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  1. His were on the heli hogn show, as well as another big company which uses copters. Firebird made licensed heli-hogn guns for a while. The helicopters aren't new. There were even people in LA using an ultralight for hog killing with saigas a few years back too. Ah ok, I was thinking of another video of someone driving around at night doing it. Way to rain on my parade lol. -V
  2. Yes I've seen the Akdal hog slayer video. Actually pretty cool. But now we got helicopters involved, Bro. Also we all know that the Vepr 12 platform is INFINITELY superior to the Akdal in every way. I just think Steve's gun is very well done. Still could benefit from a stock conversion, optic, and maybe even some internal chokes. -V
  3. Also not nearly as heavy As it looks. Lot of polymer and aluminum. -V
  4. He uses #4 buck 27 pellet on an open cylinder! Why Not a rifle? Because what could be better than slaying hogs with a weapon named after a hog??? I think they are able to fly pretty damn close to the ground in that Blackhawk so he's getting a nice spread close up and just able to spray them down with that hail of 1325fps pellets. -V
  5. My buddy Steve Eaton sent me these pictures. This is his Tactical HogSlayer Vepr12 setup. Decked out with a custom Brass Catcher from the guys at Tactical Brass Recovery , Steve uses this gun to help with the nasty feral Hog problem they have in Oklahoma. While airborne. In a Blackhawk helicopter. The brass catcher allows him to track down and exterminate the pesky critters without throwing brass into the cockpit, onto the pilot, etc. AlfaArms handgaurd, GK-03 and Vepr 12 ALG trigger from 4Range, Inc. and also makes excellent use of the SGM Tactical 25 round drum. For anyone that doesn't k
  6. I did one of those, and was going to mention that to Vadim. I can say that even doubling the weight had very little observable effect, but even light comps made a huge effect. It isn't the mass alone, or even primarily. That old wive's tale can die.Thank you. Yea I was amazed at how effective all the brakes were. I should have indeed tied a brake to the muzzle after the bare muzzle Test just to smash that myth once and for all, but honestly I was very pressed to do my filming that day and wanted to do the important stuff. Also, note that the lightest brake had the most effect on muzzle
  7. I've been working on this bad boy for months. The footage was filmed in an afternoon. The editing.....was pretty painstaking. 7 brakes reviewed, with a stock vepr 12 rigged in a sled, with 2 different kinds of ammo, and every shot slo-mo'd and annotated. Authentic Molot Illyn GK 01, 02, and Custom Guns GK 03 Dissident Arms Phoenix Sutaev Bad Boy Gunz V6 Carolina Shooters Supply American GK-01 clone and of course the baseline was set by testing the gun first with a naked muzzle. Enjoy! -V
  8. angle....radius, I never was any good at math lol. To answer your question, wrapping sandpaper around the follower and giving it a good couple of up/downs through the mag bodies used to be part of my mag tuning procedure. It no longer is. It also does nothing for easing the insertion/drop free of the mag. Not NEARLY enough material can be removed by inside sanding to have the desired effect, and pretty quickly you will be removing important material from the "rails" inside that guide the rounds up. Depending on the dimensions and tolerances inside the magazine well, 2 things must happ
  9. Factory mags are not without their issues. In fact, all magazines for the Vepr 12 have their quirks and issues. Ive handled enough of them to know that. Of course we all want perfect out of the box functionality, but that is not realistic. Mike, remember that link you posted just the other day to the "gunsmith special" Vepr 12s available on Classic? Take a closer look at some of those. "Mag stuck in gun....Mag stuck in gun" I received a loaner Vepr 12 to work on/make videos with recently, and it came without a mag. I went to insert 2 different factory 5 rounders that I had in the
  10. It's finally here guys! My long awaited video on tuning SGM Vepr 12 magazines for flawless operation. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss8jZo6Haz4 -V
  11. I know that the Vepr 12 safety has material on the left side to keep the funky Vepr 12 retaining plate in place tucked under the carrier rail, since it does not have a loopty hole which engages the safety axis hole like most other AK's. looks like the shotgun plate uses the loopty hole but also fits under the vepr 12 longer carrier rail. -V
  12. Yep them metal feed lips will pop off. Nothing a little super glue can't fix. There's a lot of mags that will vomit ammo when dropped. Happens alllllll the time at competitions. not a big deal. -V
  13. That's actually awesome. -V
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