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  1. What am I missing here? Buy any Vepr-12, pay for the stamp, and chop it to the desired length. I have but don't want two guns. Just two barrels.
  2. Thanks High Plains Drifter Do you know if anyone sells the barrel seperately?
  3. Gents In the Picture Post thread http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/81316-picture-post-lets-see-your-vepr-12/ on the 1st page second post by Papa Zorro. He has a Vepr with a shorter barrel. His location shows Moscow but I was wondering if these shorter barrels are avalible in the US. If so, where can you get one? Thanks
  4. It you ever need help with fixing things or finding parts. You'll find plenty of help on www.steelsoldiers.com and www.g503.com. Also, there are vehicle collectors clubs all over the U.S. Look them up as well.
  5. Everyone seems to be out of the Endine. Do you have other options? But if I do find one. What adaptor would I use?
  6. Gents I know that they make pneumatic and spring stocks for shotguns to reduce recoil and was interested in getting one for a Vepr. I came across this web page. http://www.alloutdoor.com/2013/10/10/managing-recoil/ and showed it to my local shop and they said that pneumatic pistion is no longer avalible. This one was quite nice since it would accept any AR-15 type sliding stock. I'm was wondering if anyone know of any other similar type of stock that would fit the Vepr, AK or even an AR-15. I was told the picture in the link of the Vept has an adapter that will allow AR-15 tubes
  7. BpS12 I did look around on the forum but couldn't really find a useful thread. Also a search didn't provide very useful results either. I'm new to the forum. Could you provide a little more direction to help me find this info? Thanks
  8. My main goal is recoil reduction, followed by muzzle rise control. Anything else I would consider a bonus.
  9. Gents What kind of muzzle break would you recommend for a Saiga or Vepr-12?
  10. Greeting Gents I came across a JTE Shotgun Performance Guide Rod from Carolina Shooters Supply. Would like to know your thoughts on it. Does it realy help or is it just marketing? Could not copy pic so see link below for details. http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/jte-guiderod.htm Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info Gents. I know those tactical sights like the one I showed are okay for guns will little recoil but I had my suspision that they wouldn't hold up to heavy recoil. My preference is for the screen style dot sights like the Sightmark because it allows for better visibility at close range. It looks like I'll have to drop some money on something high end that can withstand the punishment like a C-More, Burris Fast Fire or Leopold Delta Point. If anyone knows of something similar that less expensive, please let me know. Thanks
  12. In my younger days during night OPs, I was know for ambushing people from the most unusual places and sneaking up from behind undetected. The "Black" of night and cleaver as a "Fox".
  13. Gents Do any of you have experience in using dot sights like the Sightmark Sure Shot or simililar devices? Most run in the $50 range. Just curious as to how well the hold up to shotgun use. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys I have a better understanding now. So what you're saying is that any AK stock will slide on to the Vepr stock receiver attactchment. Similar to the picture below (the left portion) with some minor modification, correct? Also, I saw this quad rail by Chaos but they only have it for the Saiga. Could this be modified to fit the Vepr? Thanks
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