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  1. Actually, mine DOES have the ROX N.J. importer stamp. Maybe they all are coming through this importer?
  2. I have three MD Arms 20rd drums, never used, sealed in original packaging. Each comes with black, smoke and clear covers. If you order from MD Arms, they are $125 each w/o shipping. I would really just like to sell them all at once, so I'll say $310 shipped for all three. Otherwise, $120 shipped per Payment via Paypal gift or you can send Money Order if you buy all three
  3. ...but not fixed stocks for $999...with original accessories You should google their website and give them a call. Actually I may do it tmrw if I remember I wondered that too. If not, the install should be very simple in comparision. I can't see a different magwell being molded just for this type of safety. The pictures don't show what it looks like, but I can almost guarantee the extended safety has the same type of "ears" with a space between them for a spring that the standard safety uses. One quick look would answer this question... If the pictures don't show it, I'm n
  4. I haven't been able to get out to the range yet, but I worked on some handling drills and tried to get used to it. I HATE IT. I have smaller hands and unless I really stretch, I cannot get enough pressure to fully release the mag catch. I will just stick to what I know well, the good ol' faithful tab release. Thank you Mullet Man, I will PM you. 7.62m43 If you want my extended release, its yours. Otherwise, Vette447 will get it. And I will be contacting you Dres. Thanks for offering help. Unfortunately I do not have the tools or workspace, even for just punching a pin.
  5. After staring at it for awhile, I think I am going to the range before I pass judgement to give it a try. Might as well, right? If I can't get comfortable with it, I will take you up on your offer Mullet Man Thanks guys
  6. The gun is brand spanking new. Fresh out of the Molot box with russian writing on one side and greasy brown wax paper. Somehow I got a model that came with a factory extended mag release. I don't have the parts to try and convert it, so monday morning I am going to see if I can get another one. Just sucks because I will have to pay FFL transfer fees again. I'm sure its a nice feature for some, but as an avid AK user, a standard mag release is perfect for me.
  7. I ordered a VEPR-12 online a week ago and just picked it up today. Looks very nice, just as I expected, but one thing I didn't expect is what seems to be some sort of extended magazine release. I don't shoot competition and would much rather have the normal magazine release tab. Will I be able to install a normal one? Should I just send it back?
  8. Had the same problem with the Krebs on my sks. If you didn't mar the finish to bad during install/removal, they will give you a refund. If you did, my advice is to sell it on a forum and purchase a set of mojo microclick sights. After trying both, I greatly prefer the mojos. Why? I prefer the distinct marked clicks to the vague ones of the slider. Added bonus is that you can adjust for windage from the rear sight. I had a Krebs on a MAK-90 that didn't shoot quite straight. To zero it I had to adjust for windage at the front sight post, allowing the hood around the post to protrude into my
  9. We are concerned about an innovator in the Saiga 12 community. A guy who wouldn't just up and leave, especially after the doublestack mag patent he applied for before communication stopped. I just googled his patent and the design seems very sound.. If you are not concerned, then why comment? Envy? If you disappeared, no one would notice much less start a thread huh?...
  10. Exactly. Even in the case of death, vendors/investors/partners are notified by someone. Maybe even more so.. And even without initial notification word gets around, especially nowadays
  11. Who knows what Promag's sales are vs. Mike's. Maybe they start with the largest of their problems. Good idea to watch what happens with other mag vendors too. Different vendors may receive "pressure" in different ways. Hard to really say on any of this until Mike or somebody close to him says something. The longer it drags on, the worse it looks. When/if Mike shows up again, somebody please ask him if he was ever requested to turn over his customer list. Not to mention all of his R&D on doublestacks, etc. He clearly had plans to take the hi-cap world by storm, while P
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