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  1. That is one nice looking and well thought out shotgun. PATIENTLY WAITING TO SPEND MY MONEY.
  2. Check the shell length...some slug ammo is longer.
  3. Looks nice...lots of opportunities to reduce weight in the lower...skeletonize at will.
  4. Good question...inquiring minds want to know.....
  5. State dept. reopens their investigation into lyin Hillary....good news there.
  6. One day someone will figure out that he was never going to build them, he wants to license the production to someone and collect the fees.....any takers?
  7. You can still get these...no as cool but different. LINK
  8. I use the JTE on my Vepr 12....It works, you can argue all day with me but in my real use in competition...it works...nuff said. (not saying others don't work).
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