for the shotgun. Thanks for your recommendation.
  10. I cleaned and lubed my new toy before going to the range. I set the gas block to one stop above the smallest setting. The first 18 rounds were slugs. Every one cycled perfectly. The recoil was stout and point of impact at 30 yards was below the point of aim. Next was some high brass No. 2 goose loads. All functioned perfectly. On to low brass No. 7 1/2 field loads. All 25 functioned perfectly. Next came my trap reloads. Winchester AA hulls with 11/8 oz. of number 8 shot over red dot powder. They started out pretty well but they were noticeably softer. One round stuck in the ejectio
  11. I Googled and didn't find anything. Is my Google-fu lacking or is this a unicorn?
  12. Thanks. I currently have a total of 4 3/4 fingers. Fitting a pad is more of a challenge than I'd like (not to say I couldn't do it if I had to). Because the Lynx 12 has a 4 inch stock, even the small common slip-on pads (Limbsaver, Pachmayr, etc) may be too big. I've ordered a UTG Combat Pad. There are negative comments about the "spikes" on the back of the pad. If I find this to be a problem, I own a belt sander.
  13. My new Lynx 12 should be here tomorrow. My plan is use it to hog hunt in the LBJ Grasslands. I already had my rotator cuff repaired a few years ago. I'm hoping to be able to shoot 3 inch slugs without having to visit my surgeon afterwards. Thanks.
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