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  1. I thought Lead Poison was BOB A BOOEY's troll as soon as soon as it started posting. Thanks for confirming my suspicions Indy. Who would know about trolling better than you asshole.
  2. Lead Poision I woulda told you NOT to polish your internals and just get the gas plug. It pisses Jetmech off which is fine by me....LOL. If you havent blocked his content I would recommend it.
  3. Who did your conversion? It was local gunsmith that does Saiga conversions. Im not gonna post here as I dont wanna violate business member terms of service. A friend of a friend actually knows the owner. I got to watch the progress in the shop. It was interesting to watch. Learned a lot. Go ahead and post up who did the conversion It's only against the rules to directly post a non vendor link. Kind of strange that both you and BOB A BOOYE do a great unconverted polish job, but neither of you do your own conversion. Both of you also use aftermarket pucks. Coincidence
  4. Yeah well Mr Maximus would be right dude. Perhaps a lesson in gun safety for starters. I betcha you dont need to do any of that upside down shit to test your gun. Clearly it didnt work.
  5. Whats with the one guy rollin out in front of his buddy and starts shooting and is it me or is this guy in a some sort of hurry to clear the FTE. I wonder if he's accidentally shot his friends yet.
  6. Sure I have a base, my fucking shotgun shoots everything and shoots it well. Let me quote myself...again. I didnt write above that mine worked 'fine right outta the box; I said it shot "fine since day one". I had purchased a gas plug for it just in case...on day one. It FTE'd on low brass stuff, in went the gas plug no more FTE's. Gas plug solved the problem. I then polished my internals, rails, bolt, carrier and trigger per EVERYONES advice. I dont think I needed to but I did anyway cuz why not. Let me remind all that haters that I only said something about gas plug vs polishing in two threa
  7. Sadl Interestingly enough for those of us who dont live our life on here nor spend our odd hours taking apart our gun and working on it doesnt mean we dont know how it works. My gun has shot fine since the day I got it. IT WORKS WELL. I polished the inside, I added a gas plug and at long last Its been converted. Im unsure why advising someone to spend $25 on gas plug is considered reckless. You think the business members on here that sell those items would agree with you? There are a lot of folks on this sight who are argumentative, nasty and are what I would characterize as "gun snobs",
  8. This guy afraid to do a little work to have a really awesome gun to shoot? A very little work. Its amazing how many responses he got from the other ignoramus' that know pretty much dick. He sounds like he's almost enjoying his ignorant review. Whatever.
  9. Im wast really sure how much to remove. I've seen all of Pauly's pics etc and I dont wanna risk it. Theres was a place that will do it locally for nuthin so thats what I did
  10. I think polishing is a great idea. Ive done it myself, I think the gas plug is a great idea too. I dunno if it helped anything but I took most peoples advice on here but getting advice from the guy whos business is charging people for that service I unsurprised that all you do is encourage polishing vs giving CSS $40 for a low brass kit but then again I know you've heard that before. Perhaps YOU should be done hi-jacking this guys thread
  11. It's bad enoughyou are a troll, but did you have to revive a thread from the dead? Dont worry man Jetmech is the MODEL of a Troll. Sad the moderators wont do anything about it.....at least not yet.
  12. Get the Duracoat Shake-n-Spray. Its very simple and theres a buncha you tube videos to show exactly how to mix the paint. UPDATE: I tried the Duracoat shake-n-spray and it was shit. Buyer beware. You sent your gun out to be converted, yet try to refinish it before converting.Most members would strip the gun first, refinish , assemble, test function, & post pics. No I sure didnt. I painted a handgun with it. I was told it worked great so I posted for folks to try it and then tried it myself and had issues. What do you care what I do? No one listens to my advice right? Are
  13. Yeah shame on you for using a forum designed for the education and enlightenment of its members to solve a mechanical issue in the off chance that it may shed a negative light on someone who is a business member. Nauseating.
  14. Ahhh theres my shadow again. Doesnt mean I dont like it. Just thought the difference would be more apparent. I decided to keep and it looks cool to boot. They havent banned you yet dude?
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