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  1. Just like the title, my side folder is a pain in the ass to fold. The button is pretty tough, but with a few swipes with fine sand paper and maybe some polish that would be no problem. But the damn hinge is so tight. I crank it open and closed a couple times and the hinge heats up! Anyone have an idea on how to loosen it just a smidge?
  2. So let me get this straight... someone who was not a gun owner tried to get one for immoral and criminal purposes. So a responsible gun owner took the proper course of action to prevent a possible crime and tragedy.. That's odd though because I have been told that gun owners are irresponsible ignorant cousin lovers and insane right wing war mongers by the really nice people on my TV screen. Weird..
  3. I have one of these in the pantry right now. Its a silver tequila. Not as good of craftsmanship in the bottle making, but still representing the AK!
  4. Like previously mentioned those rucks kinda sucked ass. 20Ks with those things fully load makes you just want to set it on fire and watch it burn. YMMV. But to answer the question to my knowledge no, we don't have anything other than that frame and rucksack intended for larger/taller guys. It's a one size fits all deal. Edit: I thought you were talking about the sack's carrying capacity. Yeah they have different frames but I think it goes up to just your large. I haven't seen bigger.
  5. Ok great. Just let me know what you find. I wont be able to respond for a few months, heading off to BCT for 10 weeks.
  6. Ok I received the mags today and spent a few minutes bending the lrbho lever to work with the new mags. However, the factory mag will not work. In fact there seems to be no happy middle ground with the lrbho adjusting to get both to function in the gun, it's one or the other. Do the Gen 2s solve this problem? Also, if I keep the lrbho lever adjusted for the Gen 1s, can it run Gen 2s? In other words are the Gen 2 to factory mags specs when it comes to activating the lrbho?
  7. Ok thanks for the response CSSpecs. That's what I originally thought. I read in a post by you guys somewhere that the lrbho lever tweaking was the best fix, but I wasn't sure. Fixing that shouldn't be a problem then. I'll post my findings whenever I get those mags and get to work for anyone interested!
  8. I just purchased two blemished CSSpecs V12 mags at a discount. They are ones that were sent back by customers for warranty issues. The description of the mags reads that they may need to be adjusted because the back of the shell would trip the LRBHO, meaning the mag may need to sit more toward in the gun. My question is has anyone actually done this to their mags instead of sending them back in? I know I could figure it out, but if someone has first hand experience fixing that and could give tips that'd be awesome and would expedite the process and help with errors!
  9. Ok good I'm glad to know its not just me! That stuff is one hell of a way to break it in I suppose. And it definitely is a piece of art, especially compared to my Saiga. Don't get me wrong, I loved my S12, but after the during the teardown and cleaning of the Vepr I can really appreciate it's craftsmanship. Definitely an upgrade.
  10. Finally shot my Vepr 12 for the first time today. I shot the Estate 00 buck and damn that ammo is hot! It's either that or since selling off my S12 I have become soft. But yeah the Vepr was kicking like a mule today and I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I am pleased to report not a single hiccup though. It ran like a raped ape!
  11. I have their 9mm. I have had zero issues, and all the ammo looks good, well formed jacketed ball ammo. I don't know if that pic just came out wrong or I got lucky, but I have zero complaints with my batch.
  12. The people who engage in this trivial argument are the exact same shitheads who argue about a Camaro being better than a Mustang, or another argument of the like. The reality?? Non of those arm rest commandos commenting will ever be close to maximizing the abilities of either platform so that argument is really moot. But you know what? There are AK fan boys out there who are just as bad. I was talking to a guy the other day who said he would never get a gas impingement AR because of reliability issues. Seriously? You want to even get remotely close to achieving the gun's potential
  13. socom688

    IMG 3879

    I bet they were bought right before the sanctions were enacted for a long term investment. Let them accrue value, and sell them down the road! Ahh capitalism
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