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  1. I will say this you’re responsible for whatever you hit. if you did what we discussed with an 8in barrel and didn’t know that’s going to be a problem. It hit the whole room and went through the walls. Pattern size should double 2x distance. That’s why I warn people ill add that the 8in is so loud it will destroy you firing that without ear plugs but I fire the 12in without plugs and no ringing. It’s about the noise of a standard shotgun.
  2. Anything I posted was edited to add something at the time I posted it or not at all. I wouldn’t go back and edit something a year old that’s also been quoted. ETA: once it’s been quoted for posterity it’s up forever, never edited one more than a few min old, and if I was wrong I’d admit it. I am not.
  3. I didn’t edit anything, it has the edit time below the post if I did.
  4. Now you’re in trouble... because rather than strip all the finish off a part and leave it bare metal which rusts (It’s called oxidation, iron oxide, oxygen is corrosive) you coat it with something. This is the same reason you wipe it down with oil. Hotbluing is a professional gun finish which is smooth. if for whatever reason you decide the finish on it isn’t good enough, (it’s an AK that works fine, izhmash or Molot even) the correct way to do it is run the damn thing through a bluing tank. And yes I’ve been on this form under two accounts since 2002. That’s the last time I’m posting in
  5. You see I’ve already done this with a big sheet of cardboard and an 8in barrel. Loads I was discussing were 15pel 3in 12pel 2 & 3/4 I’m thinking you either only shoot birdshot or like most people don’t realize how big of a pattern you throw. Another reason to go with 12in is a loss of only 100FPS from 18in aside from the pressure. Normal buckshot the pressure will cause standard cardboard wads/discs to blow apart the shot producing a large spread. Flight control and similar the pressure will blow the back off the flight control/versatite wad. The pressure is too high to choke it
  6. It will do it because there is no shot cup. What you have in normal buckshot is pellets stacked on cardboard discs... but I can see you still haven’t done it. The cardboard discs in the bottom of Remington 12 pellet 00 will exit the barrel with such high pressure they blow the shot apart
  7. Exactly I remember some people looking into brass or aluminum hull Barnaul but you don’t need it unless that’s your choice of ammunition. As long as the mag works, the mag shouldn’t cost anything, you’re talking about 20 cents of plastic
  8. Yeah I saw the gas system on it. Simple to chop the barrel no shortening of the gas system required. Drill it if needed I figured it may need drilled because they were already not running low brass as is. I’d probably only get it running 9 pellet win, highbrass only.
  9. I’m eyeballing the Utas XTR-12 which should be a big hit. May need a new forum for it. .308/12ga AR. www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/05/02/utas-xtr-12-12-gauge-ar-shotgun-nra-17/amp/ ill have to put together a long range Upper for it .308.
  10. The best thing I’ve seen is to just take a strip of kydex cut it out from a sheet. tape it onto the bottom of the magazine like a big belt clip. it’ll hang from your waist ammunition down. Under a plate carrier it works fine. Mine run down the inside of my pants not just a belt.
  11. Yeah didn’t notice the date on it. I’ve done it a number of different ways. Been here since the beginning practically. You have to click the name to check the join dates.
  12. Take both. You can carry a short barrel saiga/vepr for door breaching and transition. With an AR rifle if if I wasn’t allowed to have the short barrel I’d be carrying the Remington tac-14
  13. The sad part is we’ve paid $200 to register a gun then you have to figure out how to mark the stupid thing. You know rather than sticking with tradition saying FU!
  14. it’s plastek I think I’d call around and just find a laser engraver any trophy shop can do that one where you normally wouldn’t meet depth requirements on metal
  15. The only reason to build a .308 AR IMO is for long range. The douche manufacturers still haven’t fixed their shit grade magazines. M118LR 175SMK won’t fit in any of them unless you buy a special 25rd (too long from bipod) M118LR Pmag. So be prepared to spend $70-80 per 20rd magazine from larue. They won’t fit DPMS mags either. Your options are KAC $100 or larue $80 https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tactical-20-round-7-62-magazines/
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