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  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202959633733077&set=gm.741219175947672&type=1&theater
  2. Anybody that knows what a great trigger feels like would not go this route - they would send it out or do it themselves. Like I said - these are big with the "plug and play" crowd... and these are the same ones that like to take that plug and play crap to the extreme.
  3. The modular concept definitely appeals to the "plug and play" crowd that either can't do the work themselves, or don't want to send their gun out to have a trigger job done by a professional. This does provide consistency and convenience, and they certainly have a foothold in the AR market.
  4. Hope he never has any more questions or problems..... D-BAG!
  5. How long ago did you send it? I sent a_m my address via PM for the one he didn't want, back on 1-13 and got a reply on 1-14 saying he would send it as soon as he received the one from you. People do get busy and can't get to projects sometimes, but he should have at least PMed you with acknowledgement that he received the part! Did you get the extended release from him? Never heard a word from him after I PM'ed him my address....
  6. Does that "Applicator" come in a magwell model also? I would like to get one for my ex, but the rock 'n lock might fit too loose...
  7. Peep sights (the type used on an AR) have to be close to the eye to work properly. That rail sits too far away from the eye for that style of sight, and is made to mount a "scout" scope, a red dot, or holographic type sight on.
  8. This again? I thought I made it very clear this time in the second sentence above - since you obviously have some guilt issues with this.
  9. Great place by the way... Ever continue down the road from there to Canyonlands NP and drive the White Rim Trail by any chance? Sounds like a perfect place to take a vacation with all the money us mods have swindled from you folks on this bolt issue.. seein' we were in on it.. I don't recall anyone ever accusing you or any of the other mods of any complicity in this matter. There were some questions as to why he was allowed to continue his operation, and the plug was not pulled earlier.
  10. Great place by the way... Ever continue down the road from there to Canyonlands NP and drive the White Rim Trail by any chance?
  11. Has anyone considered contacting Jerry Springer? This is looking as if it would be better off on his show than on this forum! JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!
  12. I don't think the BATFE would see it that way.. Using that same logic, you could take a foreign AK stock (wood of polymer), shave down the sides to fit a 1.5mm receiver, and call it US made.
  13. I am 6' 3", and like a longer stock. I put a NATO length on my fixed stock V12, but have been happy with the length of the folder so far. Glad to be of help...
  14. If the factory recoil pad doesn't absorb enough recoil for you, there is a pad made to go over the OEM one... scroll down and you will see it. http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/firearms_vepr12.htm As for a REPLACEMENT - I am not aware of one being offered without having it custom made.
  15. brickfield mfg


    I had one that the front lug broke off of, and they sent me a new mag body - no questions asked. http://www.agparms.com/contact/ If you plan on keeping the gun, I would suggest getting one of the new CSSPECS steel mags. They are of the highest quality, and will not break in cold weather as some polymer mags will. The have just hit the market, so they are not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and they will not let you down. edit - here is the link... http://stores.csspecs.com/saiga-12-gauge/
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