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  1. Check out the Canis adapter as well. http://www.canisdesigngroup.com/ak-to-m4-fixed-stock-adapter.html
  2. You can always check out a v12. They come nib with a pg, riveted tg, and welded folding stock. More bang for your buck IMO. I recommend you get both. Converting the weapon is half the fun.
  3. Digital radius is close if not right on the money. I can measure to confirm it when I get home in a few days.
  4. Edit: 4/30/14 I shot a Daniel Defense AR last weekend. I thought it was a very nice firearm.
  5. I would at least watch the conversion tutorial videos on you tube from Carolina shooters supply before you send it out. Can't hurt.
  6. I have a feeling your going to be very satisfied.
  7. Range report. Variety of different magazines were used. -Royal Star 2 3/4 inch slugs, 1 1/8 oz, 1410 FPS-Cycled flawlessly on setting 4 of the Dph gas plug. Stock recoil spring. -Winchester 3 inch slugs, 1 oz, 1760 FPS-Cycled flawlessly on setting 1 of the Dph gas plug. Stock recoil spring. -Estate 2 3/4, 6 shot game and target load, 1 oz, 1290 FPS, 3 1/4 Dram Eq. Cycled approximately 90% (+/-) on setting 6 of the Dph gas plug. Stock recoil spring.
  8. I didn't mean to bash ARs by any means. I think I was just a little upset at the reviewers opinion.
  9. lewie212

    SBS vepr12

    Here are a few links of some SBS vepr 12s I have come across. One modified by Tac47 and one by Molot. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/81301-vepr-12-sbs-short-barreled-shotgun-tac47/ http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76770-vepr-12-shorty-at-molot/
  10. "Ignoring for a minute that it’s inside the trigger guard which is a huge safety concern to some people, the role reversal means that there’s no easy way to lock the bolt open when the gun runs dry. You need to insert and empty magazine and then rack the action back, which is an extra step for something so crucial." This guy has absolutely no business reviewing guns if he thinks this is the only way to lock the bolt back. It took me about all of 3 seconds to figure out how to lock the bolt open on my Vepr-12 without the use of an empty magazine.....Probably just another AR fan boy....
  11. The canis will not come with a buffer tube. You must thread one on. I have the none folding version on a vepr 308 and I like it a lot. I believe the Canis folds to the left.
  12. http://www.canisdesigngroup.com/ak-to-m4-stock-adapter.html
  13. Are you still looking to have a chop and perm performed?
  14. I'm planning to move to Colorado in August. Since all my high cap mags were purchased before July of 2013 does that mean I can legally bring them with me?
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