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  1. Lone Star Arms has specialized in Saiga 12 conversions and high performance work since 2008, building the finest, fastest, most reliable Saiga 12 tactical shotguns available anywhere, at any price. Turnaround times are typically 8 - 12 weeks. Call Lone Star Arms Gunsmiths today at (505) 263-8822 to have your Saiga 12 transformed into the fast cycling, high performance 12 gauge shotgun you've always dreamed it could be! lonestararms.com
  2. Good morning. I have Kalashnikov USA factory railed forearms (rails at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00) that I will trade for stock Saiga 12 factory handguards. Please email me at lonestararms@yahoo.com or call (505) 263-8822. Mike Rogers
  3. Really beautiful, Chile! They did a fantastic job!!! Congrats on that gorgeous build!
  4. No worries, Chile. Give me a shout if you find them. Someone asked me recently what I needed them for. Handguards... 😂😂😂. Really impressed with that build. Looking forward to finished pics!
  5. Hi Chile. I've got a couple of S12 take off safeties but no rife safeties at present. Still focusing exclusively on shotguns, and my jewelry work at present. Tell you what. If you're interested, I'm happy to engrave an S12 bolt carrier face for you in exchange for some of those S12 handguards. I believe I've still got your email. Please let me know how many handguards your willing to part with, and I'll email you a prepaid label. Also a return label for your S12 bolt carrier for engraving.
  6. Nice work but looks really out of place on the otherwise all black gun. If you're targeting the AK market, you'll do better with high quality matched furniture sets, grip, and upper and lower hand guard as a matched set.
  7. That was a "Titan" rail made by CHAOS, and had to be specially modified for the .410. I don't think they're being made anymore. I've looked high and low and can't find one in stock anywhere.
  8. Lone Star Arms needs handguards to fill ongoing orders! Do you have factory Saiga 12, Lynx 12, or Cheetah 12 factory hand guards laying around? Lone Star Arms will trade new condition Kalashnikov USA take off hand guards in exchange for factory Saiga 12, Lynx 12, and Cheetah 12 hand guards. Here's the deal... Send us your Saiga 12, Lynx 12, or Cheetah 12 factory handguards, and we'll send you an essentially new condition Kalashnikov USA factory hand guard in return. The hand guards we're offering are top quality hand guards, embedded with threaded steel receptacles for Kalashnikov
  9. Created this for a custom Komrad build. (C) 2021 M. M. Rogers
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