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  1. Thank you for bringing these to the market. I've been following the development thread, pretty much from the beginning. I placed my order for one last night and can't wait to get it in my hands. For those of you whining about the price...I guess you can save your money for some of the MD double stack mags.
  2. Haha! Seriously, the .410 conversion took less than two hours and was entirely successful. This 12 is pissing me off! I'll check with Jeff, thanks. Do you know if he works on Saigas too? Thanks for the tip. I'll check there too. And another to check with. Thanks.
  3. Fastenal was able to find me a bolt I thought would be suitable...the longest they had in stock. It's 6mm (in diameter?), with a 1mm pitch and is 90mm in length. When I told them I needed just the one, they gave it to me and sent me on my way. Yeah, well 90mm is too short. Since 100mm is too long, I'm guessing 95mm would work fine. Still looking. See my other recent thread... "Which Saiga Gunsmith for my Conversion? Reasonable Turnaround Time". I've just about had it.
  4. Apologies in advance. Rant of frustration follows. Yeah, tried that route. It's been a work in progress for what? Eight months now? I'd like to get to shootin' the thing at some point in my life. Couldn't get the fucking gas block off and didn't want to ruin a $650 investment (plus parts!) beating on the thing like a silverback ape. The paint job looked great, but turned out to be shit since it chips away at the slightest touch. The DIY trigger guard pisses me off since the standard PG screws don't fit ("cut off a few threads" they say or 'find a shorter screw'). Yeah, I know, appa
  5. Bring 'em on. Considering all options at this point.
  6. The new RS Regulate AK 300 looks to be a winner. The older AKM was very good.
  7. EVERYONE should own at least one drum. The more the better
  8. The Pro Mag sticks for the Saiga 12 are almost universally considered to be junk on this forum. Some have had luck with them, but not most. I know little about the factory mag well, so don't know for sure. I'm guessing the factory Izhmash mags is what you truly need. If I'm not mistaken, the after market mag wells are using modified SGM Mags. Sooner or later, someone who truly knows might chime in. Good luck.
  9. The title says it. Recommend me a reliable Saiga gunsmith who has a reasonable turnaround time. And at least 'somewhat' affordable fees I'm in the middle of my conversion....STILL...and am finding it difficult to finish. I don't have the necessary tools and work space to complete the conversion and the drive to the place that does is 60 miles away -- a major PITA. Additionally, little shit keeps happening that puts the project further on the back burner due to my frustration. I have all the parts necessary and simply need someone who's capable of: 1. Knocking the upper pin out
  10. Yeah, I visited the site. They probably have exactly what I need, but there are those shipping costs. I live in a rural area, so our Ace didn't have what I need. And, it IS metric. The handy dandy Ace man confirmed that for me. I think it was 6mm. We DO have a Fastenal in the area (the other place I referred to) and that's where I'm heading tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. BTW...that avatar rocks!
  11. Yeah, don't have the tools. Been there, done that. Nothing in stock that will work. Just learned of another local store that might have what I need. Not holding out much hope, though. Thanks. I'll check 'em out.
  12. I have three different bolts, all in different lengths, and none of them will secure the MD Arms Molot Grip to the CSS DIY Trigger Guard. The shortest of the three measures about 4 1/8" in length. Any ideas where I can find a bolt that is just a skosh shorter, maybe 4" or 3 7/8"?
  13. BB42

    Cerakote Finish

    I'm in the midst of my Saiga 12 conversion (yeah, still...). I did the Duplicolor paint job on the receiver, but apparently didn't degrease/sand well enough for the paint to adhere properly. It's flaked off one of the rivets so far and I suspect it will in other places too. The color match ain't looking to cool either, since the dust cover, receiver, barrel/gas system and DIY trigger are all slightly different shades of black. So...a friend of mine is factory trained and certified to Cerakote firearms and does the vast majority of work for a company out of Utah that specializes in AK's
  14. Nice setup. Doesn't break the bank, and QD if the optic fails.
  15. For HD? Buckshot, dude. BUCK shot. Personally, I'm okay with 00, #1 or #4. I stock all three. Birdshot is for birds...unless the buckshot runs out during the zombie apocalypse. In that situation, aim for the head...multiple times
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